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Fallout 2 creatures

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This page lists all creatures in Fallout 2.


Image Name
FoModel Brahmin.png Brahmin
Animcentaur.gif Centaur
F1 Deathclaw.png Deathclaw
Dog.png Dog
Fire gecko.gif Fire Gecko
FoModel Floater.png Floater
Lil gecko.gif Gecko
Naglowaa se.gif Ghoul crazy
FO2 Giant ant.png Giant ant
Naglowaa se.gif Glowing One
Golden gecko.gif Golden Gecko
Infobox.webp Iguana
Lil gecko.gif Little Gecko
MantisAniGif.gif Mantis


FoModel Mole rat.png Mole rat
FoModel Pig rat.png Pig rat
FoModel Radscorpion.png Radscorpion
MASRATAA se.gif Rat
MAPLNTAA se.gif Spore plant
Fire gecko.gif Tough Fire Gecko
Golden gecko.gif Tough Golden Gecko
Lil gecko.gif Tough Little Gecko
AlienAniGif.gif Wanamingo
Dog.png Wolf