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At that time, the year 2227, the Institute had made great strides in synth production. But it was never enough.Father

Synth is a term used to refer to the bio-synthetic characters manufactured within the Institute. Synths appear in the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3 and in the Commonwealth and the Island in Fallout 4.


Synths are synthetic humans, ranging in appearance from robotic to indistinguishable from a human. They are used by the Institute for several purposes, including maintenance, labor, combat, requisitions, and experimentation. Synths are issued a Synth Designation number which is used to identify them.[1] The first synths were created to work on the surface, but stopped due to conflict with wastelanders.[2]

In August 2178, Doctor Frederick started work on making organic synths, using his own F.E.V. samples, with the permission of the Directorate. His coworker in Bioscience, Doctor Elliott, objected.[3] Both women and men were abducted from the Commonwealth and submerged in the Institute's modified FEV, their mutations carefully tracked and extensively investigated. Successful mutations would be monitored, tagged, and discarded.[4] By March of 2224 however, the research had stalled, as while they perfected two strains of FEV, all samples of human DNA were too badly damaged by radiation. In addition, multiple other BioScience doctors had joined Doctor Elliot in objecting to the FEV research. Elliot himself came up with a plan to obtain pure DNA, but felt very uncomfortable about it as well.[5]

In 2227, the organic synth project was spun off from the FEV research initiative due to the acquisition of Shaun and his undamaged pre-War genetic code. He was recovered by Conrad Kellogg,[6][7] and his DNA became the basis of the third generation of synths in a project led by Dr. Walter.[8] The infant Shaun became Father to a whole family of engineered synthetic beings. Of course, tests were not without setbacks; in 2229, a defective 3rd generation infiltrator caused the Broken Mask incident, vilifying the Institute in the eyes of the Commonwealth.[9] The synth, which called itself Mr. Carter, was a prototype that was field tested without the Institute director's approval.[10] After an apparent malfunction, Carter went on a shooting spree, murdering at least four people before being brought down by Diamond City Security and revealed to be a synth. Though the Institute did not actually intend to massacre the people of Diamond City, the people of Diamond City have feared and resented the Institute ever since. Synths are constructed with advanced CPUs and streamlined power systems, although they are incompatible with pre-War robot hardware,[11] nor can synthetic limbs be installed onto a robot chassis.[12]


First Generation

Fo4 1st Gen Synths.png

First generation synths are used for maintenance inside the Institute and combat on the surface. The synths are directed by human members of the Institute, given instructions on how to manage their power consumption and when to patch their navigation software.[13] Enrico Thompson reported pathfinding issues caused by software upgrades, requiring a patch for all Gen 1 units.[14] Conrad Kellogg noted that the first generation synths were not impressive, but the Institute created more and they improved each time.[15]

Alan Binet coordinates the first generation phase out, noting that the synths "served admirably and exceeded their design specifications in virtually every category" but would be replaced due to breakthroughs in synth design and production.[16] Over the following years, all Gen 1 units were planned to be replaced by Gen 3 synths and all remaining models would be relegated to surface duties.[16]

Second Generation

Fo4 2ndGen Synths.png

Gen 2 models have been witnessed stripping entire settlements down for parts and killing the inhabitants.[17][18] University Point was recently destroyed by Gen 2 synths.[19] Deacon comments that members of the Railroad debate whether or not it is worthwhile to rescue Gen 1 and 2 synths.[20]

Early model synths will comment that their systems may be in need of recalibration if they lose track of a target.[21][22][23] Inside the Institute, scientists comment that they look forward to the older models being phased out due to breakdowns, commenting that most of them have lasted long past their projected lifespans.[24] Following the Gen 1 phase out process, the Gen 2 units were planned to be replaced entirely with Gen 3 synths.[16]

Third Generation


Third generation or Gen-3 synths are derived from Shaun's DNA using the Institute's research into the Forced Evolutionary Virus.[5] They are the result of nearly five decades of research, beginning in 2178.[6][25][26] A living synth is indistinguishable from a human by any medical test, and can only be confirmed with an autopsy.[27][28] Once Gen 3 synths entered production, synths as a whole were no longer referred to as androids.[29]

They are created piece by piece inside the Institute's Robotics division.[30] Each Gen 3 synth contains a Synth Component inside their brain allowing them to be programmed and manipulated via voice commands known as Recall Codes. This implant cannot be detected or removed without killing the synth. Synths also have additional components such as neuro-servos.[31] Projects to enhance synths include the implementation of new optic nerve tissue and replacement of synthetic blood type to improve infection resistance and clotting time.[32] The child synth created in Father's likeness has every capability of a real child but cannot age.[33]

Alan Binet's research notes that synths have taste buds and can taste due to having the requisite receptor cells.[34] He also notes synths have digestive patterns, but cannot gain weight or succumb to obesity.[34] Institute Advanced Systems scientist Max Loken describes synths as superior to human beings due to their ability to "live without fear of hunger or disease" in addition to not necessitating sleep.[35]

Piper Wright's describes Mayor McDonough eating noodles in The Synthetic Truth and Harkness refutes evidence against his humanity, stating "I’m a human being. I breathe, I eat."[36][37] Curie comments on her new bodily functions as a Generation 3 synth, stating that she is both sleepy and hungry.[38]


A synth's limbs will be destroyed when crippled, which will affect a synth in different ways based on its armament. If a synth's legs are destroyed, it will sit in place and fire upon the player character. A synth armed with a pistol can continue to fire while down after having its left arm destroyed, a synth armed with a rifle must have both arms intact in order to attack.


Image Name Location HP Health Points (HP) FormID Game
X6-88.jpg | Courser | The Institute
The Commonwealth
The Island
Nuka-World |
1250 | 001628EF | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth.png | Synth | Capital Wasteland
The Commonwealth
The Island |
50 | 00066644 | Fallout 3
Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Assaulter.png | Synth Assaulter | The Commonwealth
The Island |
500 | 001A03F6 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Eradicator.jpg | Synth Eradicator | The Commonwealth
The Island |
760+ | 001A03F9 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Leader.png | Synth Leader | The Commonwealth
The Island |
140 | 00075342 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Patroller.png | Synth Patroller | The Commonwealth
The Island |
265 | 001A03F4 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Seeker.jpg | Synth Seeker | The Commonwealth
The Island |
300 | 001A03F5 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Stormer.jpg | Synth Stormer | The Commonwealth
The Island |
635 | 001A03F8 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Strider.png | Synth Strider | The Commonwealth
The Island |
140 | 00246977 | Fallout 4


FO4 Synth Trooper.jpg | Synth Trooper | The Commonwealth
The Island |
425 | 001A03F6 | Fallout 4




Fallout 3

Fallout 4

Far Harbor


Gen 1 and 2 synths are affected by the Troubleshooter's legendary prefix, but Gen 3 synths are affected by the Assassin's prefix.


Synths appear in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

In The Art of Fallout 4, concepts were described as taking "vintage artificial prosthetic limbs" as inspiration for a "fresh take on the classic android endoskeleton."[Pub 1]


Fallout 3

Fallout 4


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