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Fallout 4 Unused Content

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A page outlining unused content from Fallout 4.


Some content is found in the game files, but is inaccessible within the game itself.


  • BOS lab coat: Appears as an armor add-on fitting on the BOS Uniform.
  • Kells' coat: Appears as an armor add-on fitting on the BOS Uniform, based on a reskinned version of Piper's red leather trench coat. In the final build of the game Lancer Captain Kells wears a unique variant of the Brotherhood fatigues.
  • Maxson's cape: Appears as an armor add-on fitting on the BOS Uniform. In the final build of the game Elder Maxson wears a unique coat, the mesh of which includes the BOS officer uniform.
Fo4 metal helmet cut.png
  • Light, medium and heavy variations of the metal helmet consisting of wraparound goggles, goggles plus helmet and goggles, helmet plus scarf combinations. While the goggles and the helmet are still in the game (as separate objects), the scarf was cut entirely.
  • Cait's bandolier (ID: 001921D8): Although this armor add-on will appear when equipped, it has no world model and should not be dropped.
  • Robotic bits, an eye-slot piece of clothing for Nick Valentine that gives +1 Perception.

Armor mods


Image Name
FO4-assaultrifle-proto.png Assault Rifle
F76WL compound bow.png Compound bow
FO4-harpoongun.png Harpoon Gun
FO4 Institute Pulse grenade.png Institute EM pulse grenade
Mortar (Fallout 4).png Mortar
Broadsider.png Nuke
Fo4FH throwing saw.png Throwing Weapon

Weapon mods

  • A recon scope mesh for the assault rifle that matches the style used on other weapons.
  • Short and long fluted barrels for the combat rifle, along with a small magazine and a drum magazine.
  • A large magazine for the combat shotgun, based on the mesh used for the combat rifle's large magazine.
  • Several alternate sights for the combat rifle and combat shotgun.
  • An alternate version of the front part of the electronic trigger used on the Broadsider, along with multiple variants of explosive cannonballs.
  • A targeting computer for the Fat Man that would function similar to the one used for the missile launcher.
  • A muzzle mod for the gamma gun that would split the projectile into multiple ones, similar to the beam splitter mod for other weapons. (ID: 000B9A58)
  • A version of the markman's stock used for the hunting rifle, with the shoulder section of the stock removed. The model for this features the incorrect textures, along with no barrel, like the other meshes for the hunting rifle stocks have. Additionally, there's a loading screen showing the marksman's stock with a bipod, but the bipod isn't obtainable ingame.
  • A version of the reflex sight used on the 10mm pistol, with a hexagon shape as opposed to a dot or a circle. Additionally, there are textures for other reflex sight shapes, featuring the rounded corners of a square. There are also red versions of some of these shapes intended for use on the Gatling laser. The Institute pistol has meshes for the reflex sight with a circle shape as well, but the circle shape doesn't show up ingame.
  • A version of the extra flame jets mod for the Shishkebab that only adds two flame jets, as opposed to the four the non-cut mod provides.
  • An untextured version of a stun pack for the sledgehammer, similar to the one used for the super sledge.
  • The .44 pistol has first-person animations for automatic fire despite not being able to be made automatic normally. This will not function properly in third person.
  • Nuka-World (add-on) Freezing spiked rocket bat
  • A diffuse and normal textures named Scimitar with no matching model can be found in the texture archives.


  • .32 from Fallout 3 is mentioned in the projectile files. Although .32's VATS projectile is set to use the model of a .38 round, an unused .32 VATS projectile file does exist, with a string pointing to a non-existent Projectile32.nif. The magazines for the Deliverer also contain ammunition labelled 32Cartridge.
  • .357 from Fallout: New Vegas is also mentioned in the projectile files. The .45 Round uses the .357 generic projectile, although the .357's VATS override projectile uses the physical model of a .45 Round instead.
  • Textures exist for undefined "Wildcat Ammo." The textures appear as a brown paper wrapped box the same dimensions as a standard ammo box, with duct tape and the word AMMO written in black marker. These textures were later used in Fallout 76 for Syringer ammunition boxes.

Settlement objects

  • Mounted minigun. Can be spawned by console command but can't be crafted. Requires a settler to be assigned to it and then generates a Defense value of 10. Acts as a container with 100 5mm rounds. There are problems with the axes of the model making it difficult to place it such that it can fire.
  • Water cooler (xx001D3D). It uses the clean model of the base game's water cooler, but is an activator object that is meant to have the same functionality as the water fountain. However, it stops working after drinking from it once. The water container on top of the water cooler also has some visual issues when another object moves in front of it. Vault-Tec Workshop (add-on)
  • Mister Brewer, a cut and untextured model of a brewery.

World objects



  • Cryo Damage and its respective resistance on armor (unused, they used energy damage instead).
  • Fire Damage and its respective resistance on armor (unused, they used energy damage instead).



