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Matthew (Fallout 2)

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The Brotherhood of Steel is not the power that we once were. We believed ourselves to be the sole source of technology left to mankind. Secure in this belief we have let our order decline over the years.

Matthew is the Brotherhood of Steel agent staffing the San Francisco Brotherhood Outpost in Fallout 2.


Upon first meeting Matthew, he explains that the Brotherhood has reactivated their outposts in the Den, the NCR, and San Francisco in order to gather information on the Enclave, with each base being minimally staffed to remain covert.[1] He tells the Chosen One that the Enclave has obtained Vertibird technology, and without their own Vertibirds, the Brotherhood would be unable to stop an invasion by the Enclave. He then tasks the Chosen One with infiltrating their main refueling base, Navarro, and stealing the plans.[2]

If the Chosen One completes the task, Matthew is killed by the Enclave's Frank Horrigan two days later. In a video recording of his assassination, he tells Horrigan that he and President Dick Richardson will never succeed, and that the Chosen One will end their reign of terror. Frank dismisses this as a pathetic prophecy, and although Matthew attempts to resist, Frank kills him.[3]

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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Effects of player's actions

  • Obtaining the Vertibird plans will allow the Chosen One access to the San Francisco Brotherhood Outpost.
  • The Chosen One also gets to keep the original plans for use with the other quests from the Hubologists and the Shi. Two days after this, Matthew will disappear, and accessing the ACE computer in the bunker will reveal what happened to him by playing back internal sensor recordings.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Tesla armor Turbo plasma rifle*

* Only in cinematic with Frank Horrigan.


Matthew appears only in Fallout 2.



  1. Chosen One: "Why only one person here?"
    Matthew: "We've had this base for years. By maintaining it at a low level with minimal staffing, never drawing attention to ourselves, we've achieved anonymity. We leave the Shi alone, and they leave us alone."
    Chosen One: "Yeah, I guess I see what you mean."
    Matthew: "Too many people in any one place can attract attention. One man in a city of many men is less noticeable."
    (Matthew's dialogue)
  2. Chosen One: "Who are you guys?"
    Matthew: "We are a paramilitary organization known as the Brotherhood of Steel."
    Chosen One: "What Brotherhood do?"
    Matthew: "At one time we were the sole bastions of technology left on the planet. We set ourselves up as what could best be called 'technology police.' We hoarded the old knowledge and only doled it out in small parcels. Of course, it was only to those who we felt deserved it and had the wisdom to properly use it."
    Chosen One: "You said 'at one time.' What about now?"
    Matthew: "Several months ago we came across a group known as the Enclave. Much to our surprise their level of technology surpassed even our own. We found this quite disturbing and considered contacting them. However, we decided on a more cautious course of action until we could determine exactly who the Enclave was, and the underlying purpose of their organization.To this end, we have reactivated small outposts near areas of Enclave activity from which we can safely observe them. Currently, we have activated such outposts in the Den, the NCR, and here in San Francisco."
    Chosen One: "Sounds interesting. What have you learned?"
    Matthew: "We have found that the Enclave deals heavily in chems, weapons, and slaves. However, these are simply trivial pursuits leading up to some higher purpose, which we have failed to uncover. We are still watching them."
    Chosen One: "Why you tell all this now?"
    Matthew: "(sigh) The Enclave has developed vertibird technology, flying machines that allow them to move deeply into surrounding territories. Without similar technology to counter this threat, the Brotherhood would be unable to stop an invasion launched by the Enclave. We need to have vertibird technology, or a viable counter to it, for ourselves. Now, recently the Enclave established a base north of here called Navarro. It's used as a stopover point for the maintenance and refueling of vertibirds. It's my belief that such a base may have complete technical plans of the vertibirds. All I need is for someone to infiltrate the base, steal the plans, and bring them here to me."
    Chosen One: "Let me guess. You want me to infiltrate this base for you."
    Matthew: "Let me be frank with you, . The Brotherhood of Steel is not the power that we once were. We believed ourselves to be the sole source of technology left to mankind. Secure in this belief we have let our order decline over the years. Now we don't have the resources at our disposal to deal with the Enclave. We need your help. I am prepared to make you this offer. Perform this mission for me and I will grant you access to our facility here. The best of the Brotherhood technology will be made available to you, exclusively. What do you say?"
    Chosen One: "What the hell. I must be crazy, but I'll do it."
    Matthew: "Excellent. Here is what I need you to do. Go to Navarro, infiltrate the base, and recover the technical plans for the vertibirds. Return the plans to me."
    Chosen One: "All right, but... Just how do think I should go about this? This is a military base after all."
    Matthew: "Navarro is relatively new and not fully staffed as yet. My sources tell me that they receive new recruits from time to time. Perhaps, if you went in alone, you could pose as a new arrival. I would suggest that. You could have your friends wait here."
    "You mentioned your 'sources.' Who would they be?"
    Matthew: "I had an operative go and scout the base. Her reports recently stopped; I can only assume the worst. Please be careful"
    (Matthew's dialogue)
  3. Matthew: "You and your so-called President will not succeed."
    Frank Horrigan: "Is that so?"
    Matthew: "The Chosen One has come, and he will rid the world of your evil."
    Frank Horrigan: "I care nothing for your pathetic prophecies. Worse, you have become a nusiance through your meddling. That ends today!"
    Matthew: "Killing me will stop nothing."
    Frank Horrigan: "That may be, but seeing your body rotting on the ground will bring a smile to my face."
    (Frank Horrigan and Matthew's dialogue)