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I used to envy 'em that. I wanted a life of adventure, but I stayed here and took over as mayor when my dad died. Been running this place and building NCR ever since. Guess it turned out to be a pretty big life after all.— Tandi

Tandi is the daughter of Aradesh, the leader of Shady Sands. She served as the second president of the New California Republic.


Tandi met the Vault Dweller when they helped to rescue her from the Khans, which subsequently kept her community safe.[1] Seth and Tandi were close during her time living in Shady Sands, with Seth describing her as "my girl" during the rescue quest but Tandi sharing that Seth isn't her type.[2][3] Karl refers to Tandi as "Mrs. Tandi"[4] and she has a son named Hoss.[5]

Aradesh and Tandi oversaw Shady Sands as it grew, eventually becoming the capital of the New California Republic.[6] In 2196, she took office after her father, and served as president for 52 years, until her death in 2248.[7][Pub 1] She was popular with the people, chosen by the representatives of the Hall of Congress Council unanimously for each term.[7]

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Fallout 2

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Fallout 2

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  • She gets kidnapped a few weeks after the Vault Dweller discovered Shady Sands and rid them of radscorpions.
  • She will remain in the Vault Dweller's party after being rescued until she is returned to Shady Sands. By avoiding Shady Sands after rescuing her, she can serve as a fifth non-player character party member alongside Dogmeat, Ian, Tycho and Katja. However, she cannot be given any form of combat commands or orders, her inventory can only be manipulated by pickpocketing, and she will wield the first weapon she draws for the rest of the game.
  • She rejects any attempts to romance her, by both a female and male Vault Dweller.[8]
  • An inflatable rubber doll named Tandi can be found in New Reno; another can be found in the building behind Sheriff Marcus in Broken Hills, and such a doll is one of three items Typhon, son of Set, requires before revealing a hidden treasure location.
  • A younger version of her makes an appearance at the Café of Broken Dreams special encounter.
  • Tandi appears on the NCR $100 bill in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Lieutenant Boyd states Tandi's administration prohibited violence against prisoners.[9]
  • Tandi is mentioned in an NCR citizenship quiz in Freeside, the correct answer to the question of who was the most popular president in NCR history.[10]
  • "TANDI" appears as a possible terminal password in Fallout 4.


Tandi's Shady Sands Tell Me Abouts
Query Response
Aradesh Aradesh is my father. He's okay, as far as dads go.
Tandi That's me. Who else did you think it was?
Razlo Razlo's the old guy on the east side of town. He's a pretty good doctor, though, even if he is a fossil.
Seth Seth's the captain of the guards. My father tried to set us up once, but he is not my type.
Raiders, Khans Pretty bad bunch or so I've heard. My father knows more about them. He never tells me much about the outside world.
Well That's where we get all our water. It's been here since before I was born.
Scorpions, Scorpion I've actually seen one, even if it was from far away. They're nasty creatures, with claws and a big stinger. And their poison can be deadly if it isn't treated. You should talk to my dad, Aradesh, he knows more about them.
Claw I heard a tale from a traveler up from the south. He said the Death Claw was a creature that killed people at night. He said no one can catch it, because it can disappear like smoke. Not that I believe it, of course.
Junktown Junktown's a small city to the southwest. It's supposed to have pretty good trading, but my father won't even look into it. He says we need to stay 'protected'. Yeah, right. Caged is more like it.
Hub The Hub is supposed to be a great city to the south. I've always wanted to see it, but I've never got the chance.
City I don't know, but the guy who told me about it was really scared of it. He said that the undead walked the streets!
Garl He leads the Khans. He is one of the most dangerous men that has ever set eyes on Shady Sands. He leads the raider clans with a heavy fist.
Anything else I don't know. You might want to ask Seth or my father about it, though.
Hmm...Doesn't ring a bell.
Hm...nope. I never heard of it.
Khan raider's Tell-Me-Abouts
Query Response
Alya "She is an advisor. She plans the raids."
Dianapol "She is the armorer. She repairs our equipment."
Garl "He's the leader of the Khans. He is the most feared man in the wasteland."
Gwen "She is second in command."
Petrox "He collects our supplies."
Tolya "He is the cook."


