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Fallout: New Vegas perks

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This page lists all perks in Fallout: New Vegas.

General information

The Perk Rate in Fallout: New Vegas is one perk every two levels. There are 88 regular perks, 8 companion perks, 16 challenge perks, and 18 special perks. Additionally, six of the regular perks can be chosen more than once, such as Intense Training.


Only regular perks may be selected during level up. Other types of perks are granted through completing various tasks and do not count against the limit of regular perks. One can get up to a total of 25 non-challenge perks with all four DLCs installed. With all DLCs installed there are 117 regular perks.


Companion perks are granted by one's companions. For example, Enhanced Sensors is only in effect while the Courier is accompanied by ED-E. The perk remains in effect so long as the companion is currently following the player character. Unless the companion is dismissed, the perk will remain in effect regardless of the distance between them and their companions. Companions told to wait are still counted as active companions.


Challenge perks are unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements. Challenge tasks can be accessed from the Pip-Boy menu; on the 'Misc' page, accessible from the 'Data' section. Most of the perks obtained this way are related to the skill or task that was completed to earn it. For example, Set Lasers for Fun increases the odds of scoring Critical Hits with energy-based energy weapons.

To earn the perk, a player character must do 16,000 points of damage with one-handed energy weapons over the course of their game. Additionally, some challenge perks have multiple ranks or more than one version, such as Caza-Death Dealer, which 'level up' as one continues adding to its requisite challenge task.

Special perks are granted from other sources, usually through actions in the game world. Completing quests and performing certain actions unlock them. For example, the effects of surgical implants are counted as special perks, which are unlocked once the implant is purchased.

