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Fallout Community Artists

Welcome to the Fallout Community Artists database of the Independent Fallout Wiki!


The world of Fallout is much more than what is found in games and mods, and we are excited to catalog creators of Fallout artwork. This allows readers to find new content, shines light on our most creative community members, and helps all of us enjoy the expansive world of Fallout!

Pickman's Gallery

Interested in showing off your amazing work on the wiki? Check out Pickman's Gallery - we would love to feature you!


Image Name Website
Featured Fanart August 2023 - Nick Valentine 2 by Abiding Artist.png Abiding Artist Tumblr
Featured Fanart May 2023 - Bigger Iron by Angus Burgers.jpg Angus Burgers Tumblr
Astral.png Astral Abraxas  · All Links

 · Tumblr

Featured Fanart January 2023 - Star Caps Are A Girl's Best Friend feat. Courier Six and Marilyn by Auntie Murdoc.png Auntie Murdoc Tumblr
Featured Fanart June 2023 - Elvin by Chezdotpng.jpg Chez png Tumblr
Featured Fanart October 2023 - James by Flexocase.jpg Flexocase  · Caard

 · Twitch
 · YouTube
 · Tumblr

Featured Fanart June 2023 - Charlie (OC) Celebrates Pride with a Bang by JCW-Draws.png JCW-Draws Tumblr
Benny by kindofblue28.png Kindofblue28 DeviantArt
Featured Fanart June 2023 - Veronica and Christine Dancing by lesbiyawn.png Lesbiyawn Tumblr
Featured Fanart June 2023 - Samuel Alvarado by matosaurus.png Matosaurus Tumblr
Featured Fanart June 2023 - Pansexual John Hancock by MeatClownTV.jpg MeatClownTV Tumblr
Featured Fanart February 2023 - Way Back Home by Milra.jpg Milra Twitter
Featured Fanart March 2023 - Glasgow Shia by Overshia.jpg Overshia Twitter
Featured Fanart June 2023 - Domestic Bliss by The Art of Blossoming.jpg The Art of Blossoming Tumblr
Featured Fanart June 2023 - Yes Man the Non-Binary Icon by thebigolbee.jpg Thebigolbee Tumblr
Featured Fanart April 2023 - You Break 'Em, I Fix 'Em by Turtle 76.jpg Turtle 76 Twitter
Featured Fanart July 2023 - T-45d by VinylSketch.jpg VinylSketch Twitter