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X-8 Splicing Facility Terminal

Who... am I? I... feel different, awake, alive for the first time ever. What... I feel like this has happened before. Yet I feel awake for the first time? What is going on? What is this strange new world around me? What does it hold in store for a dreamer such as myself? Noooooooooo...
X-8 robobrain

The X-8 Splicing Facility Terminal allows the Courier to create 4 different creatures by splicing them. Each one completes a challenge rewarding the player's character variable XP; they are challenges in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

The terminal is located inside the X-8 Research Center, down the hall to the left after entering the X-8 Research Center.


Three holotapes are required in order to 'learn' all the splicing experiments.

All three can be found in the X-8 Research Center and the player character needs the key to the kennel to obtain the final holotape.

Splicing rules

There are a few "rules" for splicing:

  • Only three experiment creatures can be made per day.
  • You can do only one dog and robot splicing experiment (Roxie) at a time.
  • You need to clear the area before starting new experiments.
  • Experiments are not allowed outside of the X-8 facility.
  • Security must be disabled before experiments can be run.

Splicing results

The X-8 slicing terminal displays the results of what the Courier spliced:

  • Splice dog and lobotomite - results in a "dismal failure", leaving behind the severely mutilated bodies of a dog and a lobotomite. The lobotomite can be looted for a weapon and minor loot.
  • Splice dog and robot - creates a friendly, temporary companion, Roxie.
  • Splice robot and unusual specimen - creates a robobrain that is friendly but starts shooting randomly before exploding. (Completes the Automaton challenge rewarding variable XP).
  • Lobotomite and robot - creates a friendly robobrain which excitedly muses about the exciting new world it's presented with and what opportunities it offers to "a dreamer like itself"... before exploding.


PCPC Sometimes there is a bug that doesn't recognize the completion of the Automaton challenge.