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Fallout Unused Content

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A page outlining unused content in Fallout.


Some content is found in the game files, but is inaccessible within the game itself.

Character interaction



Additional unnamed unused quests include:

  • A Brotherhood mini-quest to deliver pulse grenades to Sophia. Also more extended dialogue with Michael, and being able to con a Laser Pistol out of him.
  • A Brotherhood spy quest.
  • A quest to deliver (perhaps unwittingly) a bomb to a Follower named Jake (one can ask Nicole about him).
  • A mini-quest involving Billy and Dan in the Hub, which has been fully scripted but does not work.



Shady Sands


The Hub

  • Avery
  • Hubbian
  • P.T. Barnum
  • Richie, one could pose as a Hub vault inspector when confronting him.
  • Rufus, playing "Cyberhood, Prince of the Matrix."
  • Troy


Followers of the Apocalypse


The following are mentioned in Dolgan, Dragon, Snake, Beca and Jade's dialogue files.


Super mutants

  • Uthern, leader of the super mutants.
  • Rae, might join in the fight against the Master.

The Thinker Nightkins

Random encounters

Other locations

Dialogues/message boxes


Location content


  • A gang war in the Boneyard, with the Blades as a regular gang instead of a bunch of wimps and Tangler as a big bad boss of the Rippers (you can hear about them in some tell-me-abouts). Related quests to join the Blades, stop the gangs from attacking Adytum, and rescue Zimmerman's son (Jason, not Josh) from the Rippers.


Behind one of the broken goo-filled suspension tanks was a body of a big-headed alien. Near that was a desk with a note on it. The note had about every third letter taken out, but if you puzzled out what it said, you could figure out that it was an evacuation notice, signed by Dana Scully.Fallout Bible 9

The body has this description "This body might be some kind of genetic experiment."


  • GLOWCAGE.MSG - "It appears as though this cage contained lab animals for testing. Somehow, the bars have been torn off."
  • GLWBOX.MSG - "This looks to be the footlocker of some guards."
  • GLOWDESK.MSG - a locked desk of papers
  • GLOWTABL.MSG - a table in a mess

Vault 15

  • Finding a key in Vault 15.

Other location

  • Finding the remains of an ambushed caravan along with the corpse of a Vault 13 scout named Sean, now a super mutant.




  • Happy endings for the Followers of the Apocalypse (with a picture showing an unbroken wall) and the Hub (with a picture showing Iguana Bob), and mutant invasion endings for Junktown and the Brotherhood of Steel (with a picture showing a super mutant).
  • In-game effects of mutant invasions of the Followers, Hub, Brotherhood, Junktown, and Shady Sands.
  • A clue index, mostly serving as reminders of known information, and a function to store video clips in the Pip-Boy.
  • An unused "fire dance" death animation.