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United States Army

The United States Army or Department of the Army was a contingent of the United States armed forces.[1]


Candidates achieved the rank of private once successfully completing basic training at locations such as Fort McClintock.[2] Joined by Marines, training exercises were conducted in the form of war games.[3] Hazel Winifred Johnson-Brown was the first female African American General in the U.S. Army.[4]


The Chinese army invaded Alaska in the winter of 2066.[5] After ten years of occupation, American Army forces launched an offensive in Anchorage that successfully liberated the city on January 10, 2077.[5]

Domestic activity

Beginning August 1, 2077, the 104th Infantry Regiment's Echo Company was responsible for staffing the South Boston military checkpoint, performing vehicle inspections and detaining passengers as applicable.[6] Members of the US Army Reserve under the 708th Infantry Division were deployed to assist the Boston Police Department with food distribution.[7] The 184th Infantry Regiment was deployed to Boston's Roxbury neighborhood to maintain order at a food bank.[8] Violence erupted and soldiers of the regiment opened fire on civilians, killing four and wounding eight others.[8]

A prototype military transport vehicle developed by the military was displayed at the Museum of Technology at the time of the war.[9] The M199 assault rifle was the official infantry weapon, and the Mister Gutsy model of robot was commissioned by the army.[10][11] Assaultron robots were constructed by RobCo and sold to the U.S. military as a frontline wartime combatant.[12]


The 121st Infantry Platoon, nicknamed Firebats, was deployed to Monongah Power Plant after the Great War to protect the power plant from invasion.[13]



Members by rank

Rank Members Ref
Brig Gen Scott Lowe [14]
Captain/Capt Elliott Maxwell  •  Mitch Dunleavy  •  Oliver Fields  •  Roger Maxson  •  Rutledge  •  Zachary Lloyd  • Michael Kilpatrick {[dot}} Franklin Burns [15][16][17][18][19][20]
Colonel/Col Ellen Santiago  •  George Kemp  •  James Oberlin  •  Moretti  •  Myron Pollard  •  Robert Spindel  •  Rosemont  •  Thomas Nelson [21][22][23][24][25][26]
Commander Buzz Babcock  •  Commander Devlin [27][28]
Corporal/Cpl Dixon  •  Gary Weber  •  Gibbons  •  Jay T. Faraday  •  Johnny Moreno  •  Michael F. Gelesky  •  George Alfred Roberts  •  Mickey Algers  •  Charles Danson Carl Roosevelt  •  Carl Channing [29][30][31]
CWD Terry Lanierd [32]
General/Gen Brock  •  General C. Braxton  •  Clifton  •  Constantine Chase  •  George M. Martine  •  General Martin Retslaf  •  Rawlings  •  Robert Dobbs  •  T. Harper  •  Thomas McAllen  •  Victor Breckenridge  •  General Wellesley  •  General Winters  •  Hazel Winifred Johnson-Brown  •  George Washington [33][27][29][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45]
GySgt Orville Lemuel [32]
JrCpt Charles Davies [32]
LCpl Jeremiah Liberty  •  Charles Webster  •  Donald Ray  •  John Oakfield [32]
Lieutenant/Lt Elizabeth Taggerdy  •  Justin Green  •  Patterson  •  Thomas Morgan [46][47][48][49]
Lt. Col./Ltc Deborah A. Finch  •  Dewey Lee Elton  •  Robert Allridge [30]
Major/Maj Barnett  •  Kirk Bentley  •  Maj. Newton  •  Dominick Cruz [21][50][51]
Mgt Lawson  •  Thomas Senecheck [16]
Msg G.C. Broadrick  •  Raymond Esteban [39]
Officer Harold Callahan  •  Marcus [38][52]
Private/Pvt Adams  •  Bertram  •  Private Callow  •  Cesar M. Lopez  •  Dawkins  •  Elliott Tercorien •  Esposito  •  Gabesman  •  Hannah de Silva  •  Jeffers  •  Joe Creigh  •  Lawrence Mears  •  Lucky  •  McKinney  •  Miller  •  Murnahan  •  Taylor  •  Zeleski [37][53][31][54][55][56][57][58]
Private first class/PFC Dobbs  •  Henry Hodges  •  Bruce Richardson  • Kenneth Edwards  •  Manuel Michaelson  •  Joseph Alencastre  •  Robert Kelly  •  Val Augustus  •  Charles Eugene Signorini  •  Sampson Louis Carica  •  Ray George  •  John Crooney  •  Elton Harrold Patrick  •  Ervin Allen  •  Alexander Marion  •  Earl Alford III  •  [20][59]
Sergeant/Sgt Benjamin Montgomery  •  D. Allen  •  Dave Mallory  •  Deke DaSilva  •  Elk  •  Fred Radcliff  •  Groves  •  Jake Bianchi  •  James R. Justus  •  John Reise  •  Kathryn Montgomery  •  J.P. Renkse  •  Lowry  •  O'Malley  •  Orlando Garrett  •  Platner  •  Rivera  •  Robert Baker  •  Taybert  •  Ted Wilson  •  Thompson  •  James  •  Alfredo Williams  •  Antonio Warrens  •  David James  •  Lester Leonards  •  Dan Brooks  •  Jerry Lavern  •  Donald Jamison  •  Robert Emmet Smith  •  Woodrow Alferoff  •  Maria Richards [18][19][20][31][37][55][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67]
SFC Michael Allard [32]
SLt Michael Smith [32]
Specialist Alan Rothchild [68]
SP4 Rafael Lopez  •  Arfien Danko  •  Rodolfo Franklin  •  Eugene Ronald  •  Ronald Allbright  •  Andrew Ulysses  •  Ivan Germation  •  Dwayne Rogers  •  Patrick James  •  Richard Carlson  •  Robert Serhand  •  David Harold Wilson
SP5 George Woods  •  Bobby Newhope  •  Daniel Martin  •  James Blair  •  Terry Alfstad [32]
Staff sergeant/SSGT/SSG Lansky  •  Michael Daly  •  Israel Michaels  •  Jasper Berkley  •  Laurie Leon [69][70]
WO Francis Allen  •  David Martin [71]
2nd Lieutenant/2Lt James Kord  •  Woodrow Stamatios Jr.  •  Dale Martin [72]
1Lt Dean Butler  •  John Thompson [73]



Doctor Adami  •  Alan Connors  •  Alex Keller  •  American Grease-Monkey  •  Angel  •  Beckett  •  Camarillo  •  Ciello  •  Dallas  •  Darek Archibald  •  Darion Jones  •  Daniels  •  Dontrelle Haines  •  Durney  •  Erin Shellman  •  Flaherty  •  Foreman  •  Gladys  •  H. Lector  •  Harold Frost  •  Jackie  •  Jensen  •  Jonathan Corman  •  Kanawa  •  K. Kelly  •  Klinger  •  Lavonne  •  Lawrence Jackson  •  Leah de Silva  •  Leann Miller  •  Leila Rahmani  •  Leon Von Felden  •  Nate  •  Odysseus  •  Officer  •  Proznanski  •  Quartermaster  •  Randall Clark  •  Rheems  •  Robert Anderson  •  Roger  •  Sanderson  •  Soldier  •  Solomon Hardy  •  Solomon  •  Soto  •  Spurlock  •  Webb

Behind the scenes



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