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Broc Flower (Fallout 2)

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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of the topic, see broc flower.

The plentiful flower that forms the base for the powder of healing.— In-game description

The broc flower is a plant growing in the southwest United States.


The broc flower cannot be directly used, but Hakunin can make healing powder with a broc flower and xander root. Additionally, if one gives Myron a broc flower, along with an empty hypodermic he can make a stimpak. There is a finite supply of empty hypodermics and a potentially infinite supply of the other ingredients.


In Fallout 2, broc flowers can be found in Arroyo's hunting grounds, and in the back garden of Father Tully's church in New Reno and are often for sale from merchants in San Francisco and on the tanker. The merchant in the Merchant and Guards encounter near San Francisco will sell broc flowers to player characters with positive Karma.

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