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Your brain is back in your body, but some of the advanced technologies remain: Your head still cannot be crippled, but you are only 10% more resistant to addiction now. Surprisingly your Damage Threshold has improved by 10% (minimum +1 DT)Fallout: New Vegas description

Big Brained is a special perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


The Courier must convince the Brain Tank to unite the Courier's brain with their body or convince it to come back to The Sink. After that, one can have their brain reinserted into their body. This perk replaces Brainless.


Your head cannot be crippled, you gain +10% Damage Threshold (minimum +1) and +10% resistance to chem addictions.


  • Compared to the Brainless perk, you gain an additional +5% Damage Threshold at the cost of -15% chem addiction resistance.
  • Synergizes well with the perk Chem Resistant and Old World GourmetDead Money for 66.25% chem addiction resistance.
  • It may seem to synergize poorly with Eye for Eye, as it reduces the total number of limbs that can be crippled. However, the frequent blurred vision is a greater detriment than the effects of other crippled limbs, which can be countered via speed perks or accuracy chems.
  • Big Brained shares the same Vault boy image as Brainless.


  • PCPC The description listed on this perk pertaining to Damage Threshold shown in the game is incorrect. The perk will add a permanent bonus of +1 to your DT no matter what, and then multiply that value by 1.1, rounded. For example, if your character has both ranks of Toughness, the Sub-Dermal Implant, Reinforced Spine, and this perk, it will lead to a naked DT of 14. ((3[2]+4+2+1) * 1.1 = 14)
    • Because of these errors in the maths for the Brain perks, especially when compounded with rounding, both perks may result in the same bonus even for high values (30+) of DT, causing this perk to be unequivocally inferior to Brainless.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 In addition to the bug mentioned above, you may never gain the rounded 10% if you are "naked" or wear body armor with 1-2 DT, any headwear is excluded. But if you're wearing body armor with 3 or more DT, you will actually lose the permanent +1 DT and only gain the 10%.

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