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Address your questions to AHS-7. I am AHS-9, the Great and Terrible, and I have many matters on my mind. Trouble me not, meat.

AHS-9, the "great and terrible," is the leader of the Hubology cult in Fallout 2.


AHS-9 knows a great deal about the situation and surroundings, even about Enclave bases hidden all over the former American Southwest.[1] Being adept in confidence tricks and mind games, he can even learn to communicate with a low Intelligence character after they undergo alignment. His cult kidnaps people from the nearby Shi-town to brainwash.[2] Furthermore, they possess considerable wealth, coming from donations from those initiated into the ranks of the Church of Hubology.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Kill the Shi Emperor: In order to become a full Hubologist, the player character is tasked with killing the Shi Emperor.
  • Kill the AHS-9: Ken Lee gives the player character one last test to prove they deserve an audience with the Emperor; kill the leader of the Hubologists.


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AHS-9 appears in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

AHS-9 is labeled "Oz9" in the game files.


  1. Fcoz9.msg: "The Enclave are a remnant of the past - a neurodyne that has yet to be aligned. They have hidden bases all over the shards of old California, and their strongest stronghold is off to the west, over the waters."
  2. Fckenlee.msg: "AHS-9, has been abducting and brainwashing our children."