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Super Mutant (Fallout)

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of Super Mutants, see Super Mutant.

Super Mutants are characters appearing in Fallout.


Super Mutants were created by way of the Forced Evolutionary Virus[1], beginning at West Tek, mutating from humans.[2] In January 7, 2077, FEV research was transferred to the Mariposa Military Base,[2] to continue under the lead of Leon Von Felden and Robert Anderson. Vats of the virus were prepared as a basis for further development and Human experimentation, with a near 100% success rate on lab animals, granting an approximately 60% increase in size and potential 200% intelligence increase.[3][4]

The Master

The vats were rediscovered by an expedition led by Richard Grey.[5] Accompanied by Harold, they made it past the robotic security of the base, and eventually made it to the central core containing the vats.[6] However, within the vats, an automated crane crashed into the two, knocking Harold out and flinging Grey into the vat with FEV.[6] Harold woke up in the wastes outside the base, and escaped.[7]

Grey, on the other hand, underwent extreme mutation due to prolonged exposure to the virus in the vat.[8] His intellect grew exponentially, allowing him to comprehend even the most complex issues easily.[8] Grey methodically researched FEV, experimenting with animals and then individuals that entered the facility.[8] It wasn't until a few failed mutations that he discovered radiation could be a deciding factor in the success of the change, but later learned of their sterility.[8][9]


Image Name Location
Fo1 Abel.png Abel Mariposa Military Base stronghold, level 2
Fo1 Barry.png Barry Watershed, Necropolis
FO01 NPC Dying mutant.png Dying Mutant Deathclaw's lair, the Hub
Fo1 Flip.png Flip Mariposa Military Base level 3
Fo1 Gary.png Gary Watershed, Necropolis
FO01 NPC Harry G.png Harry Watershed, Necropolis
Super mutant.png Invader
Fo1 Krupper.png Krupper Mariposa Military Base
Fo1 Kyle super mutant.png Kyle The Cathedral
Fo1 Larry.png Larry Watershed, Necropolis
FO01 NPC Lieutenant N.png Lieutenant Mariposa Military Base
Fo1 Lieutenant guards.png Lt.'s Guard Mariposa Military Base level 4
Fo1 CotC nighkin sentry.png Nightkin Sentry The Cathedral
Praying super mutant.png Praying Super Mutant The Cathedral
Fo1 Sally.png Sally Watershed, Necropolis
Infobox.webp Sean Random encounter
Stupid Mutant.png Stupid mutant Mariposa Military Base Stronghold Level 2
Fo1 super mutant sergeant.png Super Mutant Sergeant The Cathedral
Super mutant2.png Super Mutant Soldier
Fo1 Terry.png Terry Watershed, Necropolis
Fo1 Vincent.png Vincent The Cathedral
Fo1 Viscious.png Viscious The Cathedral, level 3

Behind the scenes

Super Mutants are mentioned in the Fallout Bible.



  1. The Vault Dweller: "{120}{}{How does the Virus work?}"
    ZAX: "{157}{}{My research into the Forced Evolution Virus, or FEV, indicates that it is a shifting-absorptive virus. It copies DNA patterns much like RNA, storing these patterns in exons.}"
    "{158}{}{These exons, combined with the FEV, are re-injected into the host cells in typical viral infectious fashion. This causes the host cells to 'regenerate' their DNA.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{159}{}{How do you catch FEV?}"
    ZAX: "{162}{}{FEV is not 'caught', per se. It is not air-transmittable. Typically, infection is through injection, or direct physical contact with an FEV sample.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{164}{}{Why isn't FEV affected by radiation?}"
    ZAX: "{166}{}{The FEV is a megavirus, with a protein sheath reinforced by ionized hydrogen. It is therefore capable of absorbing neutrons without becoming radioactive.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{168}{}{If the FEV re-infects the host with its assimilated viral patterns, how does it make a 'better specimen'?}"
    ZAX: "{169}{}{The FEV is pre-programmed with introns of corrected DNA appropriate to the proper type of species. It therefore attempts to correct the DNA of the individual.}"
    "{170}{}{However, as the FEV is partially reliant upon the DNA of the individual, and also includes portions of its own recursive code, the effects can be unpredictable.}"
    "{171}{}{When inoculated into an individual with significant genetic damage, such as through radiation, it will cause the body's systems to suffer massive overhauling, leading to organ failure and death.}"
    "{172}{}{In a genetically viable individual, it re-writes portions of DNA, causing accelerated mutation, usually leading to recursive growth due to the FEV's own patterns.}"
    "{173}{}{This recursive growth leads to an increase in muscle and brain mass, but is often accompanied by disfigurement and damage to existing neural patterns, causing loss of memory.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{174}{}{What potential long-term side effects exist?}"
    ZAX: "{178}{}{As the FEV causes constant regenerative update to DNA, it would effectively render the subject largely immortal, as cell death would be offset by augmented growth.}"
    "{179}{}{Additionally, as the gametes of the reproductive system consist of 'half-cells' using split DNA, they could be perceived as 'damage' by FEV, which would 'repair' them, rendering the subject sterile.}"
    "{180}{}{However, as my laboratory facilities are damaged beyond repair, this is conjectural. I cannot offer physical proof. You will have to, in human terms, 'take my word for it.'}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{181}{}{Could FEV mutation be corrected with a counter-virus?}"
    ZAX: "{184}{}{No. FEV does not retain unaltered original copies of the subject's DNA. Only a virus which re-infected the subject with original DNA could reverse the effects. Additionally, there is no known way to remove the FEV itself.}"
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    The Master: "{149}{Mast17}{But it cannot be. This would mean that all my work has been for nothing. Everything that I have tried to . . . a failure! It can't be. Be. Be. Be.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{150}{}{Sorry, this isn't an option for you. Your race will die out after this generation.}"
    The Master: "{153}{Mast19}{I . . . don't think that I can continue. Continue? To have done the things I have done in the name of progress and healing. It was madness. I can see that now. Madness. Madness? There is no hope. Leave now, leave while you still have hope . . .}"
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