  • Aquatic Concealment - Unused perk menu sound present in the game's files. An early version of Aquaboy/Aquagirl as the animation swf for Aquaboy/Aquagirl is named Aquatic Concealment.
  • Arms Master - Unused animation and perk menu sound present in the game's files.
  • Cyborg - A perk from Fallout 3, Cyborg was intended to provide the player character with 15 points of radiation, poison, and damage resistance. There is also a perk menu sound in the game files.
  • Deep Freeze - Unused perk menu sound present in the game's files.
  • Explorer - Based on unused scripting and sound files, the Explorer perk from Fallout 3 was meant to return, with the same effect.
  • Four Leaf Cover - Unused perk menu sound present in the game's files. Not to be confused with Four Leaf Clover.
  • Here and Now - Unused perk menu sound present in the game's files.
  • Inspiration - Unused perk animation present in the game's files.
  • Lab Whiz - Unused perk menu sound present in the game's files.
  • Liam's Algorithm - In the Creation Kit, this perk is stated to offer "Improved hacking." According to the EditorID it was planned to be connected in some way to the Plugging a Leak side quest. The name might also refer to the Institute scientist Liam Binet.
  • Light Step - Unused animation and perk menu sound present in the game's files. Rank 3 of Sneak would perform this role.
  • Nerves of Steel - Based on an unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit, Nerves of Steel was at some point intended to make a reappearance. Action Boy/Action Girl would end up performing the same role.
  • Pharmacist - Unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit.
  • Pugilist - Unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit.
  • Pyromaniac - Based on an unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit, Pyromaniac was at some point intended to make a reappearance.
  • Rad Absorption - Based on an unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit, Rad Absorption was at some point intended to make a reappearance. Solar Powered would end up performing the same role.
  • Rad Regeneration - Unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit.

Brotherhood of Steel

  • Initiate - Take 10% less damage from feral ghouls, super mutants and synths.
  • Knight - Smaller fusion core explosion.
  • Paladin - Recover health while wearing power armor.

The Railroad

  • Secret Agent - Stealth Boy effects last 10 seconds longer. Intended for completing Memory Interrupted.
  • Station Master - Get a 5% bonus on selling items. Intended for establishing Mercer Safehouse.
  • The Heavy - Do 10% extra damage to synths and Institute foes. Not entirely cut (Institute Killer Weave applies it), but originally the player character would have received it as a permanent perk.



  • 20 Leagues Under the Sea (MS03): Side quest, the Sole Survivor would have explored an underwater vault facility, as evidenced by untextured assets of both an underwater vault window (VltSquidWindow01) and an underwater vault door (VltLGDoorMarine01), and additional Vault 120 cells found in the game files for Fallout 76.
  • Off the Grid (MQ301): Main quest situated just before The Nuclear Option (MQ302). Diamond City lost its power supply.
  • That's the Spirit (MS12): Stub in the game data.
  • Bullet (MS18): Stub in the game data.
  • The Enemy of My Enemy (MQ201): Main quest after Reunions (MQ106) and before Dangerous Minds (MQ202). Not actually unused, but since the quest has no visible objectives it never appears.
  • The Replacement
  • MS08: Sounds, globals, debug msg, "Game Master 3000 Mk II" NPC (MS08Computer).
  • MS06 and MS15: Only a keyword.
  • DN011 OverdueBooks: A quest related to the Boston Public Library, where Curator Givens' terminal references "compressing" recently collected book data to holodisk in the likely event of his death, although no further clues are given other than his body being found and his main terminal explaining the situation. Using noclip tcl and walking through the large computer and wall directly behind the Intelligence Bobblehead reveals a secondary, hidden terminal. This terminal allows for compressing the book data and acquiring a "BPL Compressed Data" holodisk, which will then be added as a miscellaneous item to the inventory. Experience is also rewarded for doing this as it completes DN011 OverdueBooks. There is also another (DN011) that has more stages.


Image Name Editor ID Form ID
Infobox.png Adams
Fo4NW Argus.jpg Argus DLC04GauntletCorpse_Argus xx02E268
FO4 Arnie.jpg Arnie DN040Arnie 000342C4 Unused Content
Infobox.png Blanks
Brad Finnegan.jpg Brad Finnegan BradFinnegan 0002AAB1
Infobox.png Brad Franklin
EncPrewarCultistBoss.png Brother Matthew EncPrewarCultistBoss02 000C5192
Infobox.png Casey MS16Casey 00052157
FO4 Scribe Collins.jpg Collins RR303DeckOfficer 0004F38F
Combat Zone Sign.png Combatant CZ_CombatantLVL 00118ED6
Confessor Adalia.jpg Confessor Adalia ConfessorAdalia 000335C2
Infobox.png Corsino Silva
Infobox.png Cozelli
FO4 Derek.jpg Derek Derek 000E2C91
FO4 Dolly Madison.jpg Dolly Madison 0014FC3D
Fo4 Eddie Lipkis.jpg Eddie Lipkis EddieLipkis 00023751
Concept 27.jpg Egan
Infobox.png Fisherman POISC_Fisherman 001F22F4
Game master 3000 mk II.jpg Game Master 3000 Mk II xx02FD9D
Infobox.png Gina
ArcJet Systems logo.png Graff
Handler.jpg Handler xx108B23
Institute Patrol 1.jpg Institute Patrol 1 xx03D196
Boston PD logo.png Jackson Crowley
Infobox.png June DeMarco
Fo4 Junkyard (raider).jpg Junkyard Junkyard 0007D4F6
Infobox.png Kelley
Infobox.png Low Road Franklin
Infobox.png Major Howell
MisterHandy-Fallout4.png Midshipman MS11GenericMidshipman 000A1604
FO4FH Nathaniel Gibbons.jpg Nathaniel Gibbons xx04D216
FO4 OldManBilly.jpg OldManBilly OldManBilly 00128C5A
FO4 Patches.jpg Patches 00098056
Brahmin fo4.png Rosie 0002F824
Spencer Lords.png Spencer Lords xx020630
Suspect Bot.jpg Suspect Bot xx045798
FO4 The Watcher.png The Watcher DN048SupermutantWatcherBoss 000CBF4F
Infobox.png Tommy Paine
Fo4 Vikter.jpg Vikter 000E6D89
FO4 Professor Widmer.jpg Widmer Widmer 00026ED6


