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Diamond City Surplus

Diamond City Surplus is an unmarked location in the Diamond City market in Fallout 4. It is owned and operated by Myrna (with the assistance of her robot Percy during the night shift) as a general store.



Open 24 hours, this general store is run by Myrna and her robot shopkeeper. The prices might be steep, but the selection is good. Inside her house is her terminal (Novice) to snoop at and precarious steps up to the roof.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


This building has three levels and three entrances: a ground-level door to Myrna's house inside her small covered shop stall, a second ground-level door to the house on the northeast side of the building on Third Street, and a door on the roof to the house. The stall also features a few containers, with an armor workbench to the right.

Myrna's house consists of a first-floor living area with Myrna's Novice-locked terminal, a pair of second-floor landings, and a third-floor sleeping area with an owned bed and the roof exit.



  • The Diamond City Surplus key is needed to enter Myrna's house without lockpicking the Novice-locked doors.
  • Myrna and Percy have separate inventories, thus allowing the Sole Survivor access to more stock.


Diamond City Surplus only appears in Fallout 4.