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Fallout 4 Locations

This article lists all locations in Fallout 4.


Image Game Region Marked Unmarked Mentioned Unused Automatron (add-on) Wasteland Workshop (add-on) Far Harbor (add-on) Contraptions Workshop (add-on) Vault-Tec Workshop (add-on) Nuka-World (add-on)
Quincy Massacre view afar.png
Fallout 4 The Commonwealth 391 361 143 35 7 1 65 1 4 56

Base game

Name Locations
Back Bay
Beacon Hill
Boston Common
Boston Harbor
Diamond City
East Boston
Financial District
General Atomics Galleria
Glowing Sea
North End
Quincy Ruins
Sanctuary Hills
South Boston
The Fens
Theater District
University Point
West Roxbury





By Type


Image Name Part of
Vault 75 entrance.png Vault 75 The Commonwealth
Vault 81door.jpg Vault 81 The Commonwealth
E3 Fallout4 VaultTecWorkshop Door.png Vault 88 The Commonwealth
Vault 111.png Vault 111 The Commonwealth
Vault114.jpg Vault 114 Back Bay
FO4-FarHarbor-Vault118-Entrance.jpg Vault 118 The Island

Post-War Locations

Image Name Part of Merchant
FO4 Chem-I-Care.jpg Chem-I-Care Diamond City market Solomon
Fo4 Choice Chops Diamond City Market.png Choice Chops Diamond City Polly
FO4 Commonwealth Weaponry.jpg Commonwealth Weaponry Diamond City market Arturo Rodriguez
DaisysDiscounts-Fallout4.jpg Daisy's Discounts Goodneighbor Daisy
FO4 Diamond City Surplus.jpg Diamond City Surplus Diamond City market Myrna
Fallout 4 Drumlin Diner.png Drumlin Diner The Commonwealth Trudy
Fallout 4 GAG Department Store.jpg Fallon's General Atomics Galleria Reg
Fo4Fallons basement exterior.png Fallon's Basement Diamond City market Becky Fallon
GeneralAtomics Outlet.jpg General Atomics Outlet General Atomics Galleria Sprocket
Kathy&John'sSuperSalon.jpg Kathy & John's Super Salon Diamond City market John
Killorbekilled-Fallout4.jpg Kill or Be Killed Goodneighbor KL-E-0
FO4 Mega Surgery Center.jpg Mega Surgery Center Diamond City market
FO4 Shanty store.jpg Shanty store Leonard Moore
FO4 Swatters.jpg Swatters Diamond City market Moe Cronin

Abandoned and Pre-War Locations

Image Name Part of
Atom Cats garage.png Atom Cats Garage The Commonwealth
Egret Tours Marina.jpg Egret Tours Marina The Commonwealth
FortHagenFillingStation-Fallout4.jpg Fort Hagen Filling Station The Commonwealth
FO4NW Hubologist's Camp 01.jpg Hubologist's Camp Nuka-World
RedRocket-NukaWorld.jpg Nuka-World Red Rocket Nuka-World
RedRocket-SouthwestHarbor-FarHarbor.jpg Red Rocket
FO4 RR Big John.jpg Red Rocket The Commonwealth
FO4 RR loc 2.jpg Red Rocket Cambridge
FO4 Loc RR College Sq.jpg Red Rocket Cambridge
FO4 RR Easy City.jpg Red Rocket
RedRocket-NationalParkHQ-FarHarbor.jpg Red Rocket
FO4 Egret Tours Marina (Red Rocket).jpg Red Rocket
FO4 RR Electri Hob.jpg Red Rocket
Red Rocket Glowing Sea.jpg Red Rocket Glowing Sea
LexingtonRedRocket.jpg Red Rocket Lexington
FO4 RR loc 1.jpg Red Rocket The Commonwealth
FO4 Nahant Red Rocket 2.png Red Rocket Nahant
FO4 Red Rocket in Natick.jpg Red Rocket Natick
RedRocket-Neposet-Fallout4.jpg Red Rocket
RedRocket-Quincy.jpg Red Rocket
RedRocket-FarHarbor.jpg Red Rocket
Red Rocket truck stop.jpg Red Rocket Truck Stop The Commonwealth
Image Name Part of
Airport Subway 1.png Airport Station Boston Airport
Andrew station.png Andrew Station South Boston
Red Line
FO4 College Square Stn Interior.jpg College Square Station Cambridge
Red Line
Copley station.png Copley Station Back Bay
Green Line
FensWayStation-Entrance-Fallout4.jpg Fens Way Station The Fens
Green Line
FO4 Malden Center Stn Interior.jpg Malden Center Malden
Orange Line
MedicalMetro-Fallout4.jpg Medical Center Metro Theater District
Orange Line
ParkStreet-Fallout4.jpg Park Street Station Boston Common
Green Line
Red Line
Park Station Sign.png Post Office Station Financial District
Quincy Station 1.png Quincy Station Quincy Ruins
RevereBeachStation.jpg Revere Beach Station Revere
Blue Line
Scollay Square Station 1.png Scollay Square Station Goodneighbor
Blue Line
Dig Station 2.png Subway Station Orange Line
FO4 North End Station1.jpg Valenti Station North End
Red Line
West Roxbury Station.jpg West Roxbury Station Orange Line
Image Name Part of
FO4 Cambridge church.png Cambridge Church Cambridge
FO4 Conc ext 4.jpg Concord Church Concord
Fo4forgotchurchextern.png Forgotten Church Glowing Sea
Holy Mission Congregation Exterrior View.jpg Holy Mission Congregation Esplanade
Hopesmarchpentecostalchurch.png Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church Glowing Sea
Lonely Chapel.jpg Lonely Chapel The Commonwealth
Nahant Chapel.jpg Nahant Chapel Nahant
NorthEndGraveyard-Fallout4.jpg North End Graveyard North End
OldGranary-Fallout4.jpg Old Granary Burying Ground Boston Common
Old North Church.jpg Old North Church North End
Quincy Church.jpg Quincy Church Quincy Ruins
RuinedChurch-FarHarbor.jpg Ruined Church The Island
Church of the Cat exterior.jpg South Boston Church South Boston
TrinityChurch-Fallout4.jpg Trinity Church Trinity Plaza, Back Bay
Union's Hope Cathedral.png Union's Hope Cathedral Cambridge
Fo4 Wildwood cemetery.png Wildwood Cemetery The Commonwealth

