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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel creatures

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This page lists all creatures in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


Image Name Variants
FOBOS Creature Adolescent Deathclaw.jpg Adolescent Deathclaw
BrahminFOBOS.png Brahmin
ExperimentalChameleonDeathclaw.png Chameleon Deathclaw
ExperimentalDeathclaw.png Deathclaw
ElderExperimentalDeathclaw.png Deathclaw Elder
RaiderDogBOS.png Dog Dog
Raider dog
Poison dog
RaiderDogBOS.png Ghoul Dog
FoBoS small rat.png Ghoul Rat
FOBOS Character Ghoul Thug.jpeg Ghoul Thug
FoBoS large radscorpion.jpg Giant Radscorpion
Infobox.webp Giant Rat Small rat
FoBoS glowing ghoul.png Glowing Ghoul
FOBOS glowradscorp.jpg Glowing Radscorpion
Infobox.webp Kamikaze Ghoul
FOBOS Deathclaw Mother.png Mama Deathclaw
AttisBlob.jpg Mutant Blob
FOBOS Bob.jpg Mutant Grunt
FOBOS roach.jpg Mutant Roach
FOBOS Character Mutant Soldier.jpg Mutant Soldier
FOBOS radscorpion.jpg Radscorpion
RaiderDogBOS.png Raider Dog
FOBOS roach.jpg Roach
FoBoS small rat.png Small rat Giant rat
FOBOS spitradscorp.jpg Spitting Radscorpion