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This page lists all perks in Fallout.


Perks in Fallout are acquired every three levels (four with the Skilled trait), with the first available at level 3 (4). With the max level set at 21, the player can choose seven perks (five with the trait) out of a total of 53.

Some perks have multiple ranks, with stacking benefits (all benefits are listed per-level). It is possible to obtain perks that the player's character doesn't qualify for by the use of temporary stat improving chems before the selection menu (i.e. a character with 4 Intelligence can use Mentats to select the Educated perk, which requires 6 Intelligence).


Image Name Req Ranks Effects
FO1 Perk Action Boy Action Girl.png Action Girl Action Boy
FO1 Perk Animal Friend.png Animal Friend
FO1 Perk Awareness.png Awareness
FO1 Perk Better Criticals.png Better Criticals
FO1 Perk Bonus HtH Attacks.png Bonus HtH Attacks
FO1 Perk Bonus HtH Damage.png Bonus HtH Damage
FO1 Perk Bonus Move.png Bonus Move
FO1 Perk Bonus Ranged Damage.png Bonus Ranged Damage
FO1 Perk Bonus Rate of Fire.png Bonus Rate of Fire
Infobox.webp Combat Armor
FO1 Perk Cult of Personality.png Cult of Personality
FO1 Perk Dodger.png Dodger
FO1 Perk Earlier Sequence.png Earlier Sequence
FO1 Perk Educated.png Educated
FO1 Perk Empathy.png Empathy
FO1 Perk Explorer.png Explorer
FO1 Perk Faster Healing.png Faster Healing
FO1 Perk Flower Child.png Flower Child
FO1 Perk Fortune Finder.png Fortune Finder
FO1 Perk Friendly Foe.png Friendly Foe
FO1 Perk Ghost.png Ghost
FO1 Perk Healer.png Healer
FO1 Perk Heave Ho!.png Heave Ho!
FO1 Perk Life Giver.png Lifegiver
FO1 Perk Master Thief.png Master Thief
FO1 Perk Master Trader.png Master Trader
FO1 Perk Medic.png Medic
FO1 Perk Mental Block.png Mental Block
FO1 Perk More Criticals.png More Criticals
FO1 Perk Mr. Fixit.png Mr. Fixit
FO1 Perk Mutate!.png Mutate!
FO1 Perk Mysterious Stranger.png Mysterious Stranger
FO1 Perk Night Vision.png Night Vision
FO1 Perk Pathfinder.png Pathfinder
FO1 Perk Pickpocket.png Pickpocket
Infobox.webp Powered Armor
FO1 Perk Presence.png Presence
FO1 Perk Quick Pockets.png Quick Pockets
FO1 DerivedStat Radiation Resistance.png Rad Resistance
FO1 Perk Ranger.png Ranger
FO1 Perk Scout.png Scout
FO1 Perk Scrounger.png Scrounger
FO1 Perk Sharpshooter.png Sharpshooter
FO1 Perk Silent Death.png Silent Death
FO1 Perk Silent Running.png Silent Running
FO1 Perk Slayer.png Slayer
FO1 Perk Smooth Talker.png Smooth Talker
FO1 Perk Snakeater.png Snakeater
FO1 Perk Sniper.png Sniper
FO1 Perk Speaker.png Speaker
FO1 Perk Strong Back.png Strong Back
FO1 Perk Survivalist.png Survivalist
FO1 Perk Swift Learner.png Swift Learner
FO1 Perk Tag!.png Tag!
FO1 Perk Toughness.png Toughness
Infobox.webp Weapon Accurate
Infobox.webp Weapon Knockback
Infobox.webp Weapon Long Range
Infobox.webp Weapon Penetrate