By Faction

Image Name Part of
Andrew station.png Andrew Station South Boston
Red Line
Fo4-BADTFL-office.jpg BADTFL Regional Office Charlestown
Back Street Apparel.jpg Back Street Apparel The Fens
Raider alley outpost.jpg Barricade and Rooftops Esplanade
Beantown Brewery.jpg Beantown Brewery The Commonwealth
BradbertonAmpitheatre-NukaWorld.jpg Bradberton Amphitheater Nuka-Town USA
FO4 Locations 27621 53.jpg Combat Zone Theater District
FO4 Conc ext 3.jpg Concord The Commonwealth
Corvega assembly plant Fallout 4.png Corvega Assembly Plant Lexington
D.B. Technical High School.jpg D.B. Technical High School Theater District
Fo4 quarry E3.png Dunwich Borers The Commonwealth
East Boston Preparatory School.jpg East Boston Preparatory School East Boston
EasyCityDowns-Fallout4.jpg Easy City Downs East Boston
Federal ration stockpile.png Federal Ration Stockpile The Commonwealth
FizztopMountain-Front-NukaWorld.jpg Fizztop Mountain Nuka-Town USA
Fort Hagen satellite array.jpg Fort Hagen Satellite Array The Commonwealth
Hangman's Alley Overview.jpg Hangman's Alley The Fens
Harbormaster Hotel.png Harbormaster Hotel Boston Harbor
Hardwaretown.png Hardware Town The Fens
Haymarket Mall.png Haymarket Mall Financial District
Fo4 Hyde TV 1.png Hyde Park The Commonwealth
JimbosTower-Fallout4.jpg Jimbo's Tower Back Bay
FO4 Kendall Hospital.png Kendall Hospital Cambridge
Fo4 Layton Towers (two towers).jpg Layton Towers Back Bay
Lexington.jpg Lexington The Commonwealth
Lexington Apartments.jpg Lexington Apartments Lexington
FO4 Libertalia (5).jpg Libertalia Nahant
Lynn Woods.jpg Lynn Woods The Commonwealth
FO4 Malden Center Stn Interior.jpg Malden Center Malden
Orange Line
Mass Pike Tunnel East.jpg Mass Pike Tunnel East Massachusetts Turnpike
StateHouse-Fallout4.jpg Massachusetts State House Boston Common
Miltongeneralhospital.png Milton General Hospital The Commonwealth
MonsignorPlaza-Fallout4.jpg Monsignor Plaza Cambridge
Fo4 Museum of Freedom.png Museum of Freedom Concord
NukaTown-NukaWorld.jpg Nuka-World
Outpost Zimonja.jpg Outpost Zimonja The Commonwealth
Parkview Apartments FO4.jpg Parkview Apartments The Fens
Parsons Creamery.jpg Parsons Creamery The Commonwealth
Parsons state ext.webp Parsons State Insane Asylum The Commonwealth
Pickman Gallery.jpg Pickman Gallery North End
Fo4 Poseidon Energy.jpg Poseidon Energy The Commonwealth
Quincy Quarries.jpg Quincy Quarries Quincy
MajorCrossroads-Fallout4.jpg Raider Platforms Cambridge
RevereBeachStation.jpg Revere Beach Station Revere
Blue Line
Fo4 location Roadside Pines motel.png Roadside Pines Motel Natick
FO4 Saugus Ironworks.png Saugus Ironworks The Commonwealth
SlocumJoeHQ-Fallout4.jpg Slocum's Joe Corporate HQ Malden
South Boston High School.jpg South Boston High School South Boston
FO4NW The Parlor.png The Parlor Nuka-Town USA
FO4 The Shamrock Taphouse.jpg The Shamrock Taphouse Boston Harbor
Fo4 Thicket Excavations Overview.png Thicket Excavations The Commonwealth
Fo4 USAF Satellite Station Olivia.jpg USAF Satellite Station Olivia The Commonwealth
FO4 Walden Pond.jpg Walden Pond The Commonwealth
FO4 Water Street Apartments.jpg Water Street Apartments Financial District
Fo4 FMS Northern Star.png Wreck of the FMS Northern Star The Commonwealth
FO4 Location Wreck of the USS Riptide 01.jpg Wreck of the USS Riptide The Fens

