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A robot is a machine that is capable of autonomously completing tasks. Depending upon the robot, these tasks may be simple or complex and may require little human intervention or complete oversight.


At the time of the Great War, robots were just entering domestic service, and the military had the largest number of active robots.[Pub 1] Many robots are not self-aware, and cannot do anything outside of what their last given function was.[1]

Certain robots, through modification, could be equipped with a dynamic personality subroutine to allow a more human-like interface for long-term interaction, utilizing advanced A.I. protocols to mimic human behaviors, such as emotion, humor, companionship and empathy.[2]

Robots also carried optional 10-second self-destruct systems,[3] allowing the robot to completely destroy itself without compromising whatever the robot was carrying in its cargo area.[4]

By the time of the Great War, the Robobrain was considered one of the most technologically superior robots ever constructed, although the robot never reached full production status.[5] After the Great War, robots were utilized and modified by raider gangs, such as the Rust Eagles and Rust Devils, to carry out raiding practices, capturing and reprogramming usable robots, and stripping unusable robots for spare parts.[6]


Robots have a variety of imposing and dangerous weaponry, and since they generally don’t take bonus damage for headshots it might be a good plan to target the weapons specifically. Also check the weapon types before engaging; for example; if a Mister Handy has a Buzzsaw and Flamer, back out of range to conduct combat. With the Sentry Bot, target the Missile Launcher first.
If you encounter them with other opponents, try to destroy its control unit first. Then it will turn on any nearby target, friend or foe. Employ Pulse Grenades or Mines exclusively when dealing with robots; they are highly susceptible to the pulse that occurs when these weapons explode.
Fallout 3 Official Game Guide/Faction profiles


Robots are equipped with a basic programming structure that dictates behavior and priorities. Some robots also have distinct personalities. Robobrains may state during combat "They could have programmed me to love, to forgive; but noooooo," or "Please believe me when I say I'm not enjoying this."[7][8] One such Mister Gutsy Sergeant RL-3 will dislike anyone without neutral Karma.[9][10]

Robots are vulnerable to the effects of an electromagnetic pulse, making pulse weapons effective against them. Player characters with sufficient Repair skills, or certain perks can disable robots, while those with sufficient Science skills can often find control terminals that can shut down or reconfigure patrolling mechanical guards.

Combat inhibitor

Combat inhibitor.png

The combat inhibitor is a device that controls the machine's targeting parameters and allows a robot to differentiate between friends and foes. Robots in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 have combat inhibitors located on their back. Turrets have combat inhibitors in the form of targeting chips or lenses underneath their gun barrel. Disabling the inhibitor will send the targeted robot into a frenzy.

  • Crippling the combat inhibitor will not affect the robot's attitude toward the player character, as shooting a robot anywhere will cause it to become hostile if it was friendly.
  • Combat inhibitors don't replenish. Therefore, if a robot companion has their inhibitor crippled, they will become irreversibly hostile if dismissed. The exception being turrets, which replenish if one moves out of the cell and back.
  • Crazed Mister Handies already have their combat inhibitors destroyed.
  • The player character will be notified that the robot "has been frenzied" as if a limb was crippled on an enemy.



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  2. Sole Survivor: ""Personality subroutine?" Would you mind explaining that to me?"
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    (Ada's dialogue)
  3. Sole Survivor: "Are you able to self-destruct?"
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    (Ada's dialogue)
  4. Sole Survivor: "Will you be completely destroyed?"
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  5. Sole Survivor: "Have you seen a robot with a brain like that before?"
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    (Ada's dialogue)
  6. Sole Survivor: " I understand that, but you should still proceed with caution."
    Ada: "My old caravan encountered them once while crossing the river into the city. The Rust Devils are a group of ruthless Raiders who utilize robots for their nefarious practices. They scour the Commonwealth looking for my kind. What they can't capture and reprogram, they strip for spare parts. I realize they pose a greater threat to me than you... I just want you to be well informed."
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  1. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.32-33: "At the time of the Great War, robots were just making their appearance in the average suburban household, but the military still had the largest number of active robots. The robots that are still running are found in isolated former military bases or ones that have been restored by settlements with the sophisticated technology needed to keep them running."
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