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It is I, Dr. Mobius, transmitting from my dome-shaped... dome in the Forbidden Zone. A zone... that is, yes... forbidden to you.

Doctor Mobius is a Think Tank operating in the Big MT in Fallout: New Vegas. He is the leader of the robo-scorpion army and nemesis of Dr. Klein and the team to which he belonged.


Doctor Mobius was part of the Big MT "Think Tank" before the Great War. Sometime after the War, he became a think tank in order to continue his work at Big MT. After a dispute with Doctor Klein, Mobius removed all the chips of all personalities of The Sink and left, settling in the X-42 robo-warfare facility, or Forbidden Zone. He is the inventor of the Robo-scorpions that surround the facility as well as all of The Sink intelligences, except for Muggy who was created by Doctor 0.

Interactions overview

FO76 ui icon quest.png
This character is involved in quests.
  • Old World Blues: The player character is to go to Mobius' lair and either kill him or reason with him.

Other interactions

  • If the player character has a repair skill of 75, this allows them to repair the "ghosting" in Mobius optical sensors. This will open up the conversation to leave him be without having to kill Mobius.
    • If the player character cannot perform the 75 repair check, they will be forced to kill Mobius, as the conversation can only end with "enough, I came here to kill you."
  • He will offer the Courier a tin of Mentats upon interacting with him through dialogue, once per 24 hours.
    • If one has consumed alcohol and Mobius asks them if they would like a Mentat, they may turn it down saying that they would rather avoid mixing it with alcohol.
    • If one is already addicted to a drug when he asks them if they want some Mentats, they can refuse, stating that they are tripping as it is already.
  • Once combat is entered, Mobius will activate a Stealth Boy, this making it impossible to target him in V.A.T.S.
  • Dr. Mobius has significantly more health than the other Think Tank members, and along with Doctor Klein is the only Think Tank that levels with the player character.
  • The player character cannot yield to Mobius. The decision to assault him is final.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Brain beam
Brain mesmetron
Electron Charge Pack
Stealth Boy
Fission Battery
Scrap Electronics
Scrap Metal
Sensor Module


  • Mobius programmed the Sink Central Intelligence Unit to accept bottle caps. Dr. 0 believed they were added in as debug code, though Dr. Dala states that Mobius was obsessed with what the post-nuclear war economy would be like, and correctly predicted that Bottle Caps would become valued currency post-war.
  • Many empty Nuka-Cola bottles and paraphernalia can be found in his old room in both the Think Tank and Higgs Village.


  • "Well, there's many things they have forgotten, sitting in their bowls. Friendship. The thrill of discovery. Love. Masturbation. The usual."
  • "It is I, Dr. Mobius, transmitting from my dome-shaped... dome in the Forbidden Zone. A zone... that is, yes... forbidden to you."
  • "2 plus 2 equals {inaudible mumbling} 4-Bidden, idiots of the Think Tank!"
  • "Oh, I was probably tripping hard on Psycho when I sent that. Had to work myself up to it, not usually violent, except when I am. Then, huh! Watch out!"


Mobius appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes



  1. Courier: "Why did you trap them?"
    Doctor Mobius: "I suspect I have Plan 9s in place, but I may have coded myself to forget them, just in case... they're probably very dangerous, lethal, or worse. So I had to do something else to keep them occupied here. Or as you like to say "trapped." I prefer to have several Plan 9s in case the 7s fail."
    (Dr. Mobius' dialogue)
  2. Doctor Mobius: "In short: Brains, a heart, and courage... spine. I think there was a story once where a band of murderous thugs sought these things."
    (Dr. Mobius' dialogue)
Developer Statements
  1. Jayalay: "@chrisavellone You know the picture of the pre-lobotomy Think Tank guys? Which one is which? Guessing Klein is old, Mobius bespectacled?"
    Chris Avellone: "@Jayalay According to Mr. Menze, the artist: Dala, O, Borous, Klein, 8, Mobius (he purposely looks like Dr. Morbius from Forbidden Planet)."
    (Fallout: New Vegas developer statements/Old World Blues; Chris Avellone: Think Tank Intro Art, 2011 July 27)