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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor game with a similar title, see Fallout Tactics.
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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, also known as Fallout: BoS, is an action role-playing game developed and published by Interplay Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox game consoles. Released January 14, 2004, it is the fourth installment, following Fallout Tactics, and the first Fallout game to release on consoles.


Chapter One

Carbon's Welcome Sign

The Player chooses one of three Brotherhood Initiates: Cain, Cyrus, or Nadia. Following the destruction of the Master, Brotherhood Paladins go missing in Carbon, a town east of Necropolis.[1] The Initiate is tasked with finding them, but when they arrive, they find the town under attack by the Raider Matron and her band of Raiders. The Initiate is welcomed by a local prostitute named Ruby and afterwards, they enter the nearby Atomic Diner. Inside, drunk raiders are harassing the diner's owner, Armpit.[2] The player saves Armpit and asks the town's mayor, Richard, about the Brotherhood. He states he will assist them if they clear out the Carbon Warehouse, which is infested with Radscorpions.[3]

After obtaining the key from Richard, the Initiate enters the Warehouse to defeat the Radscorpions. In the basement, the player fights a Giant Radscorpion in a boss battle. Afterwards, Richard informs them that the Brotherhood went down into Carbon Crater.[4] The player reaches the Carhenge structure in the Crater, where they are betrayed by Richard. He reveals that he agreed to kill the player to prevent the Raider Matron from burning down Carbon.[5] The player engages Richard in a boss battle, kills him and escapes the Crater as it collapses. The Initiate returns to Carbon and finds it under attack by the Raiders once more.

Armpit is killed by a Flamethrower-wielding Raider[6] and some of the townspeople have barricaded themselves inside the Warehouse.[7] The player is tasked with killing the remaining Raiders attacking Carbon and rescuing any of the remaining townspeople before they are let inside the Warehouse.[8] Once the Raiders are dealt with, the player returns to Warehouse. Jesse, the town's merchant, states the raiders are camped out in an old Mill and that they will retailiate once they hear of the Player's actions.[9]

The Player reaches the raider base and Jesse tells them they must deactivate a lock to reach the Raider Matron.[10] Before confronting the Raider Matron, the Initiate overhears a conversation revealing she is working with a mysterious Mutant General. He mentions collecting slaves and that his business with her is concluded, before leaving.[11] The Initiate then confronts the Raider Matron. She explains she was working with the Brotherhood, who offered her protection in exchange for info about an army of Super Mutants heading to Los. The player defeats her and returns to Carbon, where they ask around about Los. After speaking to the Vault Dweller, he shows them the way to the the settlement.[12]

Chapter Two

Los' Welcome Sign

The Initiate arrives in Los as Blake, the leader of the Ghoul cult the Church of the Lost, executes a human who trespassed into the city.[13] The Initiate begins their search for the Brotherhood and the Super Mutants on Bridge West, a destroyed bridge within the city. After fighting their way through the Psycho Ghouls and members of the Church of the Lost, the Initiate reaches Docks Torture Chamber, where they find the imprisoned leader of the Brotherhood Paladins, Rhombus.[14]

He informs the player that Super Mutants are searching for a secret vault called the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault.[15] He also mentions that the Church of the Lost kill trespassers in order to protect the Vault's secrets, and asks them to kill the cult leader, Blake.[16] The Initiate kills Blake and recovers a key from his corpse. The Initiate frees Rhombus and escorts him to a truck where he hid a Vault keycard. Rhombus is then attacked by a Kamikaze Ghoul and gravely wounded.[Pub 1]

Rhombus captured

Before dying Rhombus gives the Player his Brotherhood Insignia, a sign of trust that they will do what must be done. The Initiate returns to Bridge West and Giese reveals he was once an engineer in the Vault and that it was a special location reserved for Vault-Tec employees.[17] He tells them how to access the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault via an entrance in the VT Warehouse and states that he already told the Mutants about this entrance.[18] Inside the Warehouse, the Initiate fights their way through Super Mutants and Ghouls before reaching a boss battle against the Vault's turret defenses.[19] After defeating them, the Initiate travels into the Corporate Vault.