Regular perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Form ID
Black Widow
Lady Killer
2 Female PC
Male PC
1 +10% damage to the opposite sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters. 00094EB8
Cherchez La Femme
Confirmed Bachelor
2 Female PC
Male PC
1 +10% damage to the same sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters. 001361B3
Friend of the Night 2 PE 6, Sneak 30 1 Your eyes adapt quickly to low-light conditions. 00165118
Heave, Ho! 2 ST 5, Explosives 30 1 +50% thrown weapon velocity and range. 0014609C
Hunter 2 Survival 30 1 In combat, you do 75% more critical damage against animals and mutated animals. 00135F18
Intense Training 2 10 You can put a single point into any of your SPECIAL attributes. 00044CB1
Rapid Reload 2 AG 5, Guns 30 1 All of your weapon reloads are 25% faster than normal. 001377FD
Retention 2 IN 5 1 Skill magazines last for 3 real-time minutes. 0010F09E
Swift Learner 2 IN 4 3 You gain an additional 10% whenever experience points are earned. 00031DD3
Cannibal 4 1 When you're in Sneak mode, you gain the option to eat a human corpse to regain hit points, but lose Karma. 00094EBC
Comprehension 4 IN 4 1 You gain one additional skill point for reading books and double the skill points for reading magazines. 00031DE1
Educated 4 IN 4 1 You gain two more skill points every time you advance in level. 00031DD8
Entomologist 4 IN 4, Survival 45 1 You do an additional 50% damage every time you attack a mutated insect. 00031DD9
Rad Child 4 Survival 70 1 Regenerate 2 HP per second per 200 rads accumulated. 001656FD
Run 'n Gun 4 Guns 45 or Energy Weapons 45 1 Halved spread with one-handed ranged weapons while walking or running. 0014609D
Travel Light 4 Survival 45 1 While wearing light armor or no armor, you run 10% faster. 00146096
Bloody Mess 6 1 +5% overall damage; more violent death animations. 00094EBA
Demolition Expert 6 Explosives 50 3 +20% damage with explosives. 00031DAB
Ferocious Loyalty 6 CH 6 1 When you drop below 50% HP, companions gain +50 DR. 00165180
Fortune Finder 6 LU 5 1 Considerably more Bottle Caps will be found in stockpiles. 00031DE3
Gunslinger 6 1 +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with one-handed weapons. 00094EBB
Hand Loader 6 Repair 70 1 When using Guns, you are twice as likely to recover cases and hulls. You also have all hand load recipes unlocked at any reloading benches. 0016581B
Lead Belly 6 EN 5 1 -50% radiation taken from food and water sources. 00044CA9
Shotgun Surgeon 6 Guns 45 1 When using shotguns, regardless of ammunition used, you ignore an additional 10 points of a target's Damage Threshold. 0016578B
The Professional 6 Sneak 70 1 Your Sneak Attack Criticals with revolvers, pistols, and submachine guns (guns and energy weapons) all inflict an additional 20% damage. 00165AEC
Toughness 6 EN 5 2 +3 DT permanently. 00031DE0
Vigilant Recycler 6 Science 70 1 When using Energy Weapons, you are twice as likely to recover drained ammunition. You also have more efficient recycling recipes available at workbenches. 00165816
Commando 8 1 +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with two-handed weapons. 00099828
Cowboy 8 Guns 45, Melee 45 1 +25% damage done by dynamite, hatchets, knives, revolvers, and lever-action guns. 00138562
Living Anatomy 8 Medicine 70 1 Shows health and Damage Threshold of any target. +5% bonus to damage against humans and non-feral ghouls. 00146099
Pack Rat 8 IN 5, Barter 70 1 Items with a weight of two pounds or less now weigh half as much. 0014609B
Quick Draw 8 AG 5 1 Makes weapon equipping and holstering 50% faster. 001377FE
Rad Resistance 8 EN 5, Survival 40 1 +25% radiation resistance permanently. 00031DA9
Scrounger 8 LU 5 1 Considerably more ammunition in stockpiles. 00031DAA
Stonewall 8 ST 6, EN 6 1 +5 DT against melee and unarmed attacks and cannot be knocked down during combat. 00165449
Strong Back 8 ST 5, EN 5 1 +50 Carry Weight. 00031DDE
Super Slam! 8 ST 6, Melee Weapons 45 1 All melee (except thrown) and unarmed attacks have a chance of knocking your target down. 15% for Unarmed or one-handed melee, 30% for two-handed melee. 0014609E
Terrifying Presence 8 Speech 70 1 Can intimidate foes through dialogue; closing dialogue results in the foe fleeing for 5 seconds. 0010C6CD
Here and Now 10 1 You instantly level up again. 00031DAC
Animal Friend 10 CH 6, Survival 45 2 With the first rank, hostile animals become neutral. With the second rank, they assist in combat, but not against other animals. 00031DB5
Finesse 10 1 +5% Critical Chance. 00094EC1
