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Fallout Groups are community groups that cover a wide spectrum of the Fallout fanbase, ranging from mods to roleplaying events, sharing fan-made content, and meeting new friends.

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Image Name Website Abstract Member
76pistols.png 76Pistols Datamining 76Pistols Home 76Pistols is a Datamining community focused on the Fallout games and the upcoming title Starfield. We are proud to serve the wider community by providing extensive resources and assistance for modders and content creators.
Infobox.png Apocalyptic Aristocracy Discord Invite Grab your finest m'lady bowler, a martini glass from Dollar Tree and welcome to the Apocalyptic Aristocracy! This group was originally founded on good humor as a counterpoint to players trolling and targeting Fallout 1st members, but has grown to become a social club open to all and a gathering spot for content creators, Fallout lover, podcasters, roleplayers and camp builders.
BOS Ghost Company.png BOS Ghost Company Discord Invite Hello, Wastelanders I am Elder Ghost of the Brotherhood of Steel Ghost Company. We are here to restore our great nation back to its former glory. Our Elder has a set mission, we are here to respond and place permanent roots in Appalachia. Don’t worry Wastelanders the brotherhood is here. Let’s take back America!
Mobile Infantry BOS Logo.png BOS Mobile Infantry Discord Invite Mobile Infantry wants YOU to enter our ranks and fight for a better future, for all the wasteland. We are brothers and sisters of every caliber and walk of life. We are united under one banner to save humanity from the horrors of the new world and itself. Aren’t you tired of wandering alone? Or maybe you just want to expand your opportunities and bring your friends along for the ride?
Warborn Affiliate.png BOS Warborn Chapter Discord Invite The BOS Warborn Chapter is a community server focused on milsim and roleplaying in Fallout 76. Features include ranking model, codex, patrols, and activity promotions.
CMCE Logo.png Cheyenne Mountain Complex Discord Invite Cheyenne Mountain Complex: Enclave, primarily supports Fallout 76 and it's previous installments within the Fallout Franchise. Besides mainlining Fallout in it's entirety, CMCE also supports Project: Zomboid with a dedicated server, custom bunker mods and including in-game lore infused with a Wild Wasteland flavor. CMCE also has support for military simulator games like War Thunder, Company of Heroes and much more!
Affiliate Collective Modding logo.png Collective Modding Discord Invite Collective Modding is a large, international modding Discord server by modders, for modders. It contains modding guides, help channels and individual channels for various mod authors in the community.
Infobox.png Community Creation Club Discord Invite A server dedicated to modding and mod authors.
CreativeCrewLogo.png Creative Family Mods Discord Invite
Creative Family Mods is a large modding Discord server.It contains modding guides, help channels and individual channels for various mod authors in the community.
Dwellers for Peace icon.png Dwellers for Peace Discord Invite So welcome brothers and sisters, we are here to spread peace and love, whether you’re a ghoul, super-mutant or just a normal guy we are all victims of the oppression and the cruelty of the United States Government and all it’s various companions, you can trust us, we have witnessed it first hand.
EATT Logo.jpg EATT Discord Invite We are an all-inclusive dining community with a taste for something more, in other words, we are a cannibal group created as a blend of the White Glove Society and the Gourmands, like the beginning of the White Gloves. We are on all platforms but the biggest presence is on PlayStation.
Seal of the EPR.png Enclave Provisional Republic Discord Invite We are the Enclave Provisional Republic, a fallout-themed cross-platform community server with community events, economy, and a Roleplay system that's being worked on! We offer both citizen and military-based Roleplay, including ranks, systems, patrols, and events, while also working on a Mock-Gov system for the future! FCA check.png FCA Member
Enclave Rising logo.png Enclave Rising Discord Invite A basic roleplay server that ties heavily within Enclave affairs. It brings heavy inspiration from Fallout 2, 3, and New Vegas to conceptualize the Enclave as a whole, from basic ground combat, to internal intelligence, all the way to political business.
Infobox.png FO76 Datamining Discord Invite A community dedicated to datamining Fallout 76.
