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Fallout Shelter resources

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Resources are a gameplay mechanic of Fallout Shelter.

Primary resources

These resources are required to keep the Vault operational and the dwellers happy. They are primarily collected from their respective rooms, and may additionally be obtained from cards found in lunchboxes or as quest rewards.

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Secondary resources

Resource Usage
Caps Purchasing rooms, upgrades, etc.
Cards Obtained from lunchboxes, they can give a variety of rewards.
Lunchbox Contains random rewards, obtained from completing objectives or purchased for real money.
Nuka-Cola Quantum Speeds up a dweller's travel time or used to rush a room's production.
Mister Handy Automatically collects primary resources from the floor they are assigned to.
Can be send to explore the wasteland.
Pets Can be assigned to a dweller to increase their SPECIAL stat.
Quest clues Unlocks quests in the Overseer's office.
RadAway Removes radiation from a dweller.
Stimpaks Restores a dweller's hitpoints.
Theme recipe fragment Used to unlock themes for certain rooms.
Vault Dwellers The workforce of a vault, automatically appears over time at the entrance.
Rare and legendary variants exist.
Vault-Tec Starter Pack Purchased for real money.
Contains one legendary and two rare dwellers, one legendary pet, one Mister Handy, 10 Nuka-Cola Quantum, and primary resources.