Math Wrath 10 Science 70 1 Reduces all AP costs by 10%. 00135EC3
Miss Fortune 10 LU 6 1 10% chance that Miss Fortune will incapacitate a target in V.A.T.S. 00137800
Mister Sandman 10 Sneak 60 1 Can instantly kill a sleeping non-player character and earn bonus XP when doing so. 00031DAD
Mysterious Stranger 10 LU 6 1 10% chance that the Stranger will finish off a target in V.A.T.S. 00031DBC
Nerd Rage! 10 IN 5, Science 50 1 +15 DT and Strength increased to 10 whenever health is 20% or lower. 00044CA7
Night Person 10 1 +2 Intelligence and +2 Perception between 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. 00094EBD
Plasma Spaz 10 Energy Weapons 70 1 AP costs for all plasma weapons are reduced by 20%. 00165AEF
Fast Metabolism 12 1 +20% Hit Points restored with stimpaks. 00094EBF
Ghastly Scavenger 12 Cannibal perk 1 When you're in Sneak mode, you gain the option to eat a super mutant or feral ghoul corpse to regain hit points, but lose Karma. 00135EC9
Hit the Deck 12 Explosives 70 1 +25 DT against explosives. 001651B6
Life Giver 12 EN 6 1 +30 hit points. 00031DB1
Long Haul 12 EN 6, Barter 70 1 Being over-encumbered no longer prevents you from using fast travel. 00146098
Piercing Strike 12 Unarmed 70 1 All your unarmed and melee attacks negate 15 points of DT. 0014609F
Pyromaniac 12 Explosives 60 1 +50% damage with fire-based weapons. 00031DB2
Robotics Expert 12 Science 50 1 +25% damage to robots; can shut down robots by sneaking up on them and deactivating. 00031DC2
Silent Running 12 AG 6, Sneak 50 1 Running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt. 00031DB3
Sniper 12 PE 6, AG 6 1 25% more likely to hit the target's head in V.A.T.S. 00031DB4
Splash Damage 12 Explosives 70 1 Explosives have a 25% larger area of effect. 00165AF0
Unstoppable Force 12 ST 7, Melee Weapons 90 1 x4 normal damage through enemy blocks with melee and unarmed attacks. 00165447
Adamantium Skeleton 14 1 Damage taken by limbs reduced by 50%. 00094EC4
Center of Mass 14 Guns 70 1 In V.A.T.S., you do an additional 15% damage when targeting the torso. 00165182
Chemist 14 Medicine 60 1 Chems and (in Hardcore) stimpaks last twice as long. 0009982D
Jury Rigging 14 Repair 90 1 Repair any item using a roughly similar item. 00165815
Light Step 14 PE 6, AG 6 1 Floor traps or mines will not be set off. 00031DB7
Purifier 14 1 You do 50% extra damage with melee and Unarmed weapons against Centaurs, Nightstalkers, spore plants, spore carriers, Deathclaws and Super Mutants. 00135F75
Action Boy/Action Girl 16 AG 6 2 +15 Action Points. 00031DBA
Better Criticals 16 PE 6, LU 6 1 +50% damage with critical hits. 00031DBB
Chem Resistant 16 Medicine 60 1 Half as likely to get addicted. 00099827
Meltdown 16 Energy Weapons 90 1 Foes killed by your Energy Weapons emit a corona of harmful energy. 0014609A
Tag! 16 1 Fourth "tag" skill: +15 points to that skill. 00031DBD
Weapon Handling 16 ST < 10 1 Weapon Strength requirements are now 2 points lower than normal for you. 00146097
Computer Whiz 18 IN 7, Science 70 1 Can make one extra attempt to hack a locked-down terminal. 00031DC4
Concentrated Fire 18 Energy Weapons 60, Guns 60 1 +5% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with every subsequent attack on a given body part queued. 00044CAF
Infiltrator 18 PE 7, Lockpick 70 1 Can make one more attempt to pick a broken lock. 00044CB0
Paralyzing Palm 18 Unarmed 70 1 Can paralyze an enemy for 30 seconds with a V.A.T.S. unarmed attack. 00044CAA
Explorer 20 1 All locations are marked on your map. 00031DE5
Grim Reaper's Sprint 20 1 A kill in V.A.T.S. restores 20 AP immediately. 00099834
Ninja 20 Melee Weapons 80, Sneak 80 1 Multiplies Critical Chance by x1.15 with melee and unarmed weapons (despite the description stating it's a flat +15% bonus), and grants +25% damage with melee/unarmed sneak attack criticals. 00031DCC
Solar Powered 20 EN 7 1 +2 Strength and +1 HP per second while outside, from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. 00031DC5
Laser Commander 22 Energy Weapons 90 1 You do an extra 15% damage and have a 10% extra chance to critically hit with any laser weapon. 00165789
Nuka Chemist 22 Science 90 1 Unlocks special Nuka-Cola recipes at the workbench. 00165AE6
Spray and Pray 22 1 Your attacks do 75% less damage to companions. 00165181
Slayer 24 ST 7, AG 7, Unarmed 90 1 The speed of all your melee and unarmed attacks is increased by 30%. 00165446
Nerves of Steel 26 AG 7 1 20% faster AP regeneration. 000E2C49
Rad Absorption 28 EN 7 1 -1 Rad every 20 seconds. 000E2C4A

