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Your heart is back in your body, but some advanced technologies remain: You are more resistant to poison (50%) and robots are only somewhat confused by you (25% less likely to score a critical hit) now. But on the bright side, healing items (chems) are even more effective!Fallout: New Vegas description

Cardiac Arrest is a special perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


The Courier must convince the Brain Tank to unite the Courier's brain with their body or convince it to come back to The Sink. After that, one can have their heart reinserted into their body. This perk replaces Heartless.


Poison Resistance +50%. Critical Chance -25% for Robots against the player. Consuming Stimpaks or Super Stimpaks grants an additional +15 HP. Consuming any healing item in the table below grants an additional +7 HP.

Affected Healing Items

Affected Healing Items
Blood Sausage Black Blood Sausage
Healing Powder Leg. Healing Powder
Thin Red Paste Thick Red Paste
Bitter Drink
Coyote Tobacco Chew
Human Remains
Nightstalker Squeezin's


  • Compared to the Heartless perk, it gives slightly more healing at the cost of +25% critical chance from robots and +50% poison resistance rather than immunity.
  • Grants the full 85% resistance to poison when combined with 8 Endurance, the maximum achievable in derived statistics. Of course, this is still outclassed by Heartless's poison immunity.
  • Cardiac Arrest shares the same Vault boy image as Heartless.


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 This perk grants -50% critical chance from enemy robots, rather than the listed -25%.
    • Repair This is fixed in version 1 of YUP.

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