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Rust Devils is an NPC pack for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, published by Modiphius Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks.


The Rust Devils are a gang of ruthless and tech-savvy raiders who are obsessed with robots. They scour the Commonwealth looking for robots to reprogram or salvage, festooning themselves and their bases with tangles of wires, circuitry, and spare parts–even going so far as to fashion armor and weapons from the robot parts they salvage. You may only encounter a few human gang members at a time while out in the Wasteland, but rest assured their reprogrammed and deadly robots will never be far away!




Image Name Role
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Andy Douthwaite Lead Designer
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Ariel Orea Art Direction
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Bere Muñiz Interior Artwork Artist
Cover Artist
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Haralampos Tsakiris Project Management
Developer Jacky Leung.png Jacky Leung Graphic Design
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Jane Robertson Graphic Designer
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Jess Gibbs Lead Designer
Fallout 2d20 Cover.png Peter Grochulski Production Management
Developer Victor Maristane.jpg Victor Maristane Interior Artwork Artist