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No one's going to put you out to pasture 'cause you're going to stay young (and level 30) forever! You'll never again become addicted to chems, and they'll last twice as long... but after 30 you can kiss experience, perks, and skill points goodbye!— In-game description

Logan's Loophole is a trait in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Chems last twice as long and removes the possibility to become addicted, but the player character's level will be capped at 30.


  • Just as with the Chemist and Day Tripper perks, this trait is not limited to chems and affects all consumables' duration, including magazines, food, Stealth Boys, Purified Water, etc.
  • Since most creatures and non-player characters level with the player character, this trait effectively locks the Courier, the Mojave Wasteland and all add-ons at level 30 as well. The increased health, skills and perks provided by later levels are entirely optional; they are by no means required in order to beat the game or its add-ons.
  • Some chems are bugged depending on installed patches; after addiction, there is no way of removing said addiction. This trait effectively removes the impact of such bugs.
  • The Courier can take advantage of this trait and later re-spec it when prompted by leaving the Goodsprings area for the first time or by using the "psychological evaluation" function of the Sink Auto-Doc.

Behind the scenes

This trait is a reference to the 1976 science fiction film Logan's Run, based on the 1967 novel of the same name. Citizens in the film are executed after becoming 30 years of age, hence the level cap 30 of this perk. However, in the original novel, this age limit was 21, not 30.