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Formulating the Future— Dyer Chemical slogan

Dyer Chemical is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in Fallout 76.


One of the staples of the region's economy, Dyer Chemical produced animal feed and phosphates for use at nearby farms.[3] The facility, Dyer Chemical MFG. CO., INC Plant No.9,[4] was partially automated, with CEO Stanley Dyer telling employees that the shipments of robots arriving on site were not related to recent layoffs and were not replacing human positions. Dyer clarified that the robots were meant to assist with completing the dangerous tasks inherently tied to the working with volatile substances.[5] Although a boon to local agriculture, Dyer Chemical developed the routine of illegally dumping waste under the guise of "accidental spills" which polluted the area.[6]

In February 2075, General C. Braxton selected Dyer Chemical as the testing ground for the Army's Project Clean & Clear. Stanley Dyer contacted Braxton to decline the proposal, citing the millions of dollars the facility would lose by modifying existing infrastructure and interrupting production to accommodate the project.[7] Braxton replied by informing him that it was a direct order, not a proposal, and he threatened Dyer by stating a failure to comply would result with the replacement of staff with robots.[8] The two exchanged messages, with Braxton going on to threaten nationalization of the facility, and Dyer contacting Senator Sam Blackwell, with whom he was well acquainted, for assistance handling the general. Although Dyer's efforts did find support from within the government, Braxton revealed to him that a mole had been operating in the company for over a year and had photographic evidence of the company's disposal via "accidents." Dyer complied when Braxton threatened to go to the press with the information, and he stated the facility would be ready for the Army by May.[9]

After the Great War, Lucy Harwick led her community of ghouls from the Valley Galleria to Dyer Chemical in hopes of finding a new home, safe from the hunting parties leaving Harper's Ferry. Duncan McKann, seeking revenge for the loss of his family to feral ghoul attacks, was able to track Lucy's community to the chemical plant. Duncan and his hunters laid siege to the plant in a battle that claimed the lives of both parties.[10]


Dyer Chemical is a sprawling complex of several buildings connected by catwalks and has a total of three entrances. It is highly irradiated in places and several hostile robots are present. The main entrance to the facility, including the locker rooms and welcoming office, is in the parking lot to the southeast.

The westernmost building, with an outflow pipe leading to the river, contains the main chemical mixing vats and supervisor's office, as well as storage and unloading dock, and connects to the adjacent building by way of a skybridge. The main hall contains a chemistry station, as well as a potential Vault-Tec Bobblehead spawn point.

The northern building, in the center of the complex, contains the station control building with the sewer access hatch at the bottom. It's surrounded by chemical storage vats, with the sewer maintenance building and main sewer access to the southeast. The sewers and station control room at the southern end of the building contains the location's steamer trunk.

The interior sewer can be accessed via a pipe hatch on the western side of the facility. It requires the Dyer Chemical ID card to open, found on the body of Nari Samir just south of Haven Church as part of the Tracking Unknowns quest. The interior area stretches beneath the facility and has two main sections, the office rooms above and the sewers proper below. The upper, office level, contains a random, leveled power armor with the corresponding station, while the generator room to the south includes a weapons workbench.


  • Lucy's holotape - Holotape, on the body of Lucy Harwick in the sewers.
  • Happy anniversary! - Holotape, on the corpse of Duncan McKann in the sewers.
  • Potassium - An Organic Solution quest item, in the bed of the large blue truck on the south side.
  • Phosphorous - An Organic Solution quest item, inside the small structure on the southwestern corner.
  • Nitrogen - An Organic Solution quest item, the northern edge of the area, in the office on the second floor (inside the filing cabinets).
  • Four potential Vault-Tec Bobbleheads:
    • Inside the main storage area, in the southwest corner, at the base of a vertical steel girder and metalwork surface by the Chemistry Station and Nuka-Cola machine.
    • On the south side of the facility, in the "welcome" office off the locker room, by the empty filing cabinet in the northeast corner.
    • On the northwestern side of the facility, in a blue gantry maintenance hut with two giant pipes on the east wall, at the bottom of an open filing cabinet in a cluster of cabinets.
    • In the Sewer Maintenance Building, in the northwest upper-level corner of the building, in a small blue tray-crate.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • On the western side of the facility on the second floor, in the metal maintenance building, in the corridor with the small mainframe computer at one end, inside the open middle locker along the wall of lockers.
    • On the upper level of the easternmost building (sewer maintenance), by the blue machinery and vertical pipe cluster, on the small wood crate near an ammo crate.
    • On the concrete bridge spanning both sides of the facility, suspended above the road, inside one of the two yellow trolley carts by the explosive canister.
  • Power armor chassis - In a power armor station at the bottom of the stairwell after entering the sewers.
  • Three fusion cores:
    • Two cores can be found in fusion generators in the sewers.
    • One in a fusion generator in the same room as a skeleton smoking a cigarette.
  • Two hazmat suits:
    • In the same room where nitrogen is found.
    • In the same room as the chemical vats, on a metal shelf on the ground row.
  • Potential armor mod - On top of a cabinet, in the room with a fusion generator.


Dyer Chemical appears only in Fallout 76.