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Orange Coloured Sky

Orange Colored Sky is an adventure for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, written by Jason Cutrone and published by Modiphius Entertainment. It was released on April 24, 2023.


Orange Coloured Sky is set in the ruins of a pre-War city. The campaign begins with a distress signal sent by Dr. Jovaughna Terrence of Mt. Sin Central Clinic, an affordable clinic built on the ruins of an old world hospital. The signal informs listeners about the dire situation at the clinic, urging for support in the form of supplies, expertise, and hired gun. Once the clinic is reached, it is revealed that the clinic has reached peak capacity due to an influx of new patients suffering from Nectar addiction, a new inhalant chem that is highly addictive and resistant to treatment.

Players meet the clinic's Board of Caregivers, who tasks them with obtaining a large dose of Nectar to synthesize a cure. The chem is being manufactured by a raider gang led by Hot-Rod, veering players to seek out their territory west of the clinic in search of pure sample.



Orange Coloured Sky was announced on April 17, 2023.[Ext 1] It is the first of many other PDF quests to be released for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.[Dev 1]

Website Description

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

In this PDF quest for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, a group of doctors and other caregivers have established a clinic in “Mt. Sin Central,” an ancient hospital in the middle of a ruined city. They offer treatment for ailments of all sorts and Mt. Sin has recently received an influx of chem-addicts who are resistant to the usual forms of medical intervention. The problem is becoming more widespread and the already overworked hospital staff are running on fumes while their supplies are rapidly dwindling. Moreover, the chems involved seem to originate within the territory of a raider gang, which makes fixing the problem even more difficult. The Board of Caregivers has sent out a distress call via Mt. Sin’s Emergency Broadcast beacon. Will you answer their desperate pleas for help?

The Orange Colored Sky PDF features:

  • A 22-page adventure in three acts for character levels 6-10.
  • A hospital full of medics and patients in need of help.
  • Locations to explore within the hospital itself and in the surrounding area.
  • Can be placed in any urban landscape in your own games.modiphius.net


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Developer Statements
  1. Sam Webb: "yep! Orange Colored Sky is the first of a few PDF quests we have in development, available like the PDF missions/adventures we do for other lines!"
    (Modiphius Discord; April 18, 2023)