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Fallout Shelter SPECIAL

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This page describes the SPECIAL implementation in Fallout Shelter.


Each SPECIAL attribute increases dweller efficiency in various rooms, during combat or when performing certain tasks. Although attributes can only be trained to a maximum of 10, they can still be increased to up to 17 through clothing bonuses. These additional points will not be visible on the dweller's SPECIAL bars but can be checked by tapping/clicking the bars, which brings up a more comprehensive menu that lists any and all bonuses.

Room Speed Increase

General effects on gameplay

During quests

Strength Power generators / nuclear reactors +Atk, +Def, +Picklocker
Perception Water treatment / water purification +Finding places, +Finding more items, +Better Quality Items -Critical hit speed
Endurance Nuka-Cola bottler +HP, Less radiation +HP
Charisma Radio studios / Living Rooms +Meeting "civilized" people -
Intelligence Medbay / science lab +Stimpaks, +RadAway -
Agility Diner / garden +Fire rate, +Escape +Fire rate
Luck +Caps +Items, +Item quality, +Faster critical hit charge

By Type