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Auto-Miner #D3-B (codenamed Deb) is a Protectron operating in the abandoned mine shaft Elaine in Appalachia.


Hornwright Industrial partnered with RobCo Industries[1] and Atomic Mining Services[2] to produce the Auto-Miner, in an effort to completely automate their mining operations while retaining only executive staff. The laid-off miners then protested and rioted.

In response to the Auto-Miner, and in an attempt to show the benefits of a human workforce, Garrahan Mining funded the development of the excavator power armor and challenged Hornwright in a heavily advertised contest, which Hornwright won by 1.87 tons of ore. Auto-Miners can still be found outside of the Garrahan Mining Headquarters. D3B (Deb) is one of the Auto-Miners that needs to be repaired during the quest Lode Baring.

Interactions overview

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Auto-Miner #D3-B appears in Fallout 76.


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