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Before you stands Hakunin, the village shaman. He appraises you with his crazy eyes from somewhere in the world only he inhabits...— In-game description

Hakunin is the kind village shaman living in Arroyo in Fallout 2.


He has psychic abilities that allow him to contact the Chosen One through dreams. He phrases everything as some sort of riddle, and will heal the player character whenever they are hurt.

Interactions overview

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Effects of player's actions

  • After killing the evil plants, he will make healing powder; if brought a broc flower and a xander root, that is. "Beware," he says, "for they fog the mind as they cleanse the body", and as usual, is right on target, despite his apparently permanent trance state; each healing powder reduces Perception by one for six hours.
    • Hakunin will no longer provide healing or offer to make you healing powder after the first dream sequence.

Other interactions

  • Due to his eccentric choice in words, the Chosen One can comment on the way Hakunin talks, though he will not seem to care.
  • With a low intelligence character, the player can generate responses from him that make him simplify his turn of phrase, as well as call the Chosen One a true child of the earth. Also, while on the verge of death, the player's responses will cause him lament the burden placed on the Chosen One,[1] and will stress his description of the Enclave shock troopers that raided Arroyo.[2]
  • It is possible to steal from the chest in his hut.[3]
  • The Chosen One may comment that Hakunin takes "too many drugs."[4]


Hakunin will appear in several visions when dreaming, telling about the dying village and the Enclave attack. There are four dream sequences scripted in the game code to occur on the 23rd of October 2241, 21 January 2242, 21 April 2242, and 20 July 2242. The last is also scripted to occur after leaving Vault 13.

After this last dream, if the Chosen One returns again to Arroyo, the bridge map is changed, Arroyo becomes inaccessible, and Hakunin is seen in a separate talking head sequence (where he is laying on the ground with most of his tribal headgear smashed, he is covered in blood and talks in a rasping voice.), telling the Chosen One to go south, which is the general direction of Navarro.


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Hakunin appears only in Fallout 2 as a talking head and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.



  1. Hakunin: Child of Nature, how could we put such a burden on your shoulders? (sigh) Your people have been taken.
    (Hakunin's dialogue)
  2. Hakunin: Yes. Gone. Many dark souls came, riding the metal birds like a flock of hungry chittick bugs, hiding their evil in shiny skins.
    (Hakunin's dialogue)
  3. Hakunin's chest message box: "You see a chest for the shaman's herbs.
    You deftly steal from the shaman's things."

  4. The Chosen One: "You are doing just way too many drugs. I'm outta here."
    (Hakunin's dialogue)