  • Watcher Crow (critters\crow\characterassets\CrowSynth.nif): Identical to the regular crow model, except for the red glowing eyes. Potentially related to NPC mentioning "Institute crow-things" or the Watcher Crow seen in concept art.
  • Squid 0012EF26 (VltSquidWindow01) Actors\Squid\Squid_d.DDS

Voice types

Several unused voice types exist for characters that do not have actor listings in the Creation Kit. Many of their intended places in-game can be determined from the beginning characters of their form ID. These include:

  • Claire Pozinski (000EACF7 NPCFClairePozinski): Indicates that the girlfriend of Eddie Winter would have appeared in some form, whether by holotape or as an NPC.
  • Y7-38 (000E842C NPCMY738): Associated with the unused quest Off the Grid.
  • Maurice (00092AF8 NPCMMaurice): Associated with the scavengers in Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.
  • Zimmer (00069359 NPCMZimmer): Indicates that he was originally meant to appear as an NPC in the Institute.[1]
  • Scribe Malachi (000642C3 NPCMScribeMalachi): An unused AI package, BoSMalachiLabPackage, also references him.
  • Archivist Jairus (000642BC NPCMArchivistJairus): Associated with the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Lobo (000581B9 NPCMLobo): Associated with Vault 81.
  • Mister Everitts (000260DE NPCMMisterEveritts)
  • "Entity" (00020C3B NPCMMS09Entity): Associated with The Secret of Cabot House.
  • Crab Malloy (000226B3 NPCMCrabMalloy): Associated with Goodneighbor.
  • "Adopt Candidate" (0002BE97 NPCFAdoptCandidate): Associated with Kid in a Fridge.
  • Penny Murphy (00037058 NPCFPennyMurphy): Associated with the Compound in Human Error, may have been the original name for Penny Fitzgerald.
  • Allistair (0005062F NPCMAllistair)
  • Sinclair (0004B4D6 NPCMSinclair)
  • Fiddles (000226B4 NPCMFiddles)
  • Samuels (0002F73B NPCMSamuels)
  • Roz Flunky (0002F621 NPCMRozFlunky)
  • Roz Lt. (0002F622 NPCMRozLt)
  • Roz Surrender (0002FD5D NPCMRozSurrender)
  • Helena (000ABE97 NPCFHelena)
  • George Wilson (000ABE92 NPCMGeorgeWilson)


Based on their Form IDs, these characters would have been associated with the cut location of Danvers.[2]

  • Luther Corey (0005A9B1 NPCMLutherCorey): An unused AI package, MS05LutherForceGreet, also references him.
  • TJ Corey (0005A9B8 NPCMTJCorey): Associated with a Danvers hideout talking activator.
  • Jefferson Hughes (0005A9B9 NPCMJeffersonHughes)
  • Vanessa Corwin (0005A9B7 NPCFVanessaCorwin)
  • Sarah Pearson (0005A9B0 NPCFSarahPearson)
  • Rain (0005A97D NPCFRain)
  • Gilly Carson (0005A97C NPCFGillyCarson)
  • Didi Mallory (0005A97B NPCFDidiMallory)
  • Frankie Lyons (0005A97A NPCMFrankieLyons)
  • Vance (0005A978 RobotVance)
  • Tucker Ames (0005A977 NPCMTuckerAmes)
  • Brick (0005A976 NPCMBrick)
  • Algernon Pitts (0005A975 NPCMAlgernonPitts)
  • Caleb Meers (0005A974 NPCMCalebMeers)

Map markers

Map markers for the following locations exist in the game data, but are never enabled. Most of them can be seen on the map with console: 001c26c2.enable followed by tmm 1.



  1. Other Institute voice types' form IDs begin with "0693"
  2. "05A9" is the start of the form ID for several pieces of unused content relating to Danvers, including a faction and two locations.
  3. CITStudent01's dialogue