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Fallout 76 Unused Content

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A page outlining unused content from Fallout 76.


Some content is found in the game files, but is inaccessible within the game itself. Unused content may still retain game functionality.





  • (Dirty) cloche hat medium Atomic Shop
  • (Dirty) daredevil helmet medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) doctor's mask medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) doctor's scrubs hat medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) felt antler headband medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) fez medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) fly-fishing hat medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) hip glasses medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) leather cap medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) medical face mask medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) modern bonnet medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) pillbox hat medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) plaid hunting cap medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) plaid hunting cap ears hot medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) poodle skirt glasses medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) postman hat medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) space jumpsuit helmet medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) straw bucket hat medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) Vault-Tec security helmet medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht Tyrolean hat
  • Mr. Fuzzy mascot head
  • Trapper helmet
  • Wood helmet
  • Black bunny ears medium Atoms
  • Black jack-o-lantern helmet medium Atoms
  • Blood Eagle charmer helmet medium Atoms
  • Brotherhood of Steel infantry hood
  • Clean monocle medium Atoms
  • Communist officer's gas mask medium Atoms
  • Cutthroat helmet medium Atoms
  • Cutthroat helmet medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht blue jester mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht blue man mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht blue owl mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht green skull mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht green toothy man mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht red giant mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht red goblin mask medium Atoms
  • Fasnacht yellow soldier mask medium Atoms
  • Flapper headband medium Atoms
  • Flapper tiara medium Atoms
  • Floor walker teeth medium Atoms
  • Floppy sun hat medium Atoms
  • Fortune teller hat medium Atoms
  • Free Radicals banded helmet medium Atoms
  • Free Radicals bladed helmet medium Atoms
  • Free Radicals cowl medium Atoms
  • Free Radicals head covering medium Atoms
  • Free Radicals hood medium Atoms
  • Free Radicals spiked helmet medium Atoms
  • Grafton High School hat (02) medium Atoms
  • Green military utility cap medium Atoms
  • Grey bunny ears medium Atoms
  • Hat, monogrammed B.B. Wolf
  • Human cannonball helmet medium Atoms
  • Hunter's hood
  • Intel officer dress hat medium Atoms
  • Intel officer dress hat medium Atoms
  • Intel officer hat medium Atoms
  • K.D. Inkwell headgear medium Atoms
  • Military officer dress hat medium Atoms
  • Modern bonnet medium Atoms
  • Motivational collar
  • Pillbox hat medium Atoms
  • Pink military beret medium Atoms
  • Pioneer Scout hat: Squirrel
  • Raider scavenger hat medium Atoms
  • Raider scavenger mask medium Atoms
  • The Captain's hat
  • Trusty sidekick mask medium Atoms
  • Vault-Girl leper'chaun head medium Atoms
  • Vault-Tec security helmet medium Atoms
  • Vintage football helmet (Tricentennial) medium Atoms
  • Vintage football helmet (VTU) medium Atoms
  • Vintage football helmet (Yao guai) medium Atoms
  • White bunny ears medium Atoms
  • Worn American trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Worn Garrahan trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Worn Mothman trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Worn Tricentennial trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Worn Vault 76 trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Worn VTU trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Worn WVa trucker hat medium Atoms
  • Wrestler mask Fallout 1st


  • (Dirty) American daredevil suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) camouflage pant suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) doctor's scrubs medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) fishing outfit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) flapper dress medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) jack o'lantern pant suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) military intel officer uniform medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) military officer uniform medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) pink pant suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) poodle skirt medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) postman uniform medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) space suit jumpsuit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) tropical pant suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) tulip pant suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) two-piece pajamas medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) Vault-Tec pajamas medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) Vault-Tec pant suit medium Atoms
  • (Dirty) yellow trench coat medium Atoms
  • Bowling league uniform medium Atoms
  • Mr. Fuzzy mascot suit
  • Presidential "power" suit
  • Union outfit (duplicate)
  • Amusement park uniform medium Atoms
  • Black vest and slacks medium Atoms
  • Blue and yellow dress medium Atoms
  • Cage armor
  • Cait's outfit medium Atoms
  • Clean blue suit medium Atoms
  • Clean grey suit medium Atoms
  • Clean tan suit medium Atoms
  • Covert sweater vest
  • Cutthroat outfit medium Atoms
  • Cutthroat outfit medium Atoms
  • Denim Canadian tuxedo medium Atoms
  • Field surgeon outfit
  • Fortune teller outfit medium Atoms
  • Grafton monsters jacket and jeans
  • Grafton Steel jumpsuit medium Atoms
  • Green fisherman's overalls medium Atoms
  • Helmeted cage armor
  • Helmeted spike armor
  • Human cannonball outfit medium Atoms
  • Hunter's pelt outfit
  • Jack Gourdon black outfit medium Atoms
  • Jaguar short suit medium Atoms
  • Laundered denim dress medium Atoms
  • Laundered pink dress medium Atoms
  • Leather greaser jacket medium Atoms
  • Lion dancer outfit (green) medium Atoms
  • Lion dancer outfit (red) medium Atoms
  • Pioneer Scout squirrel shorts
  • Pioneer Scout squirrel skirt
  • Plaid pants suit medium Atoms
  • Plaid short suit medium Atoms
  • Presidential "power" suit
  • Prison uniform medium Atoms
  • Racecar driver outfit medium Atoms
  • Raider scavenger outfit medium Atoms
  • RobCo jumpsuit medium Atoms
  • Roller derby uniform medium Atoms
  • Spike Armor
  • Trusty sidekick costume medium Atoms
  • Valentine's trench coat
  • Vault 111 jumpsuit medium Atoms
  • Vintage football uniform (Tricentennial) medium Atoms
  • Vintage football uniform (VTU) medium Atoms
  • Vintage football uniform (Yao guai) medium Atoms
  • VTU t-shirt and jeans medium Atoms
  • Watoga jumpsuit medium Atoms
  • Wavy Willard's jumpsuit medium Atoms
  • Wrestler outfit medium Atoms


Image Name Craftable
Atx apparel underarmor blackss l.webp Black Secret Service Underarmor Unused Content
Atx apparel underarmor bowlingteam l.webp Bowling League Uniform Unused Content
BowlingUA1.png Bowling league outfit Unused Content
Atx underarmor overalls.webp Overalls Underarmor Unused Content
Atx apparel underarmor racingsuit l.webp Racecar Driver Underarmor Unused Content
Racecar1.png Racecar driver outfit Unused Content
Atx apparel underarmor rollerderby l.webp Roller Derby Uniform Unused Content
Atx apparel underarmor disciples02 l.webp Torn shirt & jeans Unused Content
Atx apparel underarmor disciples04 l.webp Torn shirt & ragged pants Unused Content
Score s6 apparel outfit sidekick base l.webp Trusty Sidekick Costume and Underarmor Unused Content
Atx apparel underarmor vault111 l.webp Vault 111 Jumpsuit Unused Content
FO76 underarmor v63 jumpsuit.png Vault 63 jumpsuit Plan: Vault 63 Jumpsuit
FO76 underarmor v96 jumpsuit.png Vault 96 Jumpsuit Plan: Vault 96 Jumpsuit
Atx apparel underarmor disciples01 l.webp Wrap & ragged pants

Unused Content

Atx apparel underarmor disciples03 l.webp Wrap & ripped jeans

Unused Content

Atx apparel underarmor maskedwrestler l.webp Wrestler Outfit Unused Content





Holotapes and Notes







Power Armor





Perk Description Form ID
Strength training Life in the Vault is a lot like prison, lots of weight lifting. Your Strength is increased. 000950FD
Perception training Playing Vault-Tech games endlessly has paid off. Your Perception is increased. 000950FB
Endurance training The Wasteland is no match for you! Your Endurance is increased. 000950FA
Charisma training Some people are born charming - others have to work at it. Your Charisma is increased. 000950F7
Intelligence training Being able to read above a 5th grade level has its perks. Your Intelligence is increased. 000950F5
Agility training Some say cat's are extinct... but you definitely move like one. Your Agility is increased. 000950F3
Luck training Cats have 9 lives. You must be part cat. Your Luck is increased. 000950F2





Radio Stations

Random Encounters

Terminal Entries


Image Name
Acidsoaker.png Acid Soaker
FO76 weapon animatronicalienblaster.png Animatronic Alien Blaster
Infobox.png Barnes' homemade mine
Fo4FH bear trap.png Bear trap
Bottlecap mine (Fallout 4).png Bottlecap Mine
Caltrops.png Caltrops
FO76 Chinese assault rifle back.png Chinese Assault Rifle
Fallout4 Combat knife.png Climbing knife
Infobox.png Croquet mallet
Infobox.png Cultist Executioner
FO76 Spear.png Dynamite Spear
F76WL Flashbang.png Flashbang
Infobox.png Fusion core ejector
Infobox.png Garden trowel
Atx skin weaponmodel grognak stanley l.webp Grognak's Hockey Stick
FO76 ATX Blood Eagle paint bow.png Hot Rod Bow
Infobox.png Incendiary Grenade
Fallout4 junk jet.png Junk Jet
FO4LaserMusket.png Laser musket
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Lucky rabbit's foot
Infobox.png Nuka Cherry Grenade
FO76 Broadsider.png Orbital strike
FO76 Pipe gun.png Paintball gun
Atx weapon pilgrimmusket.webp Pilgrim musket
Plasma grenade (Fallout 4).png Plasma Grenade bundle
FO76 Presidential Gauss Rifle.png Presidential Gauss rifle
FO76 Machete.png Pretty floral bouquet
FO76 Missile launcher.png Quad launcher
Fo76WA ProSnap camera.png Recon imager
FO76 Lou's remote detonator.png Remote Grenade
Smart fragmentation grenade.png Smart Fragmentation Grenade
Fragmentation grenade (Fallout 4).png Smoke Grenade
FO76 weapon soundgrenade.png Sound grenade
FO76WL Soundmaker.png Soundmaker
F76 Sten.png The Black Knight
The Deliverer.png The Deliverer
Fo76WA ProSnap camera.png Tourist's camera
Turkey Ripper.png Turkey Ripper
FO76 Gamma gun.png Xerxo's gamma ray gun
Alien blaster pistol.png Zeta's Revenge

World Objects

Image Name
Atx camp floor 50slinoleum l.webp 50's Linoleum Floor and Foundations
Atx tp camp floordecor 5thanniversaryflag l.png 5th Anniversary Flag
Atx camp wallpaper flagstone01 l.webp Appalachian Slate Wallpaper
Score s5 camp floor basement set l.webp Basement Floors Set
Atx camp wallpaper basement l.webp Basement Wallpaper
Atx camp floor vaultdark01 l.webp Black and Blue Linoleum Floor and Foundations
Infobox.png Blue Ridge Rug
Atx camp floor carpetblue01 l.webp Blue Shag Carpet Floor and Foundations
Infobox.png Brick Wall Secret Door
Atx camp floor captaincosmos l.webp Captain Cosmos Floor and Foundations
Atx camp floor redwhitecheckered01 l.webp Checkered Circles Linoleum Floor and Foundations
FO76 Combine drone 2.png Combine Drone
Atx camp door wood woodhorizwindows01 l.webp Contemporary Wooden Door
Atx camp utility scavengestation copper l.webp Copper Collectron Station
Atx camp floor parquet dark l.webp Dark Parquet Wood Floor and Foundations
Infobox.png Death Tambo
Atx camp wallpaper default l.webp Default Wallpaper
Atx camp wallpaper dotstars01 l.webp Dots and Stars Wallpaper
Atx camp wallpaper forksspoons l.webp Forks and Spoons Wallpaper
FO76 Come to the Foundation.png Foundation Poster
Infobox.png Guild Wallpaper Set
Score s5 camp floor guild antiquities 02 l.webp Guild of Antiquities Blue Floor and Foundations
Score s5 camp floor guild antiquities 03 l.webp Guild of Antiquities Star Floor and Foundations
Score s5 camp floor guild antiquities 04 l.webp Guild of Antiquities White Floor and Foundations
Infobox.png Guitar Sword
Atx camp door metal metalvertwindow01 l.webp Industrial Metal Door
Atx camp floor parquet light l.webp Light Parquet Wood Floor and Foundations
Atx camp floor multisizedtile01 l.webp Multisized Tile Floor and Foundations
Infobox.png Nuka World on Tour Map
FO76 Once in a Blue Moon infobox.png Ogua Egg Stand
Pitt union sign.png Pitt Union Sign
Atx camp wallpaper back l.webp Plywood Wallpaper
Atx camp floor redforce l.webp Red Force Floor and Foundations
Atx camp floor redmenace l.webp Red Menace Floor and Foundations
Atx camp wallpaper redmenace l.webp Red Menace Wallpaper
Atx camp floor reduprising l.webp Red Uprising Floor and Foundations
Atx camp wallpaper reduprising l.webp Red Uprising Wallpaper
Atx camp floor retrowave l.webp Retro Wave Carpet Floor and Foundations
Atx camp floor saltillotile01 l.webp Saltillo Tile Floor and Foundations
Atx camp floor shiningcarpet l.webp Shining Carpet Floor and Foundations
Atx camp utility scavengestation silver l.webp Silver Collectron Station
Infobox.png Sports Wallpaper 03
Atx camp floor multisizedtile01 l.webp Three Tone Tiles Floor and Foundations
Atx camp door metal vaultteccleanwhite01 l.webp Vault-Tec Metal Door
Infobox.png War Drum
Infobox.png Warning poster
Atx camp door metal metalwirewindow01 l.webp Wire Metal Door
Atx camp door wood woodcleanyellow01 l.webp Yellow Wooden Door

By Expansion

Once in a Blue Moon