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@@[$((*&^#%]@@. @@[*.......]@@... @@[$((*&^#%]@@. ("I couldn't possibly expect you to understand.")

Doctor 8 is a think tank located at Big MT in Fallout: New Vegas.


Doctor 8 is a pre-War doctor who became a think tank to continue his work at the Big MT. He has lost the ability to talk due to damage sustained to his voice module during an encounter with another visitor, Elijah. Instead, he transmits RobCo sound waves, which appears in subtitles as patterned RobCo terminal symbols. However, after passing a 75 Science check or a 7 Perception check, the Courier understands him, although this does not alter the subtitled text.

Interactions overview

FO76 ui icon quest.png
This character is involved in quests.
  • Old World Blues: If Klein can't be convinced otherwise, 8, along with 2 other members of the Think Tank, are needed to convince Klein to give up trying to escape the Big MT.
  • On the Same Wavelength: Though there is a language barrier between the player and Dr. 8, a Perception of 7 or a Science skill of 75 will enable communication with him.
  • Picking Your Brains: After completing Welcome to the Big Empty, one needs to talk to 8 and the rest of the think tanks to complete this quest.
  • Welcome to the Big Empty: The player character has to talk to 8 as with the rest of the think tank to complete the quest.

Effects of player's actions

If the player character has shown 8 the fully upgraded Sonic Emitter, and if they don't have a 100 in Science or 85 in Medicine to convince Doctor Klein, 8 will side with the player character in convincing Klein to back down.

Other interactions

  • Talking to 8 with a fully upgraded Sonic Emitter will result in him providing 100 energy cells.
  • He will give the Courier microfusion cells (if female) or two containers of Cram and two duct tapes (if male).
  • Sympathizing with him will yield ten microfusion cells and a copy of Tales of Chivalrie (if female), or La Fantoma! (if male). Once a day, it is possible to ask him if he knows any good ways to pass the time, which will yield the same gift. Asking him for something to literally pass the time yields an egg timer instead.
  • Consoling him opens up the option to ask him if he has made any new discoveries, which will yield a copy of Programmer's Digest, Fixin' Things and a sensor module.



  • In a conversation with Doctor Mobius, the Courier states "Klein... Mobius... O's a circle... 8's an infinity symbol... they're all loops, I get it."[1]
  • Apart from the usual items the think tank scientists carry, he also carries a skill magazine.
  • He can be hacked through a dialogue option (requiring 75 Science) to gain some energy weapon ammunition and bad Karma. If the Courier decides not to, 8 will award several items and good Karma is earned.
  • In his home (#108 in Higgs Village), there are groups of eight coffee cups, eight clocks, eight picture frames, eight plates, etc. - and outside the house, there are two flower boxes, each with two rows of eight flowers in them.


  • "@@[=$+<_--*]@@? @@[$((*#8#%]@@. @@[$((*&^#%]@@. ("Who am I? I am Dr. 8, audio engineer at this facility.")"
  • "@@[$((*&^#%]@@. @@[*.......]@@... @@[$((*&^#%]@@. ("I apologize for my emotional display. But it is a serious matter what you have brought up.")"
  • "@@[$((*&^#%]@@. @@[*.......]@@... @@[$((*&^#%]@@. ("I couldn't possibly expect you to understand.")"
  • "@@[*.......]@@... @@[#-!!!!-#]@@! ("You need to hurry!")"


Doctor 8 appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

Chris Avellone stated that according to Brian Menze, Doctor 8 is depicted on the Old World Blues intro slide of the Think Tank members, second from the right.[Dev 1]



  1. Courier: "Klein... Mobius... O's a circle... 8's an infinity symbol... they're all loops, I get it."
    Doctor Mobius: "[SUCCEEDED] O, you figured it out. No pun intended."
    (Doctor Mobius' dialogue)
Developer Statements
  1. Jayalay: "@chrisavellone You know the picture of the pre-lobotomy Think Tank guys? Which one is which? Guessing Klein is old, Mobius bespectacled?"
    Chris Avellone: "@Jayalay According to Mr. Menze, the artist: Dala, O, Borous, Klein, 8, Mobius (he purposely looks like Dr. Morbius from Forbidden Planet)."
    (Fallout: New Vegas developer statements/Old World Blues; Chris Avellone: Think Tank Intro Art, 2011 July 27)