Chapter Three

Vault-Tec Corporate Vault

After traveling through the Vault Residence Area, the Initiate discovers the Vault Dwellers in this area have been killed by Super Mutants and that the Vault's robot defenses are active. The Player encounters the mysterious Super Mutant from Carbon again and he reveals himself as Attis, a former General of the Master's army.[20] Attis states they're looking for a weapon inside the Vault's Laboratories and that he let the Initiate bring the Laboratory keycard to him.[21] The player fights Attis and after he appears to be defeated, the Initiate is ambushed by cloaked Nightkin. The Mutant General cuts the Initiate's left arm off and drops them into a ruined section of the Vault, the Vault Ruins. Mary, a young woman who has lived her life in the Vault finds the badly wounded Initiate.[22] The Initiate's bleeding attracts Roaches, but Mary guides them to safety in the Vault Garden.[23]

The Vault Scientists had experimented on regenerating damaged tissue and use this knowledge to replace the Initiate's severed arm.[24] Patty, the Vault's Security Officer, reveals that Blake was the Vault's original Security Officer. He believed the scientist's research was evil and led an uprising with the guards. A fight between the guards and scientists resulted in an explosion that trapped Patty, Mary and the other Vault Dwellers inside the Garden.[25] Blake and the guards were left outside in Los, where they underwent Ghoulification and formed the Church of the Lost to protect the Vault's research.[26]

After being warned about the invading Mutants, Patty asks the Initiate for help so that the Vault Dwellers can escape to the surface via the auxiliary vents.[27] The player is tasked to escort a Technician to the mainframe, which is defended by the Vault's automated defenses. The Technician bypasses the Vault's defenses, allowing the Initiate to open the auxiliary ventilation shafts, but before they can do so they are ambushed by Nightkin in a boss battle.[28] The player then reconnects two circuit breaks to power an elevator so the Vault Dwellers can escape. On the way back to the Garden, the Technician is killed by the Vault's robot defenses. Patty and the others are preparing to leave as the Initiate returns to the Garden. She warns them that the Mutants inside the Labs could use the Scientist's research to develop new weapons that could threaten the wasteland.[29]

As the Laboratory levels are locked, the Player is sent to search for Dubois, the Vault's Chief Scientist, who has the only key allowing access to the Labs.[30] Patty tells the player that he was lost in ruins and they believe he was taken the Vault's monsters.[30] The Initiate travels back through the Vault Ruins and fights their way through groups of Deathclaws before finding Dubois. He reveals he was wounded by the Deathclaw Mother and left to be eaten by its children.[31] The Deathclaw Mama then appears and kills Dubois.[32]

Mutant Blob

The player slays the Deathclaw Mother, recovers the keycard to the Labs and returns to the Garden to find it under attack by Super Mutants. Ching Tsun is killed by them while buying time for other Vault Dwellers to escape to the surface.[33] While traveling through the Labs the Initiate engages the Adolescent Deathclaw in a boss battle.[34] The Initiate reaches the Laboratory Core and confronts Attis, who reveals their plan to use the Vault's research to cure their sterility.[35] He states that scientist's experiments had failed, administering the treatments to himself, which only resulted in a greater level of mutation.[36]


The Initiate kills Attis and he explodes, but his destroyed body parts begin transforming into the Mutant Blob. The Mutant Blob begins spreading throughout the entire vault in polyps, growths and tentacles, infecting those inside.[37] The player fights the Mutant Blob and Giant Mutated Roaches to escape the Labs. As they do so, the Mutant Blob reveals its plan to absorb everything to create a perfect world. Patty is soon found infected and she tells the Initiate to go to the emergency decontamination center. There the Player can activate a self destruct sequence that can destroy the Blob before it grows even larger.[38] Patty asks the Initiate to kill her before they leave.[39] Afterwards, the Initiate initiates the self-destruct sequence, escaping via the monorail. During the explosion, Cyrus, Nadia, and Cain are seen watching Los from the city's outskirts.[40]



Combat in Brotherhood of Steel is real-time, and unlike earlier games there are no Targeted Shots. Players can crouch behind obstacles for cover, lock onto enemies, and roll to avoid damage. Certain melee weapons can also be charged for greater damage if the Player has the Special Attack skill. There also some light platforming elements, such as jumping across bottomless pits and crouching under deadly lasers.

