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A Sentry Bot is a robot that appears in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


The sentry bot was created to provide security through overwhelming firepower.[1] The sentry bot has a cool down phase after attacking, which results in its fusion core being vulnerable.[1] The combat drone utilizes a variety of heavy weapons systems and explodes upon death.[2] Sentry Bots use a minigun or Gatling laser on the right arm, and a missile launcher on the left. The robots have a combat inhibitor on their back that will cause it to frenzy if damaged. Sentry Bots possess judicial circuits, which are employed when they witness a murder or thievery, and will hand out death sentences to the criminals they find.[3]


Image Name Game
| Ahab on alert.png Ahab | | Automatron

| FO76 Bessie.png Bessie | | Fallout 76

| Fo4 sentry bot Gus.jpg Gus | | Fallout 4

| Fo4CapIronsides.png Ironsides | | Fallout 4

| Fo4AUT Porter.jpg Porter | | Automatron

| RY589 ultimo bot.jpg RY-589 Ultimo Bot | | Old World Blues

| Sarge.png Sarge | | Fallout 4

Sentry bot.png | Sentry Bot | Fallout 3


SentryBot-Fallout4.png | Sentry Bot | Fallout 4


FO76 Whitespring sentry bot.png | Sentry Bot | Fallout 76


Sentry bot.png | Sentry Bot | Fallout: New Vegas


| Infobox.webp Sheriff Bot | | Fallout 76

| Sparky.jpg Sparky | | Broken Steel

| Fo4Startender.png Startender | | Nuka-World

| XB-55.png XB-55 | | Fallout 76



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  3. CrSentryBotGL.txt"Crime Detected. Death sentence authorized by judicial circuits."