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Fallout 2 Soundtrack

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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the score, see Fallout 2 Score.
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The Fallout 2 Soundtrack comprised of two elements, including the song A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Louis Armstrong played in the intro, and the ambient Fallout 2 Score composed by Mark Morgan.


Songs as indicated below were also included in the Fallout Soundtrack.

Image Name Artist Length
Fallout 2 Music CD.png All Clear Signal Mark Morgan 3:17
Fallout 2 Music CD.png Dream Town Mark Morgan 3:19
Fallout 2 Music CD.png Gold Slouch Mark Morgan 3:16
Fallout 2 Music CD.png Beyond the Canyon Mark Morgan 3:14
Fallout 2 Music CD.png Many Contrasts Mark Morgan 3:55
Fallout 2 Music CD.png California Revisited Mark Morgan 1:32
Fallout 2 Music CD.png My Chrysalis Highwayman Mark Morgan 1:07
Fallout 2 Music CD.png Biggest Little City in the World Mark Morgan 3:14
Fallout Disc Full.png Desert Wind Mark Morgan 3:21
Fallout Disc Full.png Khans of New California Mark Morgan 3:19
Fallout Disc Full.png Followers' Credo Mark Morgan 2:59
Fallout Disc Full.png City of Lost Angels Mark Morgan 3:47
Fallout Disc Full.png Underground Troubles Mark Morgan 3:54
Fallout Disc Full.png City of the Dead Mark Morgan 3:25
Fallout Disc Full.png Vats of Goo Mark Morgan 3:19
Fallout Disc Full.png Moribund World Mark Morgan 3:04
Fallout Disc Full.png Industrial Junk Mark Morgan 3:25
Fallout Disc Full.png A Trader's Life Mark Morgan 4:04


  • The soundtrack CD did not include the intro song A Kiss to Build a Dream On, which can be found in the in-game music files.
  • The track "All-Clear Signal" contains a drum loop sampled from the song "Busy Child" by The Crystal Method.
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