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You piss off anyone down there, make them think that I had ANYTHING to do with that son of a bitch kicking the bucket, and I'll make sure no one can identify your corpse.

John Bishop is the ruthless, middle-aged leader of the Bishop clan. He represents a power-hungry family from New Reno in Fallout 2.


Bishop is a violent and powerful man, controlling one of the two most powerful families in the city, and seeks to end New Reno's mob-based anarchy by bringing it into an alliance with NCR and Vault City.[1] NCR hired Bishop as a middleman, who in turn hired the raiders who harass Vault City, in the hopes that Vault City will turn to NCR for protection.[2] He offers the Chosen One access to amenities of his establishments if they agree to join the family.[3][4]

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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Other interactions

  • If the Chosen One has sex with Angela Bishop and/or Mrs. Bishop, if they speak to Mr. Bishop and refuse to take a quest for him, he will threaten them to do the job or pay for their actions. Continued refusal, or visiting him again without completing the quest, will turn him hostile.
  • Bishop can be killed discreetly by changing the combination to his safe, thereby killing him with his own booby-trap. "Repair" Bishop's safe to change the combination, then leave and return later to find Bishop dead. If the trap has already been removed or triggered, plastic explosives or dynamite must be "used" on it to re-arm the trap before "repairing" it to change the combination. Mrs. Bishop's permission is not needed before changing the safe combination.
    • To obtain Bishop's holodisk from the safe discreetly before killing him, the trap can be disarmed or triggered and then sneak to avoid detection when the guard comes to check on the explosion. The table in the SW corner of the room will allow hiding from the guard if ducked behind in time. This is because some scenery objects such as the table block NPCs' line-of-sight.
  • It is possible to sleep with either Bishop woman (Mrs. Bishop and Angela Bishop) without John Bishop becoming hostile after the conversation trigger with him. The player character does not have to sneak for this to work as the only requirement is that the quest to assassinate Westin or murder Carlson is accepted, since he will only inquire about that. When trying to descend the stairs, John Bishop will open dialogue with the player character and ask about having killed Westin/Carlson. He should be told that the player character is "working on it." The dialogue will close, and the player character may descend the stairs. This works only once (one may not sleep with Mrs. Bishop and Angela Bishop repeatedly with no consequences as Bishop "wears his patience thin" if prompted the second time with the same answer).
  • If the player character sleeps with either Anne or Mrs. Bishop and then completes all quests through that encounter then John Bishop will acknowledge it and then become hostile at the end of the conversation if he chooses not to become a made man. This also occurs after becoming a made man and talking to him if the player character sleeps with either Bishops before completing the last quest and becoming one or afterward. The trigger for the conversation will activate after the player character descends and reascends the staircase if he slept with either before becoming a made man and if he did so afterward then he will automatically converse when leaving the bedroom en route to the stairs.
  • If the player character does complete all quests and chooses not to become a made man for the Bishops, John Bishop will then tell him, "don't be a stranger now" with every visit the player character has instead. A glitch occurs if this is done and consecutively sleeping with either of the Bishops as the trigger of John Bishop's dialogue will permanently be the last message of the prior conversation between the player character and the Bishop he slept with.


Apparel Weapon Other items
10mm SMG $99
10mm JHP x48


John Bishop appears only in Fallout 2.


  1. Bishop's man: "{373}{}{I heard one of the boys got the Bishop daughter drunk, and Mr. Bishop skinned him.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{211}{}{Rumor has it that the NCR is making a deal with the Bishops.}"
    Tandi: "{213}{tand20}{No point trying to keep secrets around here. We're negotiating with New Reno for membership in the NCR. They should have some pull with places like Vault City.}"
  3. The Chosen One: "{261}{}{Can you tell me about Mr. Bishop?}"
    Leslie Anne Bishop: "{271}{}{My husband? He is the head of the Bishop family. In matters of diplomacy, business, and criminal pursuits, he possesses a certain animal cunning that one cannot help but admire, however contemptible his other qualities.}"
  4. John Bishop: "Not exactly... (Smiles.) What I got is an OFFER: How about becoming part of the Family? I got big plans, and I could use you: you're resourceful, tough, and you get things DONE. That's the kind of soldier I need."
    The Chosen One: "I'm interested. What's in it for me?"
    John Bishop: "All right then, bottom line:"
    John Bishop: "You got a taste for women? I can make sure you're NEVER lonely again. Maybe you don't like the bitches, that's fine, I'll get you some glitterboys you can park your meat in."
    John Bishop: "You got any young stud you fancy? I'll set you up with all the pretty boys you want. Or maybe you swing the other way, eh? I'll make sure you have a partner for every day of the week."
    The Chosen One: "Keep talking."
    John Bishop: "You like to fly, get high, wire up? I can get you all of that. You want weapons, new hardware, a better piece of iron to plug some schlep with? All that bullshit…yours. IF… (Raises a finger.) IF you join the family."
    (John Bishop's dialogue)