Companion perks

Fallout: New Vegas is the first game in the series to have perks that affect the party as a whole.

Name Follower req Benefit Form ID
Better Healing Arcade Gannon Regain +20% more health from all consumable sources. 0015C60B
Enhanced Sensors ED-E Detect enemies at a very far range, and enemies that are cloaked can also be targeted in V.A.T.S. 0015C60E
Regular Maintenance Raul The condition of weapons and armor decays 50% slower. 0015C610
Full Maintenance Raul, remain a mechanic ending of Old School Ghoul The condition of weapons and armor decays 75% slower. 0015D2BC
Old Vaquero Raul, return to the way of the vaquero ending of Old School Ghoul Raul's rate of fire with revolvers and lever action firearms is increased by 33%. 0015D2BE
Scribe Assistant Veronica The player can craft workbench items through Veronica's dialogue. 0015C613
Search and Mark Rex Chems, firearms & ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you zoom in. 0015C611
Spotter Craig Boone Hostile targets are highlighted whenever the player is actively aiming. 0015C60C
Stealth Girl Lily Doubles Stealth Boy duration while also granting sneak attack criticals an extra 10% damage. 0015C60F
Whiskey Rose Cass Eliminates negative effects of consumption and addiction to alcohol, while drinking specifically Whiskey or Wasteland Tequila will raise player's Damage Threshold. 0015C60D

Challenge and special perks

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
Abominable Kill 50/100/150 abominations 3 Deal +3%/+6%/+10% damage to abominations. 0015EADB
Animal Control Kill 50/100/150 mutated animals 3 Deal +3%/+6%/+10% damage to mutated animals. 0015EAE0
Beautiful Beatdown Complete A Fistful of Hollars and inflict 10,000 damage with unarmed weapons. 1 AP costs for unarmed attacks are reduced by 10%. 0015EADF
Bug Stomper Kill 50/100/150 mutated insects 3 Deal +3%/+6%/+10% damage to mutated insects. 0015EAD7
Camel of the Mojave Drink 100 water items 1 Water items hydrate and heal you 15% better. 00167E26
Day Tripper Use 25 addictive Chems. 1 The effects of addictive Chems last 33% longer. 0015EAD8
Dine and Dash Eat 25 corpses with Cannibal perk. 1 Get option to take Human remains when using Cannibal. 0015EAE1
Fast Times Use turbo 20 times 1 Turbo's effects last +50% longer. 0015EAD9
Free Radical Use 20 RadAway 1 10 additional rads removed upon each RadAway usage. 0015EADA
Friendly Help Receive 15 Mysterious Stranger or Miss Fortune visits. 1 Mysterious Stranger and Miss Fortune are twice as likely to appear in V.A.T.S. 0015EAE3
Lord Death Kill 200/700/1000 enemies 3 Deal an extra +1%/+2%/+4% damage to all enemies. 0015EAE4
Machine Head Kill 50/100 robots (glitched; rank is misreported to player, rank 3 is unachievable). 3 Deal +3%/+6% damage to robots. 0015EADC
Meat of Champions Cannibalize Mr. House, Caesar, The King and Aaron Kimball. 1 +1 Luck, Strength, Charisma and Intelligence for 60 seconds each time a corpse is consumed. 00164AFB
Melee Hacker First kill 125 enemies with melee weapons. For one rank, deal 10,000 damage with one-handed melee weapons. For another, deal 10,000 damage with two-handed melee weapons. 2 Level 1: +5% melee weapon attack speed. Level 2: +10% melee weapon attack speed. 0015EADE
Mutant Massacrer Kill 50/100/150 super mutants. 3 Deal +3%/+6%/+10% damage to super mutants. 0015EAE2
Power Armor Training Complete Eyesight to the Blind or Tend to Your Business or For Auld Lang Syne. 1 Ability to wear all Power Armor variants. 00058FDF
Set Lasers for Fun Deal 16,000 damage with pistol grip energy weapons for one rank and 25,000 damage with rifle grip energy weapons for the other. 2 ALL energy weapons gain an extra +2%/+4% chance to get a critical hit. 0015EADD
Tough Guy Become crippled 50 times. 1 Take 20% less limb damage. 0015EAD6

Implant perks

The total number of implants one can receive is equal to the Endurance statistic. The additional point granted by the Endurance implant does not count toward the total.

