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Why donate?

The Independent Fallout Wiki was created and maintained by a community of dedicated volunteers, and is only hosted by one person who funds the site no matter what amount of bandwidth the site uses or how much traffic the site handles. Including monthly server costs, there are additional costs that add up like yearly domain renewal and image storage. Donations to keep the wiki running will be used for the following.

How are funds used?

  • Ad-Free Experience: Donations can contribute to keeping the Fallout Wiki free from intrusive advertisements. This allows users to access information without distractions, without data theft or loading slog, creating a more user-friendly experience for everyone seeking details about the Fallout universe.
  • Server and Hosting Costs: Running a website, especially one as extensive as the Fallout Wiki, comes with associated server and hosting costs. Donations help cover these expenses, ensuring that the website remains accessible and responsive.
  • Technical Maintenance: Websites require ongoing technical maintenance to address issues, implement security measures, and optimize performance. Donations contribute to these technical aspects.
  • Preserving Gaming History: The Fallout series has a rich history, and the Wiki serves as a repository. We purchase magazines and lost media, archiving it so that future generations of gamers can explore and appreciate the evolution of the Fallout universe.

In summary, donating to the independent Fallout Wiki is an investment in the continuation of a valuable community resource. It supports the dedicated contributors, helps maintain the website's infrastructure, and ensures that fans can access accurate and up-to-date information about the Fallout series. If you want to support us, feel free to donate either by Patreon or Ko-fi. Thank you! We really appreciate any support.




  • You will get the Vault VIP role in our Discord server!
  • Your name of choice displayed on the website's main page and on this page
  • A User Badge that displays on your wiki profile

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