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Pacification Field

The Pacification Field is an emitter device developed by Big MT in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


The field eliminates the possibility of aggression and hostility in all lobotomites, specifically targeting the cybernetics installed in the vacuous skull cavity of lobotomites. Any lobotomite subjected to the field is completely pacified.[1]

The pacification field is a passive emitter that only activates in the presence of a lobotomite, such as the Courier, enters its bounds.[2] The pacification field is a safety protocol meant to keep the Think Tank of Big MT safe from their lobotomite creations which may act violently.[3]

As the pacification field targets the cybernetics implanted in the empty skulls of lobotomites, the pacification field has no effect on a normal human.[4] This was a problem the Think Tank became aware of after Ulysses, Christine Royce, and Elijah entered Big MT and left disrupting several experiments in their wake. The Think Tank was unprepared for combat and was unable to properly defend themselves against unpacifiable humans, which left two of the Think Tank injured. The incident had them recalibrate the pacification field as well as prepare their "branial beams" for any such instance occurring again.[5]


As the Courier is a lobotomite at the beginning of Old World Blues, they are under the direct influence of the field when they are in the presence of the Think Tank until their brain is implanted back.

While in the pacification field, the Courier cannot:

  • Attack, either through free aim or in VATS.
  • Crouch which eliminates the possibility of Pickpocketing.


  1. Courier: "I feel strange in here, peaceful, but on edge."
    Doctor Dala: "It is the pacification field emitters that are broadcasting into the emptiness of your skull. Without a brain, your aggression is suppressed in here."
    (Dala's dialogue)
    (Klein's dialogue)
  3. Courier: "Why did you remove my brain? And... how?"
    Doctor Dala: "Oh, removing it is a simple procedure. Well, except the complications it can cause to the heart and spine. But once the heart and spine are gone... no trouble at all. Clamp the subject down, one laser incision around the skull, crack, snip, done. The brain is finally free of the skinvelope, which is then kept automated for clean up duties around Big MT. Lobotomites. With you, however, something is definitely wrong. We've never had a Lobotomite who kept speaking after being forcibly lobotomized. I am relieved the pacification field is working. If it didn't, I would broadcast some concern to my colleagues about safety protocols."
    (Dala's dialogue)
  4. Courier: "Is there any way to remove the pacification field in here?"
    Doctor Dala: "Why would you want such a thing? You might surrender to your hormones and commit primal aggression on me... on us... again and again. Then I would have to return the favor, activating my vivisectors and gently lobotomizing you from behind. Not something I would relish doing. No, the only way to circumvent the field is to have a brain. And we extracted that like we do all Lobotomites here."
    (Dala's dialogue)
  5. Courier: "Previous test subjects?"
    Dala: "Oh, yes. We've had other subjects visit. It's why we had to calibrate the pacification field and warm up our brainial beams and vivisectors. Only a short time ago, we had three minus one subjects arrive, and they ruined several experiments and even injured two of our staff. It is a shame their brains left with them. With you, however, we have taken precautions to insure that problem won't repeat itself. We've conditioned you so you can't speak of this place, discuss our secrets, or attempt to use force against us in any way. Isn't that nice?"
    (Dala's dialogue)