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Unauthorized acquisition. Assessment - immediate termination.

Assaultrons are a type of robot encountered in the Commonwealth, on the Island and in Nuka-World in Fallout 4.


The Assaultron was constructed by RobCo Industries and sold to the United States military as a frontline wartime combatant.[1] It uses a laser and some units are capable of using stealth technology.[1] When the robots' legs are damaged, Assaultrons will continue to pursue the target by crawling on the ground and will explode upon death.

Heavily modified Assaultrons wander the Commonwealth, ranging from those with Protectron heads and Mister Handy thrusters. Assaultron helmets are created by raiders to use as armor. Salvaged Assaultron heads are used as makeshift weapons.


Name (Form ID)StatisticsBehaviorAbilitiesItems
Experience Points
Hit Points
Damage Threshold
Damage Resistance
AI Data
Aggressive: Will attack enemies on sight.Icon required.pngIcon optional.pngIcon optional.png
AI Data
Foolhardy: Will never flee or avoid anyone.Icon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon required.png
AI Data
Helps friends: Will help friends and allies.Icon required.pngIcon required.png
Laser beam Damage


Image Name Form ID
AssaultronDemon-Automatron.png Assaultron Demon xx002444 Automatron (add-on)
AssaultronDevil-Automatron.png Assaultron Devil xx000EB9 Automatron (add-on)
AssaultronDominator-Fallout4.png Assaultron Dominator 001C246B
AssaultronGorgon-Automatron.png Assaultron Gorgon xx00E6AD Automatron (add-on)
AssaultronHag-Automatron.png Assaultron Hag xx00E6AC Automatron (add-on)
AssaultronInvader-Fallout4.png Assaultron Invader 000D8418
AssaultronSuccubus-Automatron.png Assaultron Succubus xx007077 Automatron (add-on)
GunnerAssaultron-Fallout4.png Gunner Assaultron 0022CDF7
GunnerAssaultronDominator-Fallout4.png Gunner Assaultron Dominator 0022CDF9
GunnerAssaultronInvader-Fallout4.png Gunner Assaultron Invader 0022CDF8
Novatron-NukaWorld.png Novatron xx0170C4 Nuka-World (add-on)
Novatron-NukaWorld.png Novatron Dominator xx01FAF7 Nuka-World (add-on)
Novatron-NukaWorld.png Novatron Eliminator xx04BC84 Nuka-World (add-on)
Novatron-NukaWorld.png Novatron Initiator xx04BC83 Nuka-World (add-on)
Novatron-NukaWorld.png Novatron Invader xx01FAF6 Nuka-World (add-on)


Image Name Form ID
Fallout 4 Automatron pre-release 7.png Ada xx00FD5A
FO4 Atom's Wrath.png Atom's Wrath 0014404A
FO4AUT Duelbot.jpg Duelbot
Fo4 Iron Maiden Easy City Downs.png Iron Maiden 000EFBB6
Fo4 KLE0.jpg KL-E-0 000228CE
Fo4 Lady Lovelace.png Lady Lovelace 000EFBB8
PAM Infobox.png PAM 00045AD3


  • One leveled Assaultron always spawns in the FEV labs in the Institute.
  • One Assaultron is found on the road leading to Nahant, wandering around the small pile of shipping containers.
  • They often spawn as a part of the Gunners patrols, one of which at the Mass Pike Interchange atop the freeway.
  • An Assaultron will attack the Sole Survivor alongside a sentry bot atop of the 35 Court building after they approach the central locked chamber, which contains leveled suit of power armor.
  • One can be found with the Gunners at the Quincy ruins, and will replace Tessa if she is killed.
  • Two are found in front of Vault 95, and another is located inside.
  • One can be found in the Hester's Consumer Robotics workshop, along with two Protectrons.
  • Two Assaultrons will attack the Sole Survivor along with a sentry bot and two Protectrons after getting the Beryllium Agitator during Mass Fusion/Spoils of War.
  • One Assaultron (and a Mister Gutsy) guards a wrecked military convoy on the road between Breakheart Banks and the Slog.
  • One Assaultron is used as an activatable trap in the cellar of the Electrical Hobbyist's Club.


The Automatron add-on adds two weapons that consist of parts salvaged from Assaultrons, the Assaultron blade and the salvaged Assaultron head.


Assaultrons appear in Fallout 4 and its add-ons Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka-World.



  1. 1.0 1.1 Fallout 4 loading screens: "The Assaultron robot was constructed by RobCo and sold to the U.S. military as a frontline wartime combatant. It is fast and deadly at close range, and employs a devastating laser at a distance. Some units can even employ stealth technology."
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