Perks are replaced by Skills, but have the same function as perks in other Fallout games. Each playable character has some skills that are unique to them. If the Player unlocks the Man's Best Friend skill, a friendly dog companion follows them around and attacks enemies. This skill is not available for Cain players. If the dog is defeated, they will respawn after a short amount of time passes.

The game allows for two-player co-op multiplayer. The players share the same screen and the camera restricts the players' boundaries, forcing the two players to stay close together and move in tandem.

NPCs can be interacted with, resulting in consequences for some dialogue choices. The game has quests given by these NPCs, and there are several side quests the player can do for rewards. Some NPCs are merchants that will buy and sell, with Jesse being chapter one's merchant and a pair of ghoul brothers for chapter two.


Nadia in combat with Attis

There are over 50 weapons, including melee, unarmed, smalls guns, big guns, energy weapons and explosives.

There are four types of armor, including headgear, chest, gloves and boots. The eight protective grades of armor are Cloth, Leather, Riot, Metal, Combat, Tesla, Power Armor and Advanced Power Armor.

There are also several consumable items, including Bawls Bottles, Stimpaks and Super Stimpaks.


The story is split up into 3 chapters and a chapter must be completed before moving on to the next. Chapter One takes place in Carbon, Chapter Two in Los and the Chapter 3 is set in Vault-Tec Corporate Vault. There is also a tutorial level, Brotherhood of Steel Automated Training Center.



Left to right: Patty, Cyrus, Nadia, Vault Dweller, Cain and Rhombus

The player chooses one of up to six playable characters to control as the player character. Nadia, Rhombus and the Vault Dweller are unlocked as the player completes chapters of the game.

  • Cain: Cain is a ghoul who decided to join the Brotherhood after super mutants destroyed his hometown, Necropolis. He can use heavy and dual weapons of medium build, but he cannot maneuver well with the former and cannot run while using the latter.
  • Cyrus: Cyrus was born in a tribal farming village, but he started roaming the wastes after his village was destroyed by super mutants. He later decided to join the Brotherhood as a soldier. Of heavy build, able to use and maneuver well with heavy weapons. He cannot equip dual weapons and cannot run while firing any weapon.
  • Nadia: Nadia spent her childhood as an orphan living on the streets. Although she adapted to life there, she decided to join the Brotherhood when she witnessed several of its members engaging in an act of philanthropy. Of light build, she can equip dual weapons. She cannot use heavy weapons. The weapons she can equip, she can fire while running.
  • Patty: Has the same access to and restrictions on weapons as Nadia. She has +10 to her Base Armor value, and bonuses to the following skills: +20% bonus to Bargaining, +80% to Gun Damage, +25% to Desert Soldier and +25% to Future Woman.
  • Rhombus: Unlike the first four characters, Rhombus has no restrictions or bonuses to weapon class in regards to equipping or movement. Rhombus has a Base Armor bonus of +30. He has a +100% bonus to Melee Damage, and +50% bonuses to Explosive Damage and the skills Heavy Hitter and Wastelander.[Ext 1]
  • Vault Dweller: This powerful player character can be selected for use only in a new game, and as with Rhombus, has no weapon class restrictions or bonuses. He has a stacking unarmored Base Armor value of 20, and +100% bonuses to Melee Damage, Gun Damage and Explosive Damage. Additionally, +20% bonuses to the Slayer and Fortune Finder skills, and +100% to the Heavy Hitter and Wastelander skills.



