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Yes Man is an AI program that serves as Benny's assistant and right-hand man in Fallout: New Vegas. He is a modified PDQ-88b securitron with a unique personality, serving as an integral part of Benny's scheme to take control of New Vegas. Yes Man will assist the Courier directly in the Independent New Vegas main questline.


Yes Man was originally a generic securitron robot programmed to work for Mr. House like all the other securitrons found on the Strip. It was recovered by Benny and several of the Chairmen after being damaged by a Pulse Grenade. Following this incident, Followers of the Apocalypse member Emily Ortal examined the securitron in order to learn Mr. House's secrets in exchange for reprogramming him for Benny's personal use.[1]

The reprogramming was extensive, and resulted in Yes Man being designed to do exactly as it is told; thus, Yes Man is not just the program's name, but rather its job description. Yes Man is completely incapable of declining any order or withholding any information, no matter who is interacting with it. Benny's plan was to dispose of Mr. House and install Yes Man's A.I. onto the Lucky 38 mainframe, putting Yes Man (and by extension, himself) in control of all the securitrons on the Strip. Yes Man's main objective was to use its connection to Mr. Houses' internal databases and feed valuable information to Benny so that he could stay one step ahead of House.[2]

After navigating these databases, Yes Man discovered various mathematical calculations regarding the Strip's defensive capabilities and plans to arrange a Courier to deliver a platinum chip. After feeding this information to Benny, Yes Man helped to notify him of all the routes, arrival and leaving times and potential ambush areas where the chip could be retrieved and the Courier disposed of without Mr. House learning of Benny's actions. This information leads to Benny recruiting members of the Great Khans and journeying south to the Goodsprings Cemetery where they successfully capture and neutralize the Courier, stealing the Chip and burying the Courier, leaving their abductee to die. Benny soon betrays his entourage, leaving them to fend for themselves against the NCR in Boulder City and returns to the Strip where he idles around in the Tops surrounded by his personal detail.[3]

Once the Courier arrives on the Strip, Yes Man will divulge all of Benny's plans to usurp power and offer its services to this new arrival. If the platinum chip is recovered, Yes Man will reveal the full extent of his plans to dispose of Mr. House and replace him, availing to serve the Courier in any way should they succeed. Continuing without Benny, Yes Man will gladly serve the Courier and will follow any command given, essentially giving the Courier full control over the Strip and allowing any actions to be taken on the other factions vying for the Mojave Wasteland. Although Yes Man will give its opinions and advice on how to deal with other groups, the only factions that must eventually be confronted are either the NCR or the Legion depending on the choices made.[4]

Once the Courier's power and relations are solidified, Yes Man's next step is to activate an army of upgraded securitron Mk II's, using the platinum chip to distribute this software to all active securitrons, increasing their offensive and defensive capabilities. Before the final confrontation at Hoover Dam, Yes Man will require an override chip to be installed in the NCR occupied El Dorado Substation, intending to divert power to the Lucky 38's dormant reactor thus being a vital strategic point for power should Hoover Dam be damaged or destroyed during the battle.

Yes Man will also request the Courier to enlist the help of the Followers of the Apocalypse although this is optional. Once the preparation is complete, the final confrontation can result in the Courier diverting power from the Dam to the securitron army on stand by beneath the Fort, defeating the Legion and betraying the NCR, expelling both factions and leading a "truly independent" New Vegas as originally envisioned by Benny, with the decisions made by the Courier forever shaping the Mojave.[5][6]


Yes Man is initially located in Benny's suite in the Tops casino. To gain access to Yes Man, the Courier must either kill Benny in the casino, sleep with him (requires the Black Widow perk), present Swank with evidence of Benny's treachery, or confront him and force him to flee to The Fort.

To find Yes Man, enter the Tops casino and proceed straight ahead past the casino floor to the elevator bank (near the sign that says "Elevators out of Order"). Take the second elevator on the right to the 13th floor. Exit the elevator, turn right, and enter the third set of doors on the left side of the corridor (double doors with potted trees flanking them). Go into the room and through the hole in the wall in the back of the room.

After the player character finishes Ring-a-Ding-Ding, Yes Man will be located in the front of the Tops casino, where the Courier can engage with it to continue the questline if they so choose.

Interactions overview

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Narrated by Ron Perlman

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
House end slide 01.png
The Courier, with the aid of Yes Man, drove both the Legion and the NCR from Hoover Dam, securing New Vegas' independence from both factions. With Mr. House out of the picture, the remaining Securitrons on The Strip were hard-pressed to keep order. Anarchy ruled the streets. When the fires died, New Vegas remained, assuming its position as an independent power in the Mojave.
Complete Wild Card: You and What Army? for an independent New Vegas without upgrading the Securitron army.
House end slide 01.png
The Courier, with the aid of Yes Man, drove both the Legion and the NCR from Hoover Dam, securing New Vegas' independence from both factions. With Mr. House out of the picture, part of the Securitron army was diverted to The Strip to keep order. Any chaos on the streets was ended, quickly. Chaos became uncertainty, then acceptance, with minimal loss of life. New Vegas assumed its position as an independent power in the Mojave.
Complete Wild Card: You and What Army? for an independent New Vegas with the Securitron army.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Scrap Metal
Scrap Electronics