Automatron locations

These locations can only be accessed with the add-on Automatron installed.

Far Harbor locations

The Island can only be accessed with the add-on Far Harbor installed.

Far Harbor

Vault-Tec Workshop locations

These locations can only be accessed with the add-on Vault-Tec Workshop installed.

Nuka-World locations

Nuka-World can only be accessed with the add-on Nuka-World installed.



Main article: Fallout 4 Settlements
Armor WorkbenchArmor workbench  · Chemistry Station Chemistry station  · Cooking Station Cooking station  · Power Armor Station Power armor station  · Weapons Workbench Weapons workbench  · Robot Workbench Robot workbench  · Nuka-Mixer Station Nuka-mixer station
Location Image How to obtain control Crafts Notes Ref ID
Abernathy farm Abernathy frm.jpg Complete Returning the Favor, drive away or kill the Abernathy family. Chemistry Station Cooking Station 0006F5C5
Boston Airport FO4 Boston Airport Control Tower.jpg Complete Shadow of Steel or eliminate the Brotherhood of Steel by destroying the Prydwen and then clearing the airport ruins of ghouls. One may complete Duty or Dishonor before destroying the Prydwen to skip this. Food cannot be grown at this location. Cannot build recruitment radio beacon. 000B3506
Bunker Hill BunkerHill-Fallout4.jpg Talk to Kessler after completing The Battle of Bunker Hill. 00019956
The Castle FO4 Castle Exterior02.png Eliminate the mirelurk queen that takes up residence at the Castle after destroying a certain number of eggs. Armor Workbench Chemistry Station Cooking Station Weapons Workbench Also a Clinic. Some of these crafting stations are only available once the quest Old Guns is completed. 00066EB6
Coastal cottage Coastal cottage.jpg Eliminate the only raider that takes up residence. Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 00168945
County Crossing County crossing2.jpg Complete a Minutemen quest. Cooking Station 0009B1DB
Covenant Covenant.jpg Side with Covenant during Human Error and speak to Jacob Orden, or kill the current settlers. 000E0505
Croup Manor FO4 Croup Manor Alternate.png Eliminate the resident ghouls. Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 001654BD
Egret Tours Marina FO4 Egret Tours Marina (1).jpg Kill Phyllis, or access the personal logs in her terminal and confront her about Samuel (or through a persuade conversation option). Cooking Station Weapons Workbench 00164321
Finch farm Finch farm4.jpg Complete Out of the Fire or kill the members of the Finch family. Cooking Station 0009B19D
Graygarden Graygarden.png Complete Troubled Waters or kill the resident robots. 0009B18F
Greentop Nursery Greentop Nursery.jpg Complete a Minutemen quest. Chemistry Station Cooking Station 0009B1F1
Hangman's Alley Hangman's Alley Overview.jpg Eliminate the resident raiders. Cooking Station Weapons Workbench Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 001F0711
Home Plate FO4 Home Plate TV.png Buy the key from Geneva at the Mayor's Office in Diamond City for 2000 caps. Armor Workbench Chemistry Station Cooking Station Power Armor Station Weapons Workbench All stations are outside in the market area. Restricted building options. Can't be added to a supply line. 00141DF5
Jamaica Plain Jamaica Plain Settlement.jpg Eliminate the resident ghouls. Power Armor Station Some workstations are outside the build area and unlinked. Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 001654CF
Kingsport Lighthouse FO4 Kingsport Lighthouse (3).jpg Eliminate the resident Children of Atom worshipers. Weapons Workbench Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 001654B8
Murkwater Construction Site Murkwater construction site.png Eliminate the resident mirelurks. There is a mirelurk queen that can respawn here after not visiting the area for seven in-game days. Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 0016D28E
Nordhagen Beach FO4 Nordhagen road path.png Complete a Minutemen quest. Chemistry Station Cooking Station 0009B1BE
Oberland Station FO4 Oberland Station.jpg Complete a Minutemen quest. Cooking Station 0009B1D1
Outpost Zimonja Fo4 Outpost Zimonja South Side.jpg Eliminate the resident raiders. Cooking Station Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 00024A26
Red Rocket Truck Stop FO4 RR Concord.jpg Settlement available by default. Armor Workbench Chemistry Station Cooking Station Power Armor Station Weapons Workbench This is the place where Dogmeat will be first encountered. Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 00054BAE
Sanctuary Hills Fo4 Sanctuary Hills Overview.png Settlement available by default. Armor Workbench Chemistry Station Cooking Station Power Armor Station Weapons Workbench This is the place the Sole Survivor lived in before evacuating to Vault 111 in 2077, and can return to immediately after emerging from Vault 111. Can be used as a Minutemen settlement. 000250FE
The Slog The Slog.jpg A unique tarberry farm centered around a pre-War swimming pool. Can be a Minutemen settlement. Armor Workbench Cooking Station 0009B197
Somerville Place Somerville Place.jpg Complete a Minutemen quest. - - 001E81EA
Spectacle Island FO4 Spectacle Island (Radio tower and workshop).jpg Restore power to the circuit breaker and defeat the resident mirelurks. Chemistry Station Power Armor Station Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. Has the largest build area of all settlements. 00161F4B
Starlight Drive-In FO4 Starlight drive in concessions.png Eliminate the resident mole rats. Cooking Station Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 0001D0E2
Sunshine Tidings Co-op FO 4 Sunshine Tidings Co Op (1).png Eliminate the resident ghouls. Chemistry Station Cooking Station Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 001654D5
Taffington Boathouse FO4 Taffington Boathouse landside.jpg Eliminate the resident bloodbugs. Cooking Station Can be used as a Railroad safehouse. 00135A90
Tenpines Bluff Tenpines Bluff.jpg Complete a Minutemen quest. Cooking Station One of the common settlements where the Sole Survivor can be sent to as part of The First Step. 0009B1AC
Warwick Homestead FO4 Warwick homestead (2).jpg Complete Building a Better Crop or complete a Minutemen quest. Cooking Station 0009B1A5
The Mechanist's lair Automatron (add-on) AUT The Mechanist's lair 2.png Complete Restoring Order. Food cannot be grown at this location. Cannot build recruitment radio beacon. xx00B218
Longfellow's cabin Far Harbor (add-on) Longfellows cabin.png Complete Walk in the Park. Cooking Station Power Armor Station Weapons Workbench xx020650
Dalton Farm Far Harbor (add-on) DaltonFarm-FarHarbor.jpg Complete second part of Blood Tide in Cassie Dalton's quest. xx038EAC
National Park visitor's center Far Harbor (add-on) National Park visitors center.png Obtained after talking to Uncle Ken during The Hold Out. Cooking Station Weapons Workbench xx00AB20
Echo Lake Lumber Far Harbor (add-on) EchoLake-FarHarbor.jpg Complete Turn Back the Fog and return to Small Bertha xx01C6AE
Vault 88 Vault-Tec Workshop Vault88-Main-Fallout4.jpg Complete Better Living Underground. xx000FEF
Nuka-World Red Rocket Nuka-World (add-on) RedRocket-NukaWorld.jpg Complete Power Play or Open Season and restore power to the Nuka-World power plant. Armor Workbench Power Armor Station xx00BCE7
Charlestown Condo Creation Club Fo4CC Charlestown Condo.jpg Complete A Place to Call Home FEXXX000
Neon Flats Creation Club Neon Flats.jpg Complete Neon Winter FEXXX000
Noir Penthouse Creation Club Noir Penthouse6.png Complete Early Retirement (quest) FEXXX000
Shroud Manor Creation Club Shroud Manor.jpg Complete Shrouded Manor FEXXX000

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