Image Name Locations
FOBOS Rhombus.jpg Brotherhood of Steel

See all

FOBOS Richard.jpg Carbon Townspeople


FOBOS Blake Guide.jpg Church of the Lost


FOBOS Character Psycho Ghoul.jpg Psycho Ghouls

Docks of Los
Gladiator Pit

FOBOS Jane.jpg Raiders

Carbon Mill

Attis3.png Super Mutants

Vault-Tec Corporate Vault

ChingTsun.png Vault Dwellers

Vault-Tec Corporate Vault


Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel was initially pitched in September 2001[Dev 1] as a non-Fallout game titled Future Shock, which was envisioned as a "squad based first person shooter."[Dev 2] In January 2002, a small team of "8 or so" people was assembled to produce a demo to demonstrate basic gameplay, which was to be real time combat "from an isometric view in a Fallout setting."[Dev 1][Dev 3]

Upon completion of the prototype, lead designer Chris Pasetto stated that management at Interplay Entertainment loved it, seeing it as the "start of a great game" and an "excellent way to expand the Fallout universe."[Dev 1] Members of Black Isle Studios who had previously worked on Fallout also took interest in the game, providing the team with materials "from timelines and bibles" to assist in development.[Dev 4] It was determined that the game would "stay within the guidelines of the Fallout universe" and not contradict the events of prior titles, while also treating it as a "different type of game for a different audience" with its own setting, characters and events that fit within the greater Fallout universe.[Dev 5]

Work on the game from the initial prototype was done using the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance engine,[Dev 3] another title published by Interplay Entertainment. The engine was first used as a "stepping stone or framework for the technology" that comprised Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.[Dev 6] Chris Pasetto iterated that aside from some of the core systems and the rendering engine, the majority of the engine's contents were either revised or rewritten.[Dev 6] He added that while the graphical capabilities were "phenomenal," the engine was "fairly limited" in terms of their gameplay needs.[Dev 6] With more focus on ranged combat, as well as mechanics "new to the game landscape" such as targeting, strafing, dodging and using cover and explosives, "sweeping changes" were made by the team.[Dev 6]

Announcement and Release

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel was first announced on March 12, 2003 via an Interplay press release,[Ext 2] though a forum board on GameFAQs had been established earlier in February,[Ext 3] as well as listing on EB Games.[Ext 4] An accompanying website was also established, leading to a page with the game's logo and the splash message "The Official Flash Site is Coming Soon!"[Ext 5] The press release described the game as a "gritty and darkly humorous 3rd person action adventure game transports players into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the highly acclaimed and successful Fallout PC franchise,"[Ext 2] with Executive Producer at Interplay, Scot Lane, stating they were "very excited about bringing the Fallout universe to console gamers."[Ext 2]

On April 30, 2003, the official website went live and published its first Developer Diary, written by Producer Chuck Cuevas, describing how the project originated and how it had been "about 12 months" since the initial prototype shown to Interplay had been completed.[Ext 6] The game was first demonstrated publicly at E3 2003, hosted in Los Angeles, California on May 14–16.[Dev 7] On May 22, 2003, Chuck Cuevas described in the second Developer Diary that the art team was wrapping up level artwork as they "head for Alpha."[Dev 8]

On October 22, 2003, it was announced via press release that the game had went gold.[Ext 7] Production of the game was completed prior to Christmas 2003,[Dev 9] with designer Dan Kingdom stating that the game's design elements were finished "quite a while back" and that the time in-between was used to implement those design elements.[Dev 9] On January 14, 2004, the game was officially released and began shipping to retailers, with a suggested retail price of $49.99 and an ESRB "Mature" rating.[Ext 8]

Music and Voice


Main articles: Score, Soundtrack

The soundtrack background music and music by bands, such as Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Celldweller, Meshuggah, Skinlab and musician Devin Townsend.


All voice acting citations are from the Internet Movie Database.[Ext 9] Fallout: BoS is the first Fallout game to not feature the introduction voice-acted by Ron Perlman, who is famous in the Fallout series for the line, "War...war never changes." The narrator of this game is Tony Jay, the Lieutenant from Fallout.


Promotional items were given away prior to the release of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. One item was a press kit given away by Interplay to members of the media. It contained an asset disc, a water bottle, a first aid kit, and a Maglite flashlight.[Ext 10] Some of the kits contained a promotional video named 'A guide to post-nuclear intimacy' and several condoms.[Ext 11] The video's background song is a looped instrumental version of "A Nuclear Blast" by Craig Stuart Garfinkle.