Fallout 2


Tandi appears in Fallout and in Fallout 2. She is also mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes



  1. The Chosen One: "Statue?"
    Tandi: "That's right. For scaring off the raiders. They kept clear of Shady Sands afterwards we got time to get ourselves set up. We made him a hero... even if we didn't believe a word about him coming from Vault 13."
    Tandi: "My dad and Seth searched for years trying to find Vault 13. They died looking - always said it was west of here. If somebody were to find Vault 13, that'd do us even better than 15."
    (Tandi's dialogue)
  2. Seth: "Thank Dharma you're here wanderer. My girl ...uh, Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, has been kidnapped. We believe the raiders have her."
    (Seth's dialogue)
  3. Tandi: "Seth's the captain of the guards. My father tried to set us up once, but he is not my type."
    (Tandi's dialogue)
  4. Chosen One: "I'm new to NCR. What can you Tell Me About your town?"
    Karl: "This is NCR, capitol of the New California Republic. Population 3000 and growing. No slavery, no gambling, no drugs. President is Mrs. Tandi, my boss is Sheriff Dumont. That answer your questions?"
    (Karl's dialogue)
  5. Tandi: "I'm Tandi, president of the NCR. So you're the girl who whupped my boy Hoss? I should've had such a daughter! I've got a job you might want. Interested?"
  6. Fallout endings: "In Shady Sands, Tandi helps her father Aradesh bring a new community and new life out of the broken remains of the world. They are responsible for the New California Republic, whose ideals spread across the land."
  7. 7.0 7.1 Courier: "What do you think of the NCR?"
    Caesar: "Do you want my opinion as a former citizen, or future conqueror? Actually, my opinion's the same either way. As a young man I was taught to venerate President Tandi of Shady Sands. "The Founding Mother of the New California Republic." Did you know her Presidency lasted 52 years? And that her father, Aradesh, was the Republic's first President? Does that sound like democracy to you, or a hereditary dictatorship?"
    Courier: "President Tandi was voted into office each time."
    Caesar: "Because the council didn't dare oppose her. She was too popular. She had the people's love. So things ran smoothly, more or less. And as soon as she was gone, as soon as there really could be "democracy" - what happened then? Ever since losing its queen, the NCR has been weaker, more diffuse. Democracy has been its weakness, not its strength."
    (Caesar's dialogue)
  8. Tandi: "{149}{tand_27m}{I'm not that kind of girl, mister. Go find a Brahma or something.}"
    "{150}{tand_27f}{Listen...uh...but I...uh...I-I like guys, okay? Whew! Uh, excuse me, I got stuff to do.}"
    (Tandi's dialogue)
  9. Courier: "Why don't you just beat your prisoner senseless?"
    Lieutenant Boyd: "I like the way you think. Have I said that yet? Problem is that the NCR frowns on using that sort of tactic. There are some restrictions still in place from President Tandi's administration.
    (Lieutenant Boyd's dialogue)
  10. Missionary: "This'll just take a few moments, and it's all stuff that any real citizen of the NCR knows. Okay, first question. Who was the most popular president in NCR history, Kimball, Tibbett, Tandi, or Peterson?"
    Courier: "Tandi."
    (Missionary's dialogue)
  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p. 458: "Important Dates"
    "2196 Tandi (Aradesh's daughter) is unanimously elected President by the NCR council. Her popularity is to prove enduring: she will continue to serve in office until her death in 2248, at the age of 103."
    "2248 President Tandi takes ill and dies at the age of 103. Her presidency has lasted 52 years. Vice-President Joanna Tibbett assumes office."
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