  • After the assault on Hoover Dam, Yes Man informs the Courier that it has found pieces of code within Mr. House's mainframe that will change its personality to be "a little more assertive," and that it will appear to be offline for a little while until the personality change is complete.[7]
  • Yes Man will comment on the actions of the Courier or express sentiments about various groups in the Mojave, such as making disparaging comments about the Great Khans. It reacts negatively if the Courier destroys the securitrons at Fortification Hill and makes comments regarding the Brotherhood of Steel if they are ignored or convinced to aid the NCR.
  • Yes Man can be persuaded to admit being the means by which Benny found out that the Courier had the Platinum Chip, and takes pride in it. If the Courier subsequently reveals to it that they are the Courier Benny shot, Yes Man will show remorse for having just taken pride in it.
  • Yes Man becomes hostile briefly when attacked. Similar to Victor, Yes Man's personality is distributed across all securitrons. As a result, it cannot be killed permanently and will respawn upon leaving the Strip.
  • If the player character is female and seduces and kills Benny with the Black Widow perk, Yes Man will remain in the backroom of Benny's suite instead of moving in front of the Tops' casino entrance.
  • In the French version of the game, Yes Man is called "Béni oui-oui" ("Béni" is French for "blessed" and "oui" meaning "Yes"), a slang term given to a person who always agrees with the authorities. In the Spanish version, it is called "Servitron."
  • Regardless of what the player character does, the Yes Man questline will always be available. This means that if all other avenues of completion are impossible (for example, due to faction reputation), the game can still be completed.
  • Yes Man is the only named securitron in the base game that does not disappear or become disabled after Mr. House's death.
  • Yes Man is not affected by the Mark II software upgrade.
  • Since Yes Man is essential and respawns, it can be killed repeatedly for an unlimited supply of Scrap Metal.
  • Yes Man will no longer respawn if a laser or plasma weapon respectively disintegrates or melts it. This does not cause any quests associated with i it to end or fail.
  • Yes Man is affected by the Certified Tech perk, but only before its transfer to the Lucky 38 mainframe.



Yes Man appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • According to Joshua Sawyer, Yes Man reprogramming results in it becoming "a somewhat-independent steward instead of a powerful tool for any random person to use for nefarious purposes."[Dev 1]



  1. Courier: "What's the deal with your secret workshop and "Yes Man" friend?"
    Benny: "You really weren't supposed to talk to him... All right, so he used to be a Securitron on patrol. Square as the rest, until I gave him a mickey in the shape of pulse grenade. Once he was on the nod, I yanked some wires and dragged him up to the workshop. I had... some help, you see. Gal named Emily, one of the Followers over in Freeside, a real whiz when it comes to things technical. She programmed his personality. Once Yes Man was hooked back in to House's data network, I started learning a lot more about what he was up to, dig? Like where and when to find you."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  2. Yes Man: "As I understand it, I used to be just like all those other Securitrons out on the Strip. But then my neuro-computational matrix was completely reprogrammed! To be nice! Very, very nice!"
    (Yes Man's dialogue)
  3. Yes Man: "That's why Benny put me here! To monitor Mr. House's data transmissions. They're all encrypted, of course - but I'm quite a decrypter! Did you know that Mr. House spent 812,545 caps hiring salvage teams to find the Platinum Chip- just in the last year alone? Of course you didn't! Or that there were seven couriers, but six of them were carrying junk? How about their exact routes, and the mercenary teams that screened them? I knew all that. Pretty smart, huh?"
    (Yes Man's dialogue)
  4. Yes Man: "Oh no, I didn't mean that! Who needs their support? The Securitrons will be all the support you need! What I meant is, you should get to know these tribes and decide which ones you like and which you don't! You know - shape the future of Vegas! Choose your neighbors! If you like a tribe, leave it alone! Or if a tribe is nasty, or going to be a problem - go ahead and exterminate it! It's whatever you want to do!"
    (Yes Man's dialogue)
  5. Yes Man: "You could rout the dam's power output to the facility under Fortification Hill. That'll restart its reactor, just like you did with the Lucky 38! That'll wake up the Securitron army you left on standby and give us enough force to push the Legion and the NCR straight out of the Mojave! The other option is destroy the dam's generators. Without those, it's just a big bunch of concrete! The NCR won't have any reason to stick around! You don't have to decide yet! For now, all you have to do is take this override module and install it on the terminal in the power control room! Good luck! See you at the dam!"
    (Yes Man's dialogue)
  6. Yes Man: "Well, the Legion is going to attack Hoover Dam one of these days! And the NCR is going to defend it! One side will lose, and the other will win! But the side that wins will be weak, because a lot of its soldiers will be dead! That's when all our Securitrons will show up! We'll declare an Independent Vegas, and tell the side that won the dam - to scram! Or the Securitrons will kill all of them, too!"
    (Yes Man's dialogue)
  7. Yes Man: "I found some code snippets in one of Mr. House's databanks that will let me, um, reprogram my personality! To be a little more assertive, basically! So that's what I'm going to be doing, and it's going to take me a while, so it'll seem like I'm off-line. But don't worry, everything will be okay!"
    (Yes Man's dialogue)
Developer Statements
  1. Question: "Then what is the implication? That seems to be what everyone reads into it-- Yes Man reprogramming himself to be more 'assertive' is kind of ominous!"
    Joshua Sawyer: "That he will not just roll over for the next person to walk up to him in the Courier's absence. I.e. he will become a somewhat-independent steward instead of a powerful tool for any random person to use for nefarious purposes."
    (Fallout: New Vegas developer statements/Characters; Joshua Sawyer: Yes-Man reprogramming, 2011 October 12)
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