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Hey there, tiger. Here for more stories about my acting career or...something else?— Gilda Broscoe

Gilda Broscoe is a robobrain and former Hollywood actress in Vault 118 in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Gilda Broscoe was a Hollywood actress before the war, describing herself as having "red hair" that was "the envy of every girl and legs for days."[1] She starred in the musicals The Beautiful Cigar Girl, Wagons on the Plain and A Woman of the Royal Navy.[2] She also starred in the period piece, Empire on the Nile, where she played the role of Cleopatra, along with Keith McKinney as Mark Antony.[3] She comments that she was meant to star in Love Sets Sail!, but that Vera Keyes earned the role instead because "her uncle was the producer."[4]

Keith was in love with Ezra Parker, and convinced Gilda to invest in his Cliff's Edge Hotel in order to "stay close to him."[5] Working in conjunction with the hotel staff and funds from Ezra, Vault-Tec started construction of Vault 118, which tested "the social interactions between the working class and ultrawealthy when under confined conditions."[6] The working class wing of the vault was never finished, as part of an embezzlement scam by Ezra.[7] Gilda became a resident of Vault 118 in the ultrawealthy wing, along with Keith.[8] Bert Riggs convinced the residents of the ultrawealthy wing of the vault to undergo a Robobrain transplant as a means to "outlast the war," which they underwent voluntarily.[9]

She is in an open relationship with Keith McKinney,[10][11] with Keith not caring about "who [she] sees."[12] Gilda dated Santiago Avida for a "few dozen years," though states that "the man's a bit much even for [her]."[11][13] She continues acting with Keith in the vault, where she's found rehearsing lines for a noire film.[14] She wants to "rebuild Hollywood" with Keith,[15] hoping to "return to the silver screen and lead the world to a new golden age of cinema".[16]

Interactions overview

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This character identifies as LGBTQ+.
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This character is involved in quests.
  • Brain Dead: Gilda can be interrogated on several subjects over the murder of Ezra Parker.
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This character is romanceable.

Requires 5 passed Charisma checks


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Gilda Broscoe appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



  1. Sole Survivor: "You're not so bad yourself."
    Gilda Broscoe: "You should have seen me before all this. Red hair that was the envy of every girl and legs for days, darling. I'm sure you'd rather hear some of my stories from the silver screen rather than talk about that nasty murder business."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  2. Gilda Broscoe: "I used to do musicals, back when they were in fashion. The Beautiful Cigar Girl, Wagons on the Plain, A Woman of the Royal Navy. They were ever so much fun!"
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  3. Gilda Broscoe: "Keith and I first met when we acted together in Empire on the Nile. It was a period piece, huge production budget. He played Mark Antony, and I, of course, played Cleopatra. Ooh how I hated that black hair though. Sean Holzman, he was the director you see, well he threw the most lavish set parties. They were absolutely bacchanalian."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  4. Gilda Broscoe: "Did you know that I was supposed to star in Love Sets Sail? The only reason that bitch Vera got the part is because her uncle was the producer."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  5. Sole Survivor: "Tell me about you and Ezra."
    Keith McKinney: "Oh god, I don't know. When we first met him he was just so mysterious and exciting. It seemed like he had been everywhere and done everything. I convinced Gilda that we should invest in the hotel so I could stay close to him, but he never seemed to realize how I felt. I mean we spent time together. Going hunting, having drinks, talking about his plans for the hotel. He must have known, but he never said anything. Do you have any idea what it's like to pine for someone for 200 years, Detective?"
    (Keith McKinney's dialogue)
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  8. Sole Survivor: "Tell me about the victim."
    Maxwell: "Mr. Ezra Parker was the primary owner and financier for the hotel. He had vast experience managing venture projects around the world. It was his idea to have our premier clients become investors in the vault section of the hotel. He worked with Vault-Tec to have this built to their every specification."
    (Maxwell's dialogue)
  9. Vault 118 terminal entries; Change of testing parameters
  10. Sole Survivor: "I must say, you're quite the actress."
    Gilda Broscoe: "You're sweet, Detective. But it wouldn't be fair to Keith."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  11. 11.0 11.1 Sole Survivor: "I've gotten the impression you've had an affair with Santiago."
    Gilda Broscoe: "Look. I love Keith, I do. But sometimes he just can't give me the attention I need. A girl gets lonely, Detective. It only lasted a few dozen years. The man's a bit much even for me."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  12. Sole Survivor: "You thought Gilda was cheating on you with Ezra."
    Keith McKinney: "That's ridiculous, I don't care who Gilda sees. You aren't going to pin this on me!"
    (Keith McKinney's dialogue)
  13. Sole Survivor: "Did you have any thoughts about the murder?"
    Gilda Broscoe: "Well, it is a bit strange how obsessed Santiago has been with the murder. I mean, he's always been a bit obsessive though... He did a whole series of paintings of me, hundreds! Said I was his muse. It was flattering for a while, but the man is a bit much. Even for me."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  14. Gilda Broscoe: "Why'd you do it? Huh? He deserved better than that."
    Keith McKinney: "You think I'm stupid? I saw the way he looked at you. You gonna tell me that's nothin'?"
    Gilda Broscoe: "It wasn't like that, we were friends. He helped me out of a tight spot or two is all."
    Keith McKinney: "I couldn't stand by like some pasty faced Percy while he put the moves on my best girl."
    Gilda Broscoe: "But now the law is on our tail, what are we going to do?"
    Keith McKinney: "Come away with me. Let's leave this dark hole of a city behind. We can be in Buenos Aires by tomorrow."
    Gilda Broscoe: "Oh, I want to believe you, I do but... they'll never let us go."
    Keith McKinney: "Then we'll make our stand here. I- I've got a gun for each of us."
    Gilda Broscoe: "No, no, no, no, no! The line is, 'Then we'll make our stand here. Two lovers, together, with a bullet for each of them.'"
    Keith McKinney: "God. Why can't I ever get that line. Forget it, I can't do this right now."
    (Gilda Broscoe and Keith McKinney's dialogue)
  15. Sole Survivor: "What were you and Keith talking about when I came in?"
    Gilda Broscoe: "Oh, that? We were rehearsing. Got to stay sharp if we are going to rebuild Hollywood. But Keith always gets flustered when he's upset."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)
  16. Sole Survivor: "Tell me about yourself."
    Gilda Broscoe: "My favorite subject! Simply put, darling, I'm the greatest actress in the world. When this... international scuffle blows over, I shall return to the silver screen and lead the world to a new golden age of cinema!"
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)