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By God, if I had hands I would strangle the life out of you!

Mister Handy or Mr. Handy is a multipurpose robot developed by General Atomics International before the Great War, and refined in collaboration with RobCo Industries.[3]


First released by General Atomics International as a construction and maintenance robot in 2037, Mister Handy was one of the first automatons introduced.[Pub 1] The Mister Handy line became truly successful when a collaboration with RobCo produced a domestic model, and it remained in production until the Great War.[Pub 2] A Mister Handy is equipped with a variety of tools.[4][5][6] The Museum of Technology and REPCONN Aerospace featured Mister Handy robots as part of their robotics exhibits.[7][8]

The robots were manufactured with visual sensors and a nuclear core.[9] If damaged or short circuited, the robots have the potential of gaining intelligence beyond the normal scope of their programming, and are bound by behavior limiters.[10][11] Logic circuits could fail, causing recognition processes inoperative.[12]

The robot's packaging contained warnings, such as discouraging users from using its hover jet as a barbecue fire.[Pub 3] The robots had olfactory sensors, eye stalks, and can detect radiation.[13][14] The robot at Sunshine Tidings Co-op was controlled by "Standard Mr. Handy Control Interface v1.20" software and Codsworth functioned autonomously for over 200 years.[15][16] The robots were capable of providing navigational guidance, purifying water, as well as detecting contaminants in the air.[17][18] Modifications to Mr. Handy robots were controlled by federal laws.[19]



Mr. Farmhand

FO76 Mr Farmhand.png
  • Mr. Farmhand: Standard Mister Handy models with a pale green or brown paint job. They are typically encountered at farms, on the roads from Vault 76 to Flatwoods, among other various areas in The Forest region. The Mister Farmhands are typically adorned with straw or other cloth hats.

Mr. Frothy


Mister Gutsy

  • Mister Gutsy: A dedicated combat variant, developed by General Atomics International.[20][21] It carries a plasma weapon to be used in defense.[22][23] The Mister Gutsy is also upgraded with dedicated military software, including the ability to refuse orders issued by commanders who are incompetent or under court-martial,[24][25] remote link-up capability for updating orders in real time, or behaving as a stereotypical Marine drill instructor.[26][27] Mister Gutsy robots were known to have issues stemming from vague definitions used in programming its neural network.[28] However, variants such as the field medic model are incapable of harming human beings through intentional action and cannot be programmed to do so.[29][Pub 4] The robots were labeled with a variety of model serial numbers, and used for patrol duties, engaging unknown entities with violence.[30][31]

Miss Nanny

FO4 Miss Nanny loading screen.jpg

Mister Orderly

  • Mister Orderly: A distinct medical variant created for use in Big MT medical facilities. It is equipped with standard features of the Mister Handy line and modifications necessary for use in medical research carried out at the Y-17 Medical Facility.

Mister Torturer

  • Mr. Torturers: An experimental model created by the Appalachian RobCo Research Center. This variant of the Mister Handy was designed to utilize custom appendages to overcome the victim's pain threshold tolerance and increase the efficiency of torture.[35] The development of the robot was a company secret and RobCo vehemently denied both its very existence when word of the Mister Torturer leaked to Appalachian employees and the use of torture by the state (called "improved interrogation").[35][36]




Mister Handy robots appear in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Fallout Shelter, and Fallout Shelter Online.



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    You are one of these domestic automatons, produced some time between 2037 and 2077, seeking to provide every household in America with butler-like servitude. Equipped with state-of-the-art programming, you have initiative and can adapt your own coding to learn more from your environment. This capacity for self-determination is what has enabled your survival beyond the Great War; where other robots may have broken down, you have managed to shake loose from the shackles of your programming and find a life for yourself.."
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