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Name's Arturo. I sell protection, if you're looking to buy.

Arturo Rodriguez is the owner of Commonwealth Weaponry, a weapon shop located inside of the Diamond City market, in business in Fallout 4.


Arturo is a local resident of Diamond City. He is a seasoned gun enthusiast, making a living as a weapons dealer in the city's local market place. He runs a weapons store called Commonwealth Weaponry. Arturo is the father of Nina Rodriguez, a child who is educated at the Diamond City schoolhouse. Her room, with her toys and study desk, can be found in her dad's house, behind his shop.

As a local of Diamond City, Arturo knows the residents in town, including Nick Valentine, a synth and private detective. He sells the Big Boy, a custom two-shot Fat Man, and a custom laser pistol Old Faithful, that deals double damage to targets with full health. He also sells power armor frames and common weapon essentials such as ammo, mods and crafting materials.

Interactions overview

FO76 ui trading team.png
This character is a merchant.

Crafting component shipments

The following shipments are sold by Arturo at any time:

Crafting Component Shipment Price
Aluminum 50 750
Copper 25 500
Gears 25 450
Screw 25 400



  • If the player character has Deacon as a companion, he may strike up a conversation with Arturo filled with cryptic phrases and code words, indicating he may be a member of, or at least an informant for the Railroad.
  • After the conclusion of In Sheep's Clothing he will lament the fact that he sold Mayor McDonough the firearm he used.[3]
  • Arturo has a separate trailer sitting on the rooftop of his store which he seems to use for storage of ammo or other goods. Entering is considered trespassing.


  • "Listen, I can sell you guns, swords, whatever. And they'll keep you alive for sure. But the real secret is in the mods. The little personal touches. Install a scope, expand the clip size, whatever. You spend time with your gear, and you'll have the right answer to every problem. Anyway, let's get back to you, and what kind of protection you need."
  • "Protection for sale! Hand-tooled pieces! Don't walk outside the Wall undefended! High quality protection for sale. Need some custom hardware? We got a free workbench for all your modifications. Scopes, clip sizes, barrels. We got small arms, long arms, ammunition! Don't be caught dead! Protection from Commonwealth Weaponry."
  • "You know, a shotgun's great insurance against Raiders, but I got a lot of options here."
  • "You're kidding right? Caps only friend." – Arturo if the player character attempts to use the Charge Card


Arturo Rodriguez appears in Fallout 4.


  1. Arturo Rodriguez: "Geiger counter, bud?"
    Deacon: "Mine is in the shop."
    Arturo Rodriguez: "You the guy about the article?"
    Deacon: "The one and only."
    Arturo Rodriguez: "I'd be careful around here. The target keeps late hours with strange visitors."
    Deacon: "That's not proof."
    Arturo Rodriguez: "Hey, not even Piper's dug up anything more yet."
    Deacon: "Got it. Keep your head down and no heroics."
    (Arturo Rodriguez/Dialogue and CompanionDeacon.txt)
  2. Arturo Rodriguez: "I've been dealing guns all my life. So did my dad. One day, my daughter's gonna pick up the mantle."
    (Arturo Rodriguez's dialogue)
  3. Arturo Rodriguez: "You know, I sold McDonough that gun he had. If I had known what he was... *sigh*..."
    (Arturo Rodriguez/Dialogue)