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Kathy & John's Super Salon

The Super Salon will give you the hairstyle of your dreams!John (Fallout 4)

Kathy and John's Super Salon is an unmarked location in the Diamond City market in Fallout 4. It is owned and operated by the mother-and-son cosmetology duo Cathy and John as a barbershop offering the latest hairstyles from the upper stands and across the Commonwealth.[2][3] The salon serves the beauty needs of both travelers and city residents.



Need a haircut (for 25 Caps)? Want to listen to constant bickering between mother and son? Aside from changing your hairstyle, there’s a floor safe to steal from and a trapdoor (Novice) leading into their basement, which has ammo to steal from a suitcase.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


This building has an entrance hatch to John and Cathy's house inside their small covered shop stall. The stall also features a barber's chair, a sink, a mirror, a floor safe, and a couple of other containers. The house consists of a single basement room with two owned sleeping bags and some minor loot.


  • John and Jessica's house key is needed to enter John and Cathy's house without lockpicking the Novice-locked hatch.
  • While the name of the salon starts with a "K" for "Kathy," the name of the character, "Cathy," starts with a "C." In addition, the key to the house is labeled "John and Jessica."


Kathy and John's Super Salon only appears in Fallout 4.



  1. Travis Miles: ""{NERVOUS} John and Cathy's Super Salon invites you to try out the latest innovations in hairstyles. Look good. Make people jealous.""
    (Diamond City Radio advertisement)
  2. John: "The latest hairstyles from the Upper Stands!"
    John's dialogue
  3. John: "Who wants to look beautiful? Hair styles from across the Commonwealth!"
    John's dialogue