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Noodles. We all eat them. We all love them. And Diamond City's Power Noodles has supplied this sustenance for the past fifteen years. From the stilted mechanical cadence of Takahashi's programmed Japanese, to the fragrant steam that wafts from each bowl, to the scalding tang of each delicious mouthful - the ordering and eating of noodles is but one of many shared human experiences. Or is it?The Synthetic Truth

Power Noodles is an unmarked location in the Diamond City market in Fallout 4. It is operated by the Protectron Takahashi, and was founded 15 years ago.[1] Takahashi sells noodles for 55 caps per bowl.



This noodle bar was built up against the fusion generator tower in the center of the settlement, where the pitcher’s mound was. The Protectron chef, Takahashi, has a single phrase—“Nan-ni shimasho-ka?” or “What would you like to have?”—and a single item to trade. Noodles, naturally.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


This structure directly opposite the city's main entrance in the center of the market is a small outdoor restaurant. Counters encircle a central pillar, with Takahashi behind one of them. A cooking station sits nearby.


Two Nuka-Cola Quantums - On the counters.


  • Before Power Noodles was established, a bar that occupied the same space in the market was the scene of the Broken Mask incident. This violent event resulted in the death of ten individuals at the hand of a malfunctioning Institute synth in May 2229.[2][3][4]
  • Upon meeting Takahashi for the first time and hearing his signature question ("Nan-ni shimasko-ka?"), a nearby resident will say "Just say yes, it's all he understands."
  • Companions will try to talk to Takahashi when arriving in the Diamond City market for the first time.
  • MacCready enjoys Takahashi's noodles immensely. If he is the Sole Survivor's current companion, he accepts a bowl from the robotic chef, and when finished, enthusiastically asks for more.[5]
  • If visiting Diamond City on Halloween, Power Noodles is decorated with red skull cutouts on the counter and "Happy Halloween" banners stretched across the canopy.
  • If visiting Diamond City on Christmas, Power Noodles is decorated with Christmas trees and lights connected to surrounding buildings.
  • The Far Harbor note Taste test found in the Nucleus makes a reference to Power Noodles.
  • The Art of Fallout 4 concept art shows the center pillar contains a functional power reactor, supplying the surrounding buildings with electricity.[Pub 1]


Power Noodles only appears in Fallout 4.



  1. The Synthetic Truth: "Noodles. We all eat them. We all love them. And Diamond City's Power Noodles has supplied this sustenance for the past fifteen years."
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  2. The Synthetic Truth: "So it must have also seemed to the residents of Diamond City nearly sixty years ago, on an uncharacteristically warm May evening in 2229, as they sat around this very same counter. But that was before the days of Takahashi and his noodles, when the bar served not noodles, but ice cold Nuka-Colas, frothy beers, and stiff shots of whiskey."
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  3. The Synthetic Truth: "Which brings us to noodles. Specifically, the noodles consumed by Mayor McDonough last Wednesday night, in the same spot that Mr. Carter the synth went haywire, and mercilessly killed several people - after spending hours sharing an experience the people of Diamond City assumed was reserved for members of the human race. They were wrong."
    (Publick Occurrences)
  4. Sole Survivor: "What happened to you?"<br "[[In Diamond City, a lifetime ago, my parents and eight others were massacred by someone. At first we thought the maniac was human. But that was the day we learned of the Institute's latest creations. The synths. As long as the Institute walks invisibly amongst us, they strike without warning and control us from the shadows."
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    MacCready: "Yeah, yeah... that's the stuff."
    Takahashi: "Nan-ni shimasho-ka?"
    MacCready: "You're damn right I'll take two servings."
    (MacCready's dialogue)