Community Fallout Amino.png Fallout Amino Fallout Amino The community consists of a group of Fallout fans utilizing the Amino app to share content and meet like minded individuals. It is available on the mobile app and desktop. The Fallout Amino community is dedicated to all things Fallout. Features include polls, blog posts, images, wiki entries, stories, and quizzes.
FCA Seal.png Fallout Community Assembly Discord Invite Fallout Community Assembly is a collaborative community hub for all Fallout groups.
Final Design FF.png Fallout Federation Discord Invite The Fallout Federation is a gaming community server, and open to partnerships with every server and streamer out there. We aren't limited to only Fallout. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place for everyone to enjoy, and make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. We're mostly ages 18+. We have something for everyone!
Fallout-For-Hope-Logo-Revised-2a.png Fallout For Hope falloutforhope.com
Fallout For Hope Discord
Fallout For Hope is a community-run charity initiative, established in 2020 by Kenneth Vigue of the CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast, with a vision to unify the global community of Fallout players to organize for charity.
Fallout Machinima Logo.png Fallout Machinima Network Discord The Fallout Machinima Network community is focused on creating machinima and offers a welcoming environment for modders, content creators, and Fallout enjoyers.
Run For Your Knife.png Fallout Speedruns Discord Invite A server dedicated to Fallout Speedrunning.
Affiliate Fallout Vault Dwellers.png Fallout: Vault Dwellers Fallout: Vault Dwellers home The Fallout: Vault Dwellers Facebook group is a community for fans of the Fallout video game series. Fans can discuss the games, share tips and tricks, and connect with other community members. The group is moderated by a team of volunteers who work to keep the group a positive and welcoming place for everyone.
GNN New Logo 2024.png Galaxy News Network Discord Invite Galaxy News Network (GNN) is a Fallout Community News server inspired by the news network from the game and a server called “West Virginia Public Radio” that has a mission to create a vibrant and inclusive community for Fallout fans through a dedicated server that serves as a central hub for news and interaction. FCA check.png FCA Member
Greslin circle.png GreslinGames GreslinGames Discord One of the largest Discords dedicated to Fallout game modding. Started in 2018 as a small support server for PANPC (Pack Attack: NPC Edition), it has since grown into a major mod development hub and meeting place for over a hundred well known mod authors. The basic principles of the server are simple: get along, don't be a jerk, and figure out new and better ways to work together to make more interesting things.
HOWL Logo.jpg HOWL Facebook Group HOWL is a werewolf roleplay faction, playing off in-game lore and Elder Scrolls lore. The leader of the pack is Draugluin who comes from a bloodline of wolves going back to the first werewolf Hircine created. Time passes and his gift is awakened and now if seeks to share his gift with those who enjoy the honor of the hunt. We are on PlayStation.
Infobox.png MOD IT TIL IT BREAKS Discord Invite MOD IT TIL IT BREAKS is a modding enthusiasts' server for Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age and any other game we can MOD UNTIL IT BREAKS. Also cat pics.
Modus Bot logo.png MODUS Project enclavedb.net MODUS Project+Enclave Database is your go to website for Fallout 76 resources!
New Appalachian Responders.jpg New Appalachian Responders Discord Invite The New Appalachian Responders were formed after Reclamation Day. Founded by Vault Dwellers and later Settlers who adopted the legacy of the original Responders. They are dedicated to assist local populations with aid and protect from any threat in the wastes.
Community New Vegas Strip.png New Vegas Strip Discord Invite The New Vegas Strip is one of the last havens of civilization left in the wasteland. We welcome all traders, wanderers, and anyone else looking for a respite from the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic USA.
Newest California logo.png Newest California Republic Discord The Newest California Republic is a faction community based on the New California Republic. It merged with Galaxy News Network in early 2023, and reopened independently in late 2023.
Nuka Knights.png Nuka-Knights Discord Invite Nuka Knights is a community server. Their mission is very simple, spread the love of Nuka Cola and help out your fellow wastelanders! We want this to be a nice friendly group who all share a love for Nuka-Cola and Fallout.
Thomasdavidmitchell logo.png Otellino's Mods Discord Invite Otellino's Mods is a Discord server focused on America Rising and other work by Otellino.
Plaza 76 Server Icon.jpg Plaza 76 Discord Invite A laid back Fallout 76 Server. They host weekly giveaways including Weapons, Armor, Junk, and Atomic Shop Giveaways for all platforms. We host camp building contests with generous prizes. Don't forget to try your luck at our FREE Plaza 76 Casino and win prizes such as in-game items, Atomic Shop Gifts, and Discord Nitro!
Signslocumsjoe01 d.png Slocum's Joe Discord Invite Slocum's Joe is a Fallout community server.
TaleOfTwoWastelands main background.png Tale of Two Wastelands Discord Invite The official Tale of Two Wastelands Discord Server. Bringing the Capital Wasteland & Mojave together since 2012.
The Band Wagon logo.png The Band Wagon Discord Invite Are you a fan of the Wild West and all the adventure it entails? Look no further than the Band Wagon, the premier gaming community for all things! With a dedicated group of gamers and enthusiasts, the Band Wagon offers an immersive and thrilling Wild West experience unlike any other. Whether you prefer first-person shooter games or role-playing games, our community has something for everyone.
TheBoneZoneLogo.png The Bone Zone Discord Invite A server dedicated to hang out and occasionally make mods together while shitposting about skeletons.
Infobox.png The Commonwealth Discord Invite The Commonwealth is a community server with features such as an in-house economy system, weekly bounties, monthly competitions, divisions with ranking structures to suit your needs, a marketplace, and roleplay channels. Join today!
FSD062.jpg The Fens Sheriff's Department Discord Invite A general information and interaction server for the creator, testers, and users of the Fallout 4 mod The Bleachers: The Fens Sheriff's Department.
Atx playericon freestates 02.webp The Free States Reborn Discord Invite The largest and most active open Free States group with voice chats, general chats, and trading hubs for every platform. In addition, channels to show off your awesome C.A.M.P builds, art and propaganda, a memes section, and so much more. Weekly events for all platforms. Come join today and represent the Free States.
Infobox.png The Legion Discord Invite The Legion is a small-time group formed at the beginning of 2023. While Fallout 76 is the main attraction of the server, it has broadened onto other games. So whether you’re looking for private trading, a new group to play with and receive help from, or just friends to play similar games with. FCA check.png FCA Member
NER Server Logo.png The New Eastern Republic Discord Invite The NER is a 15+ Xbox only community server with in game military role-play as well as government simulation in server and in game. FCA check.png FCA Member
Old Line Responders Logo.png The Old Line Responders Discord Invite The Old Line Responders are a group of first line responders who started out in Maryland and made their way to Appalachia after encountering survivors of the scorched plague who left Appalachia. After coming to West Virginia and finding the ruins of the old responders we decided to take up their name to inspire hope.
Infobox.png The Order of the High Table Discord Invite We offer a unique RP experience within PC Fallout 76. A wonderful active community of individuals with similar goals all fighting under one banner. Assistance for any new players as well as ties too some of the larger groups around!
Infobox.png The Plan Collectors Discord Invite A community dedicated to collecting plans in Fallout 76.
Infobox.png The Reclamationists Discord Invite The Reclamationists is small primarily two-developer team with ambitious and achievable goals of enhancing Fallout 4 through modification and third party downloadable content.
Trianglecity Logo.png TriangleCity Discord Invite TriangleCity is a content creator that focuses on the Fallout Series. They publish content on YouTube that explores design development and cut content for both Fallout and Elder Scrolls.
Webb Productions.png Webb Productions Entertainment Discord Invite A server that uploads content consisting of Fallout modding and stream uploads from Twitch.
Women of the Wasteland group.jpg Women of the Wasteland facebook.com This group is for Women of the Wasteland, who just want to meet like-minded people to game with and talk about everything Fallout. No drama group focused on building a safe community for gamers.
Modding Resource Catalogue MRC.png Modding Resource Catalogue Modding Resource Catalogue (MRC) The Modding Resource Catalogue (MRC) is a website for finding Fallout 4 and Starfield related resources like guides and tutorials, mods, patches, tools, support venues and other general information. While MRC focuses on content from non-Nexus sources like Discord Servers, Github sites and repositories, personal websites, wikis, online videos and documents, links to Nexus content can be also found there. As long as those resources are available for free!


Groups that have merged with others, closed, or are no longer active.

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