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
"Hypertrophy Accelerator" Strength Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Strength 0014C069
"Optics Enhancer" Perception Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Perception 0014C12D
"Nociception Regulator" Endurance Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Endurance 0014C12E
"Empathy Synthesizer" Charisma Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Charisma 0014C130
"Logic Co-Processor" Intelligence Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Intelligence 0014C132
"Reflex Booster" Agility Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Agility 0014C12A
"Probability Calculator" Luck Implant Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 4000 caps. 1 +1 Luck 0014C134
"NEMEAN" Sub-Dermal Armor Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 8000 caps. 1 +4 Damage Threshold 0014CCDF
"PHOENIX" Monocyte Breeder Buy from Doctor Usanagi for 12000 caps. 1 Regenerate 1 health per 10 seconds 0014CCE1

Unarmed perks

Special unarmed moves can be learned from various characters in the Mojave.

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
Khan Trick Perform all Great Khan drug runs. 1 Temporarily stun opponents by throwing dust or dirt at their eyes (requires dirt or sand ground) 0015B8E7
Legion Assault Talk to Lucius with 50 Unarmed and positive Legion reputation 1 Knock back opponents 0015B8E9
Ranger Takedown Talk to Ranger Andy with 30 Speech or complete the unmarked quest, Andy and Charlie. 1 Knock down opponents 0015B8E8
Scribe Counter Put Formal Wear or White Glove Society Attire into Veronica's inventory. 1 Quick counter-attack after block 0015B8EA

Dead Money perks

Regular perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Form ID
In Shining Armor Repair 20, Science 70 1 The perk is not implemented properly and does not function at all. It is supposed to grant +5 DT against energy weapons while wearing metal armor, with a further +2 DT while wearing reflective eyewear or helmets. xx00F216,
Junk Rounds LU 6, Repair 45 1 You can craft ammunition using Scrap Metal and Tin Cans. xx00FB6A
Light Touch AG 6, Repair 45 1 While wearing light armor you gain +5% critical hit chance and your enemies suffer a -25% critical hit chance. xx00E87B
Old World Gourmet EN 6, Survival 45 1 +25% addiction resistance. +50% health bonus from snack foods. Scotch, Vodka and Wine now give you health in addition to their normal effects. xx00F96F
And Stay Back 10 Guns 70 1 Shotguns have a 10% chance, per pellet, of knocking an enemy back. xx00F218
Heavyweight 12 ST 7 1 Weapons with a weight of more than 10 are cut in half. This does not affect weapons modded to under 10 wg. xx011468
Hobbler 12 PE 7 1 Your chance to hit an opponent's legs in V.A.T.S. is increased by 25%. xx011469

¹ Although this perk has a level prerequisite of 1, the player starts the game at level 1 and cannot normally choose a perk at this point.

Companion perks

Name Follower Benefit Form ID
In My Footsteps God Traps do not activate and you are given a stealth increase. xx013B26
Ravenous Hunger Dog Dog will devour the limbs of any Ghost People, preventing them from resurrecting. N/A
Signal Interference Christine +50% time to escape signals. xx008A2E
Unclean Living Dean Domino Temporary cloud protection, take 25% less damage. xx008A2F

Special perks

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
Coin Operator Dialogue with Christine 1 Adds recipe. 1 fission battery + 2 scrap metal = 50 Sierra Madre chips xx01039B
Ghost Hunter Dialogue with Dog 1 Ghost people are more likely to die outright without needing to be dismembered or disintegrated. xx01039A
Sierra Madre Martini Dialogue with Dean Domino 1 Adds recipe to create Sierra Madre Martinis with 2 Junk Food, 1 Tin Can, and 1 Jar of Cloud Residue. xx01039E
Elijah's Last Words Give Veronica holomessage from Elijah. 1 Boosts Veronica's melee attack speed 150% & gives her a 25% chance for melee attacks to knock down enemies. xx00D4A8
Elijah's Ramblings Keep holomessage from Elijah after Veronica unlocks it. 1 Boosts melee critical damage by +50% (the description incorrectly states the bonus is 150%) xx00D4A9