Product Listing

In this gritty and darkly humorous 3rd person action adventure, players join the courageous Brotherhood of Steel, whose mission is to maintain peace in the grim post-nuclear world of Fallout. Challenged by hordes of ghouls, mutants and other radioactive nightmares, players utilize a combination of intense combat strategies including melee, ranged weapons and explosives to fulfill their daunting task of defeating the mutant army in hopes of restoring humanity in a nearly unlivable universe. Welcome to the wasteland.
  • Based on the world of Fallout, a successful series of PC games set in a grim post-apocalyptic universe inspired by classic '50's sci-fi films.
  • Single and multi-player cooperative play.
  • Three customizable playable characters, each with their own unique traits, strengths and attributes to develop over the course of the game.
  • Unleash over 50 ranged, melee and explosive weapons on hoards of radioactive and mutant creatures and bosses.
  • Auto-Targeting ability to quickly cycle through enemies.Interplay Press Site


Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel received a Metacritic metascore of 64/100 on PS2 and 66/100 on Xbox.[Ext 12][Ext 13]

Behind the scenes

A lot of the FO:BOS team are old-time fans of the Fallout games. During the project (very much so during the initial stages of conception and planning), we tore through all and any materials on the subject matter - and believe me when I say that the Interplay Fallout Archive is extensive in that respect (it's not as grandiose as that final scene from 'Raiders...' but it's damned close). We discussed story and setting with Black Isle ambassadors, and followed their recommendations and ideas. We like the genre, we like the locale. Given the choice, I'd go for Fallout over Baldur's Gate because I'm really not that big a fan of 'Swords and Sorcery'. Give me the wasteland any day of the week.

But we wanted to carve out our own niche, and tell our own stories seen through our eyes. Maybe this could have been made clearer from the get-go, I guess we were hoping that this should have been rather obvious but in hindsight it seems we were wrong. Is there an answer that will appease your "Why the hell change it..."? Probably not, because when you get right down to it, we changed it because we wanted to. We're not pulling a 'Lucas' and re-writing the previous games, we're not telling you what you believe about them to be false. They are your games and always will be. This is our game. If you play it and you like it, then good for you. If you don't, well... that's okay, too.
— The Limey, Interplay employee[Ext 14]
  • Dan Kingdom stated the game takes place "roughly between the first and second installments."[Ext 15] Charles Cuevas stated it takes place "shortly after the events of Fallout 1."[Ext 16]
  • The credits for the game mentions "Thanks for the laughs: www.duckandcover.net, www.nma-fallout.com". These fansites criticized the game, even before it launched.
  • The game's manual has a list of tips and mentions: "Save, save and save again. If you find a save game console, use it. Don't come crying to us because you ignored one and now have to replay the last fifteen minutes again. Life is a harsh, unforgiving wasteland. Get used to it."
  • In the game, the Vault Dweller gives the Initiate a canteen with the Vault 13 logo. This item previously appeared in Fallout, Fallout 2 and would later appear in Fallout: New Vegas, if pre-ordered from Gamestop and in the add-on Courier's Stash.
  • There is a townsperson who says "His name is Robert Paulson" when the raiders attack Carbon, a reference to the 1999 film Fight Club.
  • In a trailer, Nadia mentions she was born "just after the bombs fell" despite that the game takes place over a hundred years since the Great War. On the game's website, it was clarified to be a mistake that slipped through recording, and that "just" should have not been said.[Ext 17]
  • Interplay was sued by Snowblind Studios for using their engine, which Interplay previously contracted them for to create Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. Snowblind claimed that Interplay used their engine without their consent for Brotherhood of Steel, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II, and the GameCube version of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. They also claimed that they were entitled to certain royalties on the exploitation of their product. The two studios were engaged in this legal conflict between 2003 and 2004. On April 19, 2005, the litigation ended with both companies signing an agreement, determining that while Interplay would be allowed to work with materials already using the Snowblind engine, they would not be able to use it for any future games.[Ext 18]
  • A text string in the game's files reads "OUT OF FUCKING MEMORY" and it can be seen if the .elf file is extracted from the .iso and viewed in the Ps2dis assembly program.[41]


Location Concept Art
Official Flash Site


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Developer Statements
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    Chris Pasetto: "A lot of us here at Interplay are big Fallout fans, so when we were looking to do more console titles, we pitched the idea that would lead to F:BoS. The initial concept was introduced in September of 2001. In January of 2002, a small prototype team was assembled to put together a demo of basic game play - real time combat (melee and ranged) from an isometric view in a Fallout setting. Interplay management loved the prototype and saw it as the start of a great game, as well as an excellent way to expand the Fallout universe."
    (Chris Pasetto/TeamXbox Interview (October 2003))
  2. Chuck Cuevas: "Those were the first things I thought of when Future Shock (later named Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, but that is a story in itself) was proposed during a concept proposal meeting. It had not occurred to me to bring one the most famous post-apocalyptic settings to the console (let alone two of them). Here I am ready to propose a squad based first person shooter and I am blindsided by this idea."
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    (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel; Developer Diary Archive)
  4. Question: "Were any members of the Black Isle team involved with Fallout: BoS, perhaps to help flesh out the storyline and keep it in line with the previous titles? Has the departure of the BIS personnel detracted from the game's development in any way?"
    Dan Kingdom: "Luckily for us, the BIS guys were very interested in what we were doing with F:BOS, and from the very beginning we had a lot of contact with them regarding storyline, setting and characters. They also provided us with a mountain of information to help out with all the tiny details that litter such a landscape, from timelines to bibles."
    (Dan Kingdom/GameBanshee Interview (December 2003))
  5. Question: "how much of the fallout bibles have your team used while crafting the story line of the game?"
    FAQ: "We've read the Fallout bible and updates, worked with people in BIS on the concept, and determined that we'd stay within the guidelines of the Fallout universe but at the same time presume that this is a different type of game for a different audience. Fallout: BOS has its own setting, characters, and events that fit within the larger Fallout world. Nothing in this game contradicts the events that occur in Fallout or Fallout 2."
    (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel; FAQ)
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 Question: "Why did you decided to use Snowblind's Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance engine? Have you tweaked the engine for Fallout: BoS? In which ways?"
    Chris Pasetto: "Chris P: We started out using the engine from Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, but this was more of a stepping stone or framework for the technology that comprises F:BoS. Aside from DA's rendering engine and some of the core systems, most everything else was revised or rewritten. When we set about to design the gameplay, we looked at what the engine had to offer and worked from there. The engine's graphical capabilities are phenomenal, and we're pushing as much as possible through the pipelines to ensure that the game looks awesome. DA is a great game, but for our game play needs the engine was fairly limited. F:BoS, for instance, has a lot more focus on ranged combat. Targeting, strafing, dodging, using cover and using explosives were fairly new to the game landscape. We had to make some sweeping changes in how some things worked. In the end, F:BoS will be very different from DA and DA2."
    (Chris Pasetto/TeamXbox Interview (October 2003))
  7. Chuck Cuevas: "E3 went really well for us. In the Microsoft area, we had the game showing in a prime location and it got plenty of traffic. Every time one of the team members stopped by to check it out, there were two or three people playing or waiting to play. It was nice to see people having fun strafing with the mini-gun and blowing stuff up."
    (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel; Developer Diary Archive)
  8. Chuck Cuevas: "As we head for Alpha, the art team is striving to finish up all of the level artwork so the level builders can finalize their visions for your playground. Lots of alleys to explore, rail yards to decapitate some guards and catwalks to toss some grenades around on (not to mention a few vaults)."
    (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel; Developer Diary Archive)
  9. 9.0 9.1 Dan Kingdom: "The actual design elements were wrapped up quite a while back, with the in-between time left to actually implementing them, and we finished production of the game a little before Christmas and the recent events in BIS."
    (Dan Kingdom/GameBanshee Interview (December 2003))