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Researcher Butz was a researcher at the X-13 Research Facility at Big MT before the Great War.[1]


While in grade school, Butz was the subject of ridicule due to their last name.[2] Working at Big MT, Butz was scolded by Dr. Calis for reading a comic book—the latest issue of ¡La Fantoma!—while pretending to read a field manual.[2][3] Calis called them an asshat and threatened to write a disciplinary notice to have them polish emitter arrays.[2]

Butz sent a message to Researcher Mendoza's terminal, venting about the ordeal and how Calis had called them an asshat in reference to their last name, noting that those jokes "got old in grade school."[2]


Researcher Butz is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


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