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Fallon's Basement is an unmarked location in the Diamond City market in Fallout 4. It is owned and operated by Becky Fallon as a clothing store.



This premiere (and only) clothing store sells a variety of prewar attire at the best prices, as well as helpful outfits, like hazmat suits. The proprietor Becky Fallon tells everyone she’s a direct descendant of the original Fallon family. Aside from a large supply of cram, the only item of note is a Holotape you can listen to regarding the Railroad.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


This building consists of a single room, with several dressers, suitcases, and mannequins, a few other containers, and nine canisters of cram and an owned mattress behind the counter. A set of stairs leads to a small upper platform.



The Fallon's basement key is needed to enter the shop at night without lockpicking the Advanced-locked door.


Fallon's Basement only appears in Fallout 4.



  1. Travis Miles: ""{NERVOUS} Fallon's Basement. Providing top-of-the-line fashion to Diamond City for over ten generations.""
    (Diamond City Radio advertisement)