Honest Hearts perks

Regular perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Form ID
Grunt 8 Guns 45, Explosives 20 1 25% more damage with 9mm Pistols and SMGs, .45 Pistols and SMGs, Service Rifles, Assault and Marksman Carbines, Light Machine Guns, Frag Grenades, Grenade Rifles and Launchers and Combat Knives. xx00F677
Home on the Range 8 Survival 70 1 Whenever you interact with a Campfire, you have the option of sleeping, with all the benefits that sleep brings. xx00B2F3
Sneering Imperialist 8 1 +15% Damage and +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. to various tribal and raider characters. xx00F67B
Tribal Wisdom 8 Survival 70 1 -50% limb damage from animals, mutated animals, and mutated insects, +25% to Poison Resistance, ability to eat mutated insects in sneak mode. xx00F679
Fight the Power! 10 1 +2 Damage Threshold and +5% Critical Chance against anyone wearing NCR, Legion or Brotherhood of Steel armor. xx00F67C
Eye for Eye 20 1 For each crippled limb you have, you do an additional 10% damage. xx00B2F4

Companion perks

Name Follower Benefit Form ID
Quiet As The Waters Waking Cloud in your party. White Legs' Perception is effectively decreased by 3. xx00B2F7
The Way of the Canaanite Joshua Graham in your party. Decrease in spread and double the Critical Chance for .45 Auto pistols. xx00B2F5
Well-Stacked Cairns Follows-Chalk in your party. Reaching various summits reveals nearby map markers and grants +3 Perception temporarily. xx00B2F6

Old World Blues perks

Regular perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Form ID
Atomic! 20 EN 6 1 In irradiated areas, +25% move and attack speed, +2 DT, +2 ST. With excess rad level, AP regen scales from 1.1 times to 1.5 times normal. xx008011
Mile in Their Shoes 20 Survival 25 1 You have come to understand night stalkers. Consuming night stalker squeezin's now grants bonuses to Perception (+1 PER), Poison Resistance (+5), and Stealth (+5 Sneak) in addition to the normal benefits. xx009619
Them's Good Eatin' 20 Survival 55 1 Any living creature you kill has a 50% chance to have the potent healing items Thin Red Paste or Blood Sausage when looted. xx0098C9
Implant GRX 30 EN 8 2 You gain a non-addictive subdermal turbo (chem) injector. This perk may be taken twice, with the second rank increasing the effect from 2 to 3 seconds and the uses per day from 5 to 10 (activated in the Pip-Boy inventory). xx009D48

Special perks

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
Brainless Initial dialogue with Doctor Klein in the Think Tank (optional to keep after completion of OWB if you keep your artificial brain) 1 Head can no longer be crippled, +25% resistance to chem addiction, +5% DT (min +1) xx0098BE
Heartless Initial dialogue with Doctor Klein in the Think Tank (optional to keep after completion of OWB if you keep your artificial heart) 1 Poison immunity, -50% chance to get critical hits from robots, and lesser bonus healing with certain items. xx0098C2
Spineless Initial dialogue with Doctor Klein in the Think Tank (optional to keep after completion of OWB if you keep your artificial spine) 1 Strength +1, DT +1, torso can no longer be crippled. xx0098BC
Big Brained Sink Auto-Doc after Old World Blues is finished (optional to get if you take your organic brain back) 1 The perk is not implemented properly and does not function as intended. It's supposed to grant the following bonuses: Head can no longer be crippled, +10% resistance to chem addiction, +10% DT (min +1). xx015BBA
Cardiac Arrest Sink Auto-Doc after Old World Blues is finished (optional to get if you take your organic heart back) 1 +50% to poison resistance, -25% chance to get critical hits from robots, and bonus healing with certain items. xx015BBB
Reinforced Spine Sink Auto-Doc after Old World Blues is finished (optional to get if you take your organic spine back) 1 Strength +2, Damage Threshold +2 xx015BBC
DNAgent Completion of X-8 Data Retrieval Test 1 All damage done to Nightstalkers is increased by 10%. xx009617
DNAvenger Kill two Cazadores for rank 1, three more for rank 2, and another five for rank 3 of this perk. All kills must be made in the Big MT; cazadores outside the Big MT do not count. 3 All the damage done to Cazadores is increased cumulatively by 10% by rank. xx00DA28
Stealth Suit Mk II (perk) Complete the last challenge of Project X-13 1 The perk is not implemented properly and does not function. +20% increased sneak speed xx00E845

Implant perks

Doesn't count against the Endurance limit of original implant perks.

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
Implant C-13 Surgery purchased through dialogue with the Sink Auto-Doc in The Sink for 8,000 caps. 1 Plus 10% damage to Cazadores xx009616
Implant M-5 Surgery purchased through dialogue with the Sink Auto-Doc in The Sink for 10,000 caps. 1 Your crouched movement speed is increased by 20%. xx009614
Implant Y-3 Surgery purchased through dialogue with the Sink Auto-Doc in The Sink for 12,000 caps. 1 Removes any radiation taken from drinking an irradiated water source. xx009615
Implant Y-7 Surgery purchased through dialogue with the Sink Auto-Doc in The Sink for 20,000 caps. 1 +5 health and +2 restored action points through the consumption of food. xx00961A

Lonesome Road perks

Regular perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Form ID
Alertness 12 PE between 6 and 9 1 +2 Perception when crouched and still. xx00C252
Walker Instinct 18 Survival 50 1 +1 Perception and Agility when outside. xx00C254
Irradiated Beauty 22 EN 8 1 Sleep removes all Rads (Hardcore: only -100 Rads). xx00C255
Voracious Reader 22 IN 7 1 Damaged books become blank magazines; can copy existing magazines into blank magazines. xx00C253
Lessons Learned 26 IN 6 1 +1% XP gain per player level. xx00C256
Tunnel Runner 26 AG 8 1 +25% sneaking speed when wearing light or no armor. xx00C258
Roughin' It 28 Survival 100 1 Sleeping outside gives Well Rested benefit. xx00C251
Burden to Bear 30 ST 6, EN 6 1 +50 carry weight. xx00C250
Broad Daylight 36 1 No Sneak penalty for using Pip-Boy light. xx00A6DF
Certified Tech 40 1 +25% critical hit chance against robots, 85% chance of finding an extra crafting component on destroyed robots. xx00A6DE
Ain't Like That Now 50 Karma less than -250 1 Karma reset to 0, +25% AP regeneration rate, +20% attack speed, immunity to critical hits. xx00A749
Just Lucky I'm Alive 50 Karma between -250 and 250 1 +4 Luck for 3 minutes upon finishing a battle with less than 25% health; immunity to critical hits, +50% critical damage. xx00C24F
Thought You Died 50 Karma at least 250 1 +10 Health per 100 Karma; Karma reset to 0, +10% damage, immunity to critical hits. xx00C24E

Special perks

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Form ID
The Bear-Slayer Launch nuclear missiles at NCR. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, Caesar's Legion Fame, NCR Infamy xx00C25B
Dead Man's Burden Launch nuclear missiles at both Caesar's Legion and NCR. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, Boomers and Powder Gangers Fame, Caesar's Legion and NCR Infamy xx00C25A
Divide Survivor Stop the missile launch. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, Brotherhood of Steel and Followers of the Apocalypse Fame xx00C25C
Lonesome Road Leave ED-E behind in Ulysses' Temple. 1 +10% damage and +10% V.A.T.S. hit chance when you have no companions. xx00A6DC
Marked Kill three named Marked Men. 1 +10% damage and +10% DT against Marked Men xx00A6DD
Scourge of the East Launch nuclear missiles at Caesar's Legion. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, NCR Fame, Caesar's Legion Infamy xx00C259

Companion perks

Name Follower Ranks Benefit Form ID
Camarader-E ED-E 5
  1. ED-E repairs 25% weapon condition once per day
  2. ED-E produces energy or microfusion cells once per day
  3. +2 DT
  4. +5 beam weapon damage
  5. +5% V.A.T.S. hit chance

Gun Runners' Arsenal perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Form ID
Mad Bomber 6 Repair 45, Explosives 45 1 Enables you to create special explosive recipes at any workbench. xx00092E

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