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Fallout Television Series credits

This page lists the credits of Fallout Television Series.


Image Name Role
Athena Wickham.png Athena Wickham Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Geneva Robertson-Dworet Showrunner
Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Graham Wagner Showrunner
Executive Producer
James Altman.jpg James Altman Executive Producer
Infobox.webp James W. Skotchdopole Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Jill Footlick Co-Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Jocelyn Magsumbol Associate Producer
Jonathan Nolan.jpg Jonathan Nolan Executive Producer
Lisa Joy.jpg Lisa Joy Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Margot Lulick Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Skye Wathen Line Producer
Todd Howard.jpg Todd Howard Executive Producer


Image Name Character
Aaron Moten.png Aaron Moten Squire Maximus
Aixa Kendrick.png Aixa Kendrick Moldaver's Elite Guard
Alireza Mirmontazeri.png Alireza Mirmontazeri Colonel
Annabel OHagan.png Annabel O'Hagan Steph
Anthony Cipriani.png Anthony Cipriani Fiend Raider
Infobox.webp Arlette Aponte Trader
Cedric Cannon.png Cedric Cannon
Charlie Besso.png Charlie Besso
Cherien Dabis.png Cherien Dabis Birdie
Chip Carriere.png Chip Carriere
Christopher Parker.png Christopher Parker Sheriff Rex
Dale Dickey.png Dale Dickey Ma June
Daniel J Martin.png Daniel J. Martin
Dave Register.png Dave Register Chet
Ella Purnell.png Ella Purnell Lucy
Elle Vertes.png Elle Vertes
UI Icon BobbleHead Unlock Strength.png Frances Turner
Harry Sutton.png Harry Sutton Jr. Dr. Edmunson
Ivan Amaro Bullon.png Iván Amaro Bullón
Jace Wade.png Jace Wade
Jason Latief Anderson.png Jason Latief Anderson
Johnny Pemberton San Diego Comic Con 2016.jpg Johnny Pemberton Thaddeus
Justin Clarke.png Justin Clarke
Kyle MacLachlan by Gage Skidmore.jpg Kyle MacLachlan Overseer Hank
Leer leary.png Leer Leary Davey
Leslie Uggams 1997a.jpg Leslie Uggams
Maria Del Mar Gonzalez.png Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
Mason Cufari.png Mason Cufari
Matty Cardarople.png Matty Cardarople Huey
Mezi Atwood.png Mezi Atwood
Michael Abbott Jr.png Michael Abbott Jr.
MichaelEmerson.PNG Michael Emerson Wilzig
Michael John Benzaia.png Michael John Benzaia
Michele Danna.png Michele Danna
Mike Doyle.jpg Mike Doyle Mr. Spencer
MoisesArias.png Moises Arias Norm
Morgen McKynzie.png Morgen McKynzie
Neil Towne.png Neil Towne
Paul Mauriello.png Paul Mauriello
Rafi Silver.png Rafi Silver Robert House
Rebecca Watson.png Rebecca Watson
Rodrigo Luzzi.png Rodrigo Luzzi Reg
Sarita Choudhury by David Shankbone (cropped).jpg Sarita Choudhury
Shefik.png Shefik
Victorya Danylko Petrovskaya.png Victorya Danylko-Petrovskaya
Walton Goggins.jpg Walton Goggins
Xelia Mendes-Jones.png Xelia Mendes-Jones
ZachCherry.jpg Zach Cherry


Image Name Role
Infobox.webp Geneva Robertson-Dworet Showrunner
Executive Producer
Infobox.webp Graham Wagner Showrunner
Executive Producer