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Fallout 76 World Objects

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This page lists all Fallout 76 World Objects.


World objects are items that appear in the game's environment but cannot be acquired by the player character. The converse to world objects are miscellaneous items, which can be added to one's inventory. These objects make up the game's world space, whether they be static, movable static, or set dressing.


Image Name Game
Score s3 camp door heavyvault l.webp Fallout 76 Workshop Objects Fallout 76

FO4 Steamer trunk.png Fallout 76 containers and storage Fallout 76

FO76 Render Aerosolizer.webp Fallout 76 miscellaneous world objects Fallout 76

FO76 Tractor 1.png Fallout 76 vehicles Fallout 76

Shelters flatlands rocks5 20240203 20-36-52.webp Landscapes Fallout 76

FO76 Periodic Table.webp Poster Fallout 76

FO76 AC World Obj 12.png Signs Fallout 76