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☢  Independent Fallout Wiki Overview  ☢

User pages are designed to display "about me" information.


Every registered user has their own user page, or profile, that can be used to introduce themselves to the community. Users have latitude to manage their user space as they see fit, so long as the content adheres to site policies. Users should not edit the pages of others, with the exception of administrators who may make routine edits in a maintenance capacity.


The easiest way to start out is by seeing another user's page that you like, taking a look at their code, and making it your own. Although it is against site policy to edit the user page of another, taking a peek at the content and using it is allowed, so long as you make it your own, removing any information belonging to someone else.

User boxes

Infobox.webpThis user likes the Independent Fallout Wiki.

A userbox is designed to appear on user pages as a communicative notice. A collection of pre-made userboxes are available for use, or users can create their own using any image on the wiki. All existing userboxes are found here. Additional formatting options to create your own are found here.

|left image  =Infobox.webp
|middle text =This user likes the ''Independent Fallout Wiki''.


FO76 US flag clean.pngThis user is an American.
{{User American}}
Australia Flag.jpgThis user is from Australia

{{User Australia}}
FO76 BoS spray logo white.pngThis user is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.
{{User Brotherhood of Steel}}
Cannibal.pngThis user is a cannibal and many see their acts a crime against nature.
{{User Cannibal}}
FO3 Trophy Data Miner.webpThis user has made 0 edits.
{{User Edits}}
FO3 Trophy Scourge of Humanity.webpThis user is Pure Evil. No, really! Don't trust them.
{{User Evil}}
Gametitle-FO2.pngThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout 2.
{{User Fallout 2}}
Gametitle-FO3.pngThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout 3.
{{User Fallout 3}}
Gametitle-FO4.pngThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout 4.
{{User Fallout 4}}
Gametitle-FO76.pngThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout 76.
{{User Fallout 76}}
Gametitle-FOT.pngThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout Tactics.
{{User Fallout Tactics}}
Gametitle-FNV.pngThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout: New Vegas.
{{User Fallout: New Vegas}}
Gametitle-FO1.pngThis user is knowledgeable about the original Fallout.
{{User Fallout}}
FollowersApocalypseLogo.pngThis user is a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.
{{User Followers of the Apocalypse}}
TrophyofRecognition.pngThis user is a Founding Member of the Independent Fallout Wiki.
{{User Founder Smol}}
French flag.pngThis user is from France.
{{User FR}}
FO3 Trophy Ambassador of Peace.webpThis user just might be your Savior.
{{User Good}}
Atx playericon prideprogress.webpThis user is a proud
member of the LGBTQ+
{{User LGBT}}
Luck bobblehead.pngLuck be a lady, who is in love with this user.
{{User lucky}}
Bosdecallyons.pngThis user is a member of the Lyons' Pride.
{{User Lyons' Pride}}
Gecklad.pngThis user is a Mod Author.
{{User Mod Author}}
FO3 Trophy Paradigm of Humanity.webpThis user... Is... Good? No. Bad? Argh! What are they!?
{{User Neutral}}
FNV NCR Flag.pngThis user is a taxable citizen of the New California Republic.
{{User New California Republic}}
Louis Armstrong.jpgThis user thinks pre-War music is the Tops.
{{User pre-War music}}
FO3 Trophy Vault 101 Citizenship Award.webpThis user has a Pip-boy.
{{User Pipboy}}
Icon windows.pngThis user plays on a PC.
{{User PC}}
FO4 Railroad flag.pngThis user is a member of the Railroad.
{{User Railroad}}
Lawbringer.pngThis user is a Regulator.
{{User Regulators}}
FO76 Responder logo alt worn.pngThis user is a member of the Responders.

{{User Responders}}
Reuben blip.pngThis user is a member of the Reuben Gill Fan Club.
{{User Reuben Fan Club}}
Traffic cone.pngThis user is fond of traffic cones.
{{User Traffic Cone}}
UK Flag.pngThis user is from the United Kingdom.
{{User UK}}
Icon xboxone.pngThis user plays on the Xbox One.
{{User Xbox One}}

Schmault-Tec University

{{Schmault-Tec Student}}
UI C Icon JianYi2.pngThis user is a Schmault-Tec University Student!
{{Schmault-Tec Editor Grad}}
UI C Icon JianYi2.pngThis user is a Schmault-Tec Editing 101 Graduate!
{{Schmault-Tec Outside the Vault Grad}}
UI C Icon JianYi2.pngThis user is a Schmault-Tec Outside the Vault Graduate!
{{Schmault-Tec Doctorate}}
UI C Icon JianYi2.pngThis user has a Doctorate from Schmault-Tec University!
{{Schmault-Tec Dropout}}
UI C Icon Perk Skunk.pngThis user is a Schmault-Tec University Dropout!


{{Lawful Good}}
Lawful Good.webpThis user's Alignment is Lawful Good.
{{Neutral Good}}
Neutral Good.webpThis user's Alignment is Neutral Good.
{{Chaotic Good}}
Chaotic Good.webpThis user's Alignment is Chaotic Good.

{{Lawful Neutral}}
Lawful Neutral.webpThis user's Alignment is Lawful Neutral.
{{True Neutral}}
True Neutral.webpThis user's Alignment is True Neutral.
{{Chaotic Neutral}}
Chaotic Neutral.webpThis user's Alignment is Chaotic Neutral.

{{Lawful Evil}}
Lawful Evil.webpThis user's Alignment is Lawful Evil.
{{Neutral Evil}}
Neutral Evil.webpThis user's Alignment is Neutral Evil.
{{Chaotic Evil}}
Chaotic Evil.webpThis user's Alignment is Chaotic Evil.


TrophyofRecognition.pngThis user is a Founding Member of the Independent Fallout Wiki.
Wiki policy 2023.pngThis user is an esteemed Annual Review Committee member!


FO3 Trophy Platinum.webpThis user is a Certified Trivia Champion!
Creepy Icon 1.png2023 Creepypasta Contest First Place
Creepy Icon 2.png2023 Creepypasta Contest Second Place
Creepy Icon 3.png2023 Creepypasta Contest Third Place
UI C Icon Hallow03.pngThis user is a 2023 Creepypasta Contest author!
Icon electrical.pngSchmault-